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Sat Nov 17 2012 13:21:33 on Getting Traffic from Amazon with Product Ads

By: Julia Wilkinson

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Sunday's Update article focuses on using the new Amazon Sponsored Products Ads. We're going to look at the other side of the coin here, at a company that's using Amazon's Product Ads, (Amazon Product Ads click through from the Amazon site to a retailer's own web site, and work much like Google ads do; whereas the "Sponsored Products" ads stay within the Amazon site, and are for sellers trying to improve their placement and exposure on Amazon itself).

I talked to Mike Miller, Director of Organic Search & CSE Management at, which sells home improvement and new construction products. He shared with us how long he's been using the ads and how effective they've been for his business.

Q: Can you briefly describe what you sell on

A: sells home improvement items for remodels and new construction.  Specializing in plumbing, lighting, hardware, hvac, tools, flooring, lawn and garden.

Q: Do you also sell your products directly from

A: Yes, we have an active Amazon marketplace store.

Q: How long have you been using Amazon Product Ads?

A: launched with Amazon Product Ads in 2009.

Q: How effective have the ads been for you? Can you give any metrics as to how the ads have worked, e.g. x% growth over x years or months?

A: Each product type provides different results, but overall, Amazon Product Ads generates quality traffic for We've seen our traffic increase each year. We attribute this to several things,  more people shopping online, more folks introduced to the Amazon brand, and Product Ads maturing as an advertising/revenue stream for Amazon.

Q: Compared to other types of advertising -- Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook, well do the product ads perform for you?

A: Amazon is a best-in-class Shopping Search Engine.  The quality of traffic they provide is typically very qualified.

Q: How much do you put into Amazon Product