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Thu Mar 22 2012 16:13:54

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

By: Julia Wilkinson

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Last Friday's challenge of "What  Item You've Sold Had the Best Story Behind It?" brought forth some truly wonderful tales. We're going to look at the highlights of some of those, but first, this week's challenge: "What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?"

I have to really think about this one. I think it's either the WWII "bringback" Samurai sword, just because it was so unusual; or the really beat-up old pair of authentic Native American deerskin moccasins that I pulled from a trash bag and would up selling for over $200.

But, I'm sure your stories are better. Please share them below in a comment, or on whatever forum you happen to see this.

Now let's look at some of the great stories from last week:

- Harriet sold a wooden tennis racket to the daughter of its maker and designer of the racquet. "She wanted it for the family's collection. They had another one like it, but mine was in much better shape than the one they had. She was so happy," she said.

- A photograph signed by the four Romanov daughters (Anastasia, Olga, Tatiana and Maria), was listed on eBay by EssexEstateServices. It skyrocketed in the closing hour on and sold for $12,001 to a collector in Texas.

- "Another Coin" sold a vintage keyboard to the curator of a Russian museum to be put on display.

There were also a lot of comments on the "LinkedIn" eBay Sellers Group thread.

- Steve M. sold what turned out to be a very rare record that he bought for $.08 and sold for $1.326.01 to Italy. The artist was Buddy Cunningham on Sun Label; "he was the father of someone who played with Elvis and he only recorded one song on the Sun Label before changing to another. Hence, the rarity of the recording."

- Janice Peek shared what might qualify as this week's "strangest" story, the way it turned out: "We sell a lot of shark's teeth. Many people buy them for education, fun, scavenger hunts, to make Hawaiian War Clubs." But, she once had someone buy a bunch, and it turned out they were buying them to put them in dolls' mouths!

"Apparently, these folks converted little girls' dolls into vampire-like monsters and were adding shark teeth to complete the effect of vampire fangs. Sure enough, they were selling them on eBay. And, people were buying them. Creepy!" she said. I'll say!

-  Linda Juergens had everyone laughing with this one: the story was in how funny the photos were! "The first item I sold on eBay was a pair of vintage brown leather boxing gloves. I think they sold for about $74 and I was glad to get any bids because back in the beginning, photo editing was a problem for me. I used a Polaroid camera and a flat bed scanner and I just couldn't get the scale of the photo right!"  First the image turned out too large. But when she reduced the size, the gloves "looked more like mouse testicles! Thank goodness that the bidders didn't care about the photo size and bid anyway."

- Henry Neff had an amazing story that traced all the way back to Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings. He sold a miniature Danbury Mint replica of Monticello that he got at an estate sale for $3. The man who bought it (for $110!) was a man who was the grandson from 8 generations back from a slave at Monticello. "His daughter was a maid for Sally Hemmings and went to France with her and Jefferson." Wow!

There are many other great stories that were shared, but one last one here:

- Wayne Gebhardt said "I found an old Boy Scout item in an estate box I acquired and listed it on eBay figuring someone would give me $5.00 for it. It was a very small Sterling Silver pin with a WWW added and not being an old Boy Scout I didn't know what the WWW meant (I knew it wasn't World Wide Web as he was a Boy Scout in the 1920s!)... It hadn't been listed for about 30 minutes when the first bid came in. A week later (and 60 bids later!) it closed for @$950.00! The auction wasn't over 10 seconds when an email came through from the winner asking if I had another one! (I didn't!),

And not only that, but some eBay sellers on the board helped figure out what the "WWW" meant: Christina Warren  said  it stands for "Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui" which in the Unami language of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians means brotherhood, cheerfulness, service."

Let's get some more great stories going: Share your "strangest thing ever sold" tale here!

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What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

by: Harriet This user has validated their user name.

Thu Mar 22 16:56:19 2012

I came upon a sale that included a large group of dance store close outs. I bought several things, among them several pair of men's dance thongs that go under dance tights (new in the package of course) LOL. Every one of them sold, and I got great reviews for the fit and freedom of movement of those thongs!

