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Fri Nov 30 2012 09:03:26

Collecting the Collector: When Collecting Is Funny

By: Julia Wilkinson

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Anyone who gets the joy of collecting -- and who may have had a spouse or significant other refer to their fine objects as "junk" -- should get a laugh out of the new book of cartoons, Collecting the Collector, by Andy Broome (broomewithaview on Twitter). 

In addition to being a cartoonist, Broome is a Senior Vintage Card Grader at Beckett Grading Services in Dallas, TX. Broome deftly observes that "humans are split between collectors and non-collectors," or "others" as he calls the non-collectors. Broome has collected all kinds of things including coins, stamps, trading cards of all types, comic books, and even ex-wives and debt, according to his introduction.

Any of us who has hoarded...I mean...collected...lunch boxes, coins, baseball cards, action figures - you name it - should recognize him or herself in these pages. A father rushes to a son about to tear open a new action figure box on Christmas, "Don't open it!" A mailman encounters a "#1 Pez Collection" mailbox, only to flip back the whole box on its post, like a giant Pez dispenser. Perhaps my personal favorite, the mom whose kitchen shelves are taken over by cookie jars of various shapes and sizes, explains to her baffled son, the "Cookies are in the Tupperware."

Because the actions of a collector don't always make sense. To the "others," anyway. But even the "others" should get a chuckle from these 'toons. "Your tattoo collecting has turned to hoarding," states one fed-up significant other, whose boyfriend is covered in the ink designs.

Broome also intersperses some collecting jargon and definitions throughout the slim volume. And the funny story in the foreward by Antiques Roadshow appraiser Simeon Lipman is not to be missed. Apparently a guy brought in what otherwise would have been an almost mint collection of tobacco cards - except for their cut-off corners, which he'd mistakenly thought he should remove. Oh, the humanity!

As Lipman -- and Broome -- show, there's both comedy and tragedy here. And while we're here, what funny collecting stories do you have? Did you accidentally ruin a prized item? Does your spouse threaten to throw out all your "junk" onto the lawn someday? Has your spouse actually done so? Post a comment here! 

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by: Mr. Me This user has validated their user name.

Fri Nov 30 12:23:53 2012

Collectors are what made the "Old' ebay fun...... not like today, I dont think that there are any collectors of cheap trinkets and black friday "deals"  

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This user has validated their user name. by: elpereles

Fri Nov 30 20:17:44 2012

I collect non-sport trading cards. The worst is that after spending some money and time to get the best condition cards. You accidentally drop the cards to the floor.  

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by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Tue Dec 4 02:01:31 2012

What's that old saying?  A collector is some one who has TWO of something ---and is LOOKING for a THIRD????

Come to my house--I probably HAVE that third item!!!!   And since it didn't sell on ebay I can make you a nice price!!!!

Is there a name for people who, like me, are trying to UN-COLLECT so we can MOVE away from all this fun and frolic in the SNOW and go South?  Or where ever your path leads you?  Hoarding is not the issue here-I desperatly WANT to get this stuff GONE.  And ebay WAS great but apparently I did too little too late and only "cashed out" a portion during the "Glory Years".  Who knew I was gonna actually get the chance to MOVE?

Is there a section in this book on the "Accidental  Collector" who ends up with all of the Dearly Departed   family members dearly beloved items?  Cause if not--there SHOULD be!!!!!  

And yes---those of us who "Come down with" the collecting disease--it does have a genetic basis I suspect we will find---look upon the "Others" with horror for there sterile minimalist lifestyle fed by Ikea and Real Simple and certain reality shows that we can't even bring ourselves to watch.  

I know people like this---but I can't say I LIKE them.  

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