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Thu Feb 21 2013 11:48:00

How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes

By: Julia Wilkinson

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A while back I wrote a blog post about sending in a prepaid postage bag of kids' clothes to the children's upscale clothing reseller service site ThredUp. The site yesterday announced it would also be accepting women's clothes for resale, which I think is a good move for them. (I have a lot more women's clothes to sell than kids', especially as one of my kids is now technically an adult!). You can sign up for their women's clothing pre-launch activities here.

So how did my bag of stuff do?

As you can see, I made $10.56 total. Not a ton, but not too bad for the amount of time I put into it, which was only a few minutes gathering up the items and putting them into the big green-and-white plastic polka dot bag. 

While I may not have made much, other folks clearly got a bargain; ThredUp says on its site that it "delivered 359,497 practically new pieces of clothing and saved families across the US nearly $4,000,000."

I noted that one of my items, another little girls' Lilly Pulitzer piece, was not accepted by the service; it must have had condition issues that I did not notice or think were too bad. But please do note, items you send in must be in excellent condition and have no flaws at all. The email noted, "Our quality team noted the following reasons for why some of the items in this bag were not accepted: - Show excessive wear and/or pilling; Are stained; Are ripped or torn." Goodness gracious! One of them must have been much worse off than I thought!

Would I have done better selling each individual item off on eBay? Probably. Would it have taken me more time? Definitely.

What sells best? Brand-wise, they typically see girls' dresses and "all the popular department store brands move the quickest as well...GAP, Gymboree, Janie & Jack, etc.," ThredUp Affiliate Program Manager Natalie Moreno told me, as I noted in my previous blog post.

Is ThredUp worth it? I think that depends on how time-constrained you are and how nice or new the clothes you have to sell are.

(Do I like asking questions? Definitely.) Speaking of questions, have you tried ThredUp and do you think it would be worth it for you? What do you think about their decision to start accepting women's clothing; will that entice you to try the service if you had not already? Post a comment here!

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Perminate Link for How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes   How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes

by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Fri Feb 22 15:02:34 2013

I looked at ThredUp and decided against it.  I have plenty of high end kids and adults stuff hanging about the place--between two grand kids (2 and 6) and compulsively shopping thrift stores in high end areas.

And I DO sell on ebay.  So I looked as both a buyer and a seller.  I thought the BUY prices were higher than I would pay for comparable thrift store finds--and I would be helping out LOCAL charity operations that out fuel oil in my neighbors tanks; food on their tables; rebuild houses after fires--support the camp my grand kids go to----this is VERY important to me.  And this holds true for my purchase from them and for donation back to them.  

I also thought the intake process and prices were--very low and the intake clarity was absurd.  MY "eye" for these things--as the poster shows!!!--might be completely different than yours.  One person might see a small scuff or minute flaw as being perfectly fine for a kids item who is going to go spill paint or ketchup on it anyway.  Another person--not so much.  And if I find a flaw while I am listing an item--or even when I am packing an item---I can decide to take a chance on fixing that flaw by stain removal or a repair stitch or two.  

With the item removed from my control I can't do that.  And I won't even know WHAT flaw there was to watch out for the next time!  

I was also unclear on what happened to these items if they don't sell or if they are flawed.

So all in all--ThredUp is a good idea--just not my good idea.    

Perminate Link for How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes   How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes

by: captain obvious This user has validated their user name.

Sat Feb 23 09:58:03 2013

Checked oit site.  Seems ok for casual person to do spring cleaning.  Major prob is that they use preypal to pay you. That rules me out.

Perminate Link for How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes   How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes

This user has validated their user name. by: Rexford

Mon Feb 25 13:21:50 2013

Julia, I might visit this story again in a few months. Since they recently started taking women's clothing people might be more experienced with it in a few months.

