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Wed May 9 2012 20:43:08

eBay Job Searching 2.0

By: Brian Cohen

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With "Former PayPal President Scott Thompson Caught in Resume-Gate" in the news (see EcommerceBytes), I couldn't help but wonder what the job search situation is like over at eBay and Paypal these days.

Websites like and Simply Hired have taken much of the legwork out of searching for a job. But it is legwork, or should we say the fancy footwork, that is going to get you that job, and knowing the company inside out is the way you are going to get there.

Most employers these days are taking resumes and feeding them into a database that will pick up keywords to see if you are a potential candidate. What if you had the ability to express yourself to your potential employer and tag keywords in your resume with a quick slight of hand?

No, I'm not talking about changing the color of your font to white, that would be as unethical as putting down a fake Computer Science Degree (and I assume most HR folks are hip to such underhandedness).

Try this on for size: In Microsoft Word, go to:
File -> Hit The Double Down Arrow (if there is one) ->Properties
Now go to the Summary Tab. Here you will make use of the "Keywords" and "Comments Field."

Perhaps it might be a bit awkward to include a hobbies section in your resume or note on your cover letter that you are a sci-fi geek and the number one fan of Marvel Comic's "Avengers"... but stick it into the Properties/Summary Tab of your resume Word doc and you will be tagged as such. If you are curious to see how it works, just do a file search in Windows using a keyword and you will see that your resume magically appears.

Please use this information in a mindful and ethical way. (Disclaimer: I'm not sure how or if eBay HR staff would react to such a strategy.)

eBay doesn't make it easy to Browse all their jobs simultaneously and would rather that you drill down from a specific Category (type of job), Location or Subsidiary from their main jobs site.

Going to Advanced Search and leaving the field blank and hitting search does bring up many jobs but I think this link (which is not easy find) may be the most comprehensive for browsing purposes.

I looked though some of eBay (and its subsidiaries) recent job openings and thought I would share the ones I found most interesting. Even if you are not a job seeker, looking through a companies' job posting is an excellent way do competitive intelligence and get a bit of an insider's look at their strategic direction.

Classic Movie Brand Specialist (GSI Commerce) - Link
"Strong knowledge of Classic movies needed"

Global Stakeholder Engagement Manager (eBay) - Link
"The Global Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Social Innovation, eBay Inc will be responsible for developing, managing and disseminating content around eBay's Social Innovation efforts... Work with digital publishing and communications teams to develop and maintain a new website for eBay's Social Innovation efforts, including sustainable commerce and charitable programs, as well as our programs to drive economic opportunity around the world,... Work with digital publishing team to maintain fresh Social Innovation content on HUB and"

Executive Talent Acquisition Coordinator (eBay) - Link
"...working with the executive staff of eBay Marketplace, PayPal, GSI, StubHub, as well as our numerous business units within these organizations to coordinate interviewing of our senior level executives..."

Senior Presentation Engineer (eBay) - Link
"Be part of the Cloud computing revolution at eBay. eBay Cloud Presentation Platform team is on the lookout for a talented Senior presentation engineers with excellent front-end development and client interaction skills... Design and develop the Cloud Presentation platform."

Media Network Product Manager (PayPal) - Link
"North America's leading location media company, is seeking a product manager to define and launch features for the company's market-leading location based advertising network. This individual will drive the product roadmap for the PayPal Media Network across multiple channels and be responsible for the entire product lifecycle from conception to rollout."

Content Specialist (PayPal) - Job Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Link
"The Content Specialist will be responsible for the quality of English Customer Support content for Australia, Singapore, and other Asia countries. The main objective of this role is to ensure that email templates and FAQs are accurate and culturally appropriate. To achieve this, the Content Specialist will work closely with APAC product support and the in-country teams."

Software Artist (PayPal) - Link
"PayPal Labs team is building new innovative products targeted for our consumers, merchants and developers...We have a positions open for college graduates who are highly creative, embrace change and have a tremendous passion and enthusiasm and can help drive fundamental change in the Payments industry. If you have experience in any of the following areas, we would love to talk with you:... Contests, campaigns or social/viral marketing..."

Inside Sales Rep 1 (StubHub) - Link
 (Vampire Hours of 4:45pm-1:15am)
"Become subject matter experts for sports venues, theaters, events, etc."

Manager Global eCrime Investigations (StubHub) - Link
"Manage a team of investigators responsible for conducting investigations and analysis of fraud, abuse and other criminal activity StubHub, its subsidiaries and elated customers...Current PayPal admin access or ability to pass PayPal background check"

Campaign Specialist (e Dialog)  - Link
"Troubleshoot HTML rendering issues and make suggestions for coding improvements to enhance the render-ability across a wide range of popular e-mail clients (Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.)."

Quality Assurance Coach (StubHub) - Link
"Be inspirational and build strong partnerships with Managers and Supervisors generating and creating excitement resulting in driving the desire to serve our customers ...Conduct listening sessions, remote monitors, and side-by-side monitors with phone and email representatives to help them improve their communication skills and provide excellent service to our customers...avoid complacency."

P.S. Regarding the job in Malaysia, there is a great article about culture gaps by Dave Taylor of Intuitive Systems that may be of interest to those seeking positions outside their native lands.

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Perminate Link for eBay Job Searching 2.0   eBay Job Searching 2.0

This user has validated their user name. by: Ed Gadfly

Wed May 9 20:57:28 2012

I would love to work for eBa'al.

Seller Advocate or writer for the would be good fits.  

Perminate Link for eBay Job Searching 2.0   eBay Job Searching 2.0

This user has validated their user name. by: Tula

Thu May 10 12:54:29 2012

One of eBay/Paypal's acquisitions in the Boston area was recently looking for software people. I forget the name of the company, but it rolled through my email inbox a few weeks back.

Perminate Link for eBay Job Searching 2.0   eBay Job Searching 2.0

by: NullApps This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Thu May 10 23:50:44 2012

Back in 2009 I sent in my resume to eBay and their system picked out different keywords and recommended different positions.  The system picked up the phrase ''world leader'' (part of the description of a former employer) and put that as my job title.  It then recommended several management positions.  Not surprisingly, I didn't hear back.

Perminate Link for eBay Job Searching 2.0   eBay Job Searching 2.0

This user has validated their user name. by: TrentDep

Sun May 13 23:26:45 2012

Scott be gone !!

( And sadly, not because Yahoo wanted him gone, but at the insistence of a hedge fund...)

BTW - what happened to the thread on Scott - clicking on the link above takes you to a dead link...

Perminate Link for eBay Job Searching 2.0   eBay Job Searching 2.0

This user has validated their user name. by: Ina

Mon May 14 10:58:35 2012

Thanks for catching dead link, TrentDep. I've fixed it, should work now!

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