I also once sold a pair of thigh high socks early on in my online selling experience. I imagined that a young girl would buy them and wear them in the winter time. They were nice looking and they were also used but in great condition and very clean.

A man bought them and absolutely loved them and wanted me to let him know if I ever came across any others. I never did and got out of the used sox business. LOL

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

This user has validated their user name. by: TheCheapSkirt

Fri Mar 23 01:24:45 2012

A set of two vintage men's medical urinals. Used.  

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Fri Mar 23 02:11:52 2012

Civil War Era glass syringe wound with string for the plunger to "seal" into the glass barrel.  Was still in it's hand carved wooden case.

The oddest thing I ever found myself WRITING to sell something on ebay was:

Vintage Original Shrink Wrap.  

For a British limited edition early issue MONOPOLY Game.  

Seriously wondered what my profs would think if they could see my arch and anthro education being used to sell card board boxes wrapped in Saran wrap.  

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

by: forevervinyl This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Fri Mar 23 08:31:39 2012

Probably the oddest thing I've sold was myself with fake tattoos on my face for the $10,000 to enter World Poker Tour event at the Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. This would have been my first $10,000 to enter event. I played against a number of World Series of Poker Main Event Champs and it was quite the experience. After 6 years, it's old hat for me. I had just made a final table in 2005 in a $1000 dollar to enter Event in Atlantic City. Using that and a number of online deep finishes, I advertised on Ebay that I wanted a backer for a $10K to enter event. Remember Golden Palace, The online gaming room that was buying odd and unusual things on Ebay? They became the buyer and used it for advertising purposes. It turns out, they had a team of poker players for their online poker room called GoldenPalacePoker and I became part of the team and also got to play the World Series of Poker events in Las Vegas with them. It was fun while it lasted till they pulled out the USA market. The tattoo shot made Fox Network News and I still get press coverage and people asking me was I the guy that wore the Tattoo on my face. For $10K, ''YES I WAS''. Amazingly, I can't advertise for poker tournaments anymore when shut my account down for gambling. When I explained these were legal events and that I'm paid to advertise with shirts, jackets and hats at the events for the sponsors, they would have none of it and locked the account for years (with my money in it for six months).

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

This user has validated their user name. by: Stockmiser

Fri Mar 23 09:49:40 2012

About 6-7 years ago I was trying to repair an old paintball marker I had picked up cheap at an event, and came across a compatible model being sold on Ebay by an American soldier stationed overseas. The picture was very blurry and the item was poorly described, and I ended up winning the auction for about $25.

A fews weeks later I received the marker.  While it looked a lot better than I thought it would (and a lot better than the one I was trying to repair), the internals were completely destroyed.  So I sent it off to the manufacturer to see what they could do with it.

Much to my surprise, I got a phone call from manufacturer asking me where I got the marker.  I told them and braced myself for the repair costs.  Instead he told me that this was one of 4 unique markers specially designed as prizes for the big US paintball tourney every year, and it had been years since they seen one.  He said they also carried a lifetime warranty.  The marker came back in "like new" condition.

I ended up selling it on Ebay for $1,800.

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

This user has validated their user name. by: Anonymous Annie

Fri Mar 23 14:08:25 2012

What a great topic! :-) I recall fondly how fun and exciting eBay was back in the day.

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

by: Harriet This user has validated their user name.

Sat Mar 24 13:22:02 2012

eBay used to be a blast. I used to love perusing so many listings to find unusual things to buy. It was a magical place.

I'm very sad that those days are gone and they will never return.

I am glad I have the memories of the wonderful place it used to be.

What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?   What's the Strangest Thing You Ever Sold?

by: EssexEstateServices This user has validated their user name.

Sun Mar 25 15:24:48 2012

It's hard to pick the wierdest. Although none of mine have made Jay Leno, we have sold a bone saw with an ivory handle and a vintage ObGyn traveling tool kit.

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