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Tue May 8 2012 12:45:10

New eBay iPad App: What's in It for You?

By: Julia Wilkinson

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The new eBay iPad app is out, as of May 3, 2012. The major changes in this, version 2.0, according to eBay in the app description, are:

"- A new design with customizable home screen

- Ultra-high resolution item images

- View search results in three ways

- Your top feature requests added: revise listings, back button, and improved search

- More eBay notifications

- Much more!"

Of the above new features, I would say "revise listings" is the best one. So, good on them for that! And, who doesn't need a back button?

The first thing I noticed about the new app when I saw it in the iPad App Store? The color. It's blue, and not yellow. Obviously this is key. But, let's see what some of the folks reviewing it have to say, and then I'll give you my take. The app has 331 reviews; some glowing and some critical.

The Top Review, by "Oyster," Gushes:

 "Gorgeous!!! [5 stars]
Wow! What a vast improvement! eBay has utterly overhauled this app and taken it from a weak disappointment to a totally gorgeous experience. I haven't looked through every nook and cranny, and there could be stuff worth criticizing. But regardless of what those criticisms might be, eBay's app dev team (or contractor) deserves huge applause for completely rethinking this apps interface. Well done eBay..I can actually use my iPad for eBay without grumbling. Beautiful job!"

Completed Listings

The first critical comment comes in at #5 "Most Helpful":

"NO COMPLETED -- No GOOD TO ME" [one star]

"Slicked up. I like it except for one MAJOR shortcoming -- no completed. You rendered my valuable research tool, iPad, into a slik [sic] brick. I WANT MY OLD APP BACK."

However, again, this was not my see Completed Listings on this app, after doing a search, you go to the "Refine" button, then scroll down to "Completed Listings" and tap the "On" radio button.

Other reviewers said they didn't see a way to track packages on the new app.

Better Refining When Searching

There were many positive comments to follow; one person said they liked that they "finally updated the refine options when searching!"

Green Means Bid, Red Means No Bid?

Another reviewer pleaded for color-coding of items that have bids with green, and those without, with red. But when I looked at "My eBay" and the items I was selling, items with bid did show up as green for me, and no bids as red. So I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

My Listing Experience

Next all that was left was to try listing something. I found the listing process pretty smooth and easy; and especially when listing an eBay item from the iPad, it's nice to just be able to choose your photos from your photo library.

The only thing about the eBay iPad app itself in the listing process that bothered me was that when it came time to select shipping, it seemed to give me an "either-or" choice for Domestic or International shipping. I found this confusing, but I chose International, thinking maybe Domestic was implied. But no, I found that later I needed to actually add Domestic. This is probably done that way because for each type of shipping you need to add further details, and can't just check mark both of them at once, but a line adding "Please choose one for now and add details; you may add another shipping service later" or such would have helped.

Other than that, I found the listing process to be quick and easy, hampered for me only by iPad-related annoyances such as how the letters like to be lower-case, it's not super easy to type for me on the flat iPad keyboard, and there didn't seem to be a way to rotate the images from my iPad camera roll once I imported them into my listing.

What is your take on the new eBay iPad app? Good, bad, indifferent? Have you even tried it yet? Do you plan to try it? Post a comment here!

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