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Fri Mar 1 2013 12:27:08

How Findable is the Hidden Treasure of Forrest Fenn?

By: Julia Wilkinson

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The Internet has been all abuzz with news about a box of hidden treasures said to be worth millions of dollars, placed in its secret location somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico three years ago by quirky antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn. Fenn, who has a web site with a resource page to help people find the chest of valuables, has also penned a memoir, "The Thrill of the Chase." You can view an excerpt here.

Unfortunately, while reading the book in its entirety allegedly will give you more ideas about where to find the hidden bounty, it's extremely difficult to get, as it was only sold via the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (You can order by phone at (505) 988-4226, but my sense is the books are on back-order). Of course, some enterprising soul has a copy listed on eBay for $500.

Fenn hid the treasure when he thought he was dying of cancer; now, fortunately for him, his cancer is in remission. But he's still enjoying extending the "thrill of the chase" to other folks, and has said he hopes it inspires people to get outdoors.

The man himself is quite a character: noodling around the Internet shows he has been both controversial, accused of robbing graves to get his treasure, and also benevolent, bailing out a local hobo who was stopped from tryng to peddle jewelry in the town where officials only wanted Native Americans to be seen selling. (The man later sent him a sketch in gratitude).

So how to find Fenn's treasure box? Apparently the clues are within this poem, also posted to various sites, including the Huffington Post.

So, where does this leave would-be treasure hunters? Researching the clues, and heading for New Mexico...maybe they'll wait until the weather turns nicer.

Is Fenn's treasure something that would entice you to hunt for it? Do you think you could figure out those clues? Have you ever gone "treasure hunting" in your local area, from looking for old beer cans in dumps (OK, so my brother collected them!) to digging in the ground for old bottles? Post a comment here!

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Perminate Link for How Findable is the Hidden Treasure of Forrest Fenn?   How Findable is the Hidden Treasure of Forrest Fenn?

by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Mon Mar 4 01:53:29 2013

I dug out an old dump for the bottles and know people who are still finding such things here in the East.  Wish I had some of the things that we didn't keep from that old dump!!!!!

Would love to be closer to NM to hunt for this treasure!  My Grandfather had a life long dream of finding the "Pirates Treasure" at Oak Island--the booby trapped treasure.  Guess those stories rubbed off on me.  

Perminate Link for How Findable is the Hidden Treasure of Forrest Fenn?   How Findable is the Hidden Treasure of Forrest Fenn?

This user has validated their user name. by: juliawww

Thu Apr 4 12:56:17 2013

Hey comet...the ''Pirates Treasure'' at Oak Island? Tell me more!
Yes, I remember seeing an old bottle on eBay at a sky-high said ''fresh out of the New York ground''...wish I knew where that dump was! ;)

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