Perminate Link for How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes   How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes

by: pollyesther1970 This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Thu May 16 11:00:00 2013

35% off + free shipping on your first purchase at Use code KPC35  Good through 6/30/13. New customers only. :)

Perminate Link for How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes   How I Did on ThredUp, Now Accepting Women's Clothes

by: Leanne This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Thu Aug 1 00:49:40 2013

DO NOT SEND CLOTHES TO THREDUP!! I sent in 3 bags, about 150 items, of mostly brand new with tags Gymboree and Gap. Thredup paid me less than $1 for almost every item and didn't pay me for some of the items. After numerous emails and phone calls, thredup refused to pay me a reasonable amount for my clothes. I notified every consumer complaint site I could find. The San Fransisco Attorney General's Office opened a criminal investigation into thredup after I complained to them. Thredup responded to my BBB complaint with a lie. Here it is:
On July 26, 2013, the business provided the following information:
At the time Leanne shipped three bags of clothing to thredUP there was a period of time in which our price calculator was not operable. This was a bug we were aware of and actively fixing. Over the weeks that had elapsed from the day we received Leanne's clothing and the day we fully processed the items, the price calculator was fixed and was working again.

In addition to our price calculator we have our bag feed showing what other customers have earned for their clothing ( This feed is live and is in no way manipulated to inflate payouts. Lastly, it is stated in multiple places that thredUP may not be the most profitable way to earn money by selling used clothing because we pay up to 40% of the resale value.

In efforts to resolve this issue, I explained I would double-check and correct any mistakes made on the pricing of the items we accepted, and offered to pay for the 20+ items we did not accept based on what would've been earned. This equated to an additional $45. I apologize but an additional $45 is still the only offer I can provide.

Leanne has continued to contact other organizations in efforts to resolve this issue. Now damages have exceed $300.

Thank you,


Daniela states with this response, that there was a problem with the website that they were aware of before I sent in my bags. I started emailing Thredup with questions a month before I sent anything to them. AFTER I complained on Gymboree's facebook website because of what little reimbursement I received for clothing I sent to Thredup, I was then contacted by a representative of Gymboree who then, on my behalf contacted Thredup to forward my complaints. It was well after several exchanged emails and finally a phone call from Daniella, where I made her aware of the website issues (which she told me thredup had been UNAWARE of), that the website issues were finally repaired--more than 2 months after she says they were aware and trying to correct it?? They were aware of the problem for sure! There had been no attempt to repair the website because in doing so, people would have been able to see how little Thredup was paying for clothing and no one would have sent anything to them!! It has been their intent all along to keep customers from discovering their true payout amounts. Sure, thredup had a few posts on their website showing what other were paid for their clothing. These posts clearly showed thredup paying a lot of money for even used clothing. I went by those posted statistics (which was all that was available at that time)--thinking I would receive even more money since what I was sending in was brand new with tags attached clothing. As far as Daniela's statement regarding people being able to make more money sending in used clothing because they pay up to 40% of the value, is absolutely absurd!!! Since when is used clothing worth more than brand new clothing?? If that was the case, every store would be a resell store and there would be no market for new clothing. Daniela made an utterly ridiculous statement regarding that. Daniela did go through my payout amounts and found many that were inaccurate. She offered an additional $45 for those errors which is nothing considering I had sent in about 150 mostly new designer clothing items. This works out to about an additional 30 cents per item. It does not even begin to reasonable compensate me for my clothing. Initially, when I requested an additional $300 over what thredup had said they would pay me, I was trying to make a point. I wanted them to take full responsibility for their deception. I was asking very little reimbursement. However, after thredup refusing to properly compensate me and discovering many other people who were victims of Thredup's scheme, I asked for a more accurate compensation. This was a deliberate tactic on Thredup's part to deceive customers, pay pennies for valuable clothing, then resell it on the Thredup website for a HUGE profit--all without the customer's being able to accurately discover what they would be paid PRIOR to sending clothing to Thredup. I want to be compensated the full monetary loss for my clothing. In addition, after filing my complaint with the Better Business Bureau, I continued to pursue the case and notified the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. They found enough evidence to open a criminal investigation into Thredup's business. It is very clear that Thredup designed their business to scam people in order to make a huge profit reselling clothing sent in from unsuspecting people. It is only because of my continued pursuit of my complaint, that Thredup repaired their website to disclose more information regarding payouts. However, if that disclosure had been made PRIOR to my sending in my clothing, I would never have sent them anything!! I am still seeking an appropriate compensation for my clothing, as well as an end to Thredup's website.

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