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Mon Jan 14 2013 17:47:20

Sell Simple: Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time

By: Julia Wilkinson

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I really want SellSimple to succeed, because I've been wanting an app that can fulfill the promise of listing quickly and easily to all the marketplaces where I sell - and from my iPhone, not just the Android platform. SellSimple (well, technically, "$ell$imple") makes this promise from its site: "Sell everywhere in under a minute."

My test item was a Mikasa soup bowl in the Grimaldi pattern. Things were going well as I took the photos; the app told me I could take up to three photos, and that was fine for the purposes of this bowl. The iPhone camera caught the whole bowl, an edge of the bowl showing its pattern detail, and the mark and pattern names on the back, crisply and clearly. (A smartphone's cam may not work so well when trying to capture very small detail such as some jewelry marks, however).

I also needed to add my asking price and my location. I continued along and it prompted me to login to Twitter, where my listing got posted as a tweet lickety-split.

Next it was on to Facebook. I entered my login info, and continued on. But the listing would hang and not give me any confirmation it made it to Facebook.

OK, let's try eBay. I got quickly through the login process, and went through the category selection process, down to the China subcategory, and then Mikasa. And hopes were dashed: "Oops!" the app informed me. "The category you selected requires more information." (Hm, OK, what information?). "We're currently working on improving our eBay integration and should have this fixed shortly. If you'd like, please try another category. In the mean time, thank you for understanding." OK, well at least they're polite about it. But I don't have time to try eBay categories willy-nilly and see which work.

OK, right, on to Craigslist. That process was easy enough; just a matter of selecting which city, and the app offers a nice drop-down list of all the CL cities in the world,  bringing yours up as soon as you type enough matching letters. Select a category, and ba-da-bing...oh, no, "epic fail" as my kids might say. "Craigslist Failed. Sorry, we couldn't post your item to Craigslist. Please try again later."

And I will. But I think I'll give the app folks a little time to hammer out these kinks. You do have to give their Facebook group team credit for responding right away to my comment about the problem, and everyone else's, too.

Another thing I should mention about the app: just before using it the first time, you do need to enter your bank account info for receiving payments, and also credit card info for buying.

But that's no big deal.  The bugginess is disappointing, but I am cautiously optimistic (hey, I'm superstitious) they'll swat them away and we really will be able to sell simple. Er, simply. Whatever. (Who worries about adverbs anymore?).

How about you? Have you tried the SellSimple app? Does an app like this appeal to you, or would it work for most of what you list? What kind of items would you not use it for? Or, if you've found an app you like better, please let us know. Post a comment here!

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Perminate Link for Sell Simple: Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time   Sell Simple: Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time

This user has validated their user name. by: Basset

Mon Jan 14 19:25:38 2013

This app came up in an article on my twitter feed. I bookmarked it to check out later.

Thanks for being a guinea pig for testing it & letting us know the results.  

Perminate Link for Sell Simple: Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time   Sell Simple: Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time

by: sd_pool_pro This user has validated their user name.

Tue Jan 15 09:58:57 2013

I am looking for something just like this, to sell on Amazon, Craigs, Bonanza  and Feebay.
PLEASE tell me something reliable exists  !!

I am willing to pay  (A little)  but functionally, I need:

* Variation adjustment (comemnts and price differences among sites)

* To link to a virtual Paypal Account, so as not to make my Bank account visible to scammers / internet fraud

**  PLEASE tell me something like this exists !!!

Perminate Link for Sell Simple: Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time   Sell Simple: Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time

by: GameItWorks This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Wed Jan 21 04:19:57 2015

Wondering if anyone has any recent experience with SellSimple?
Have the bugs mentioned in this article been resolved with the eBay connection

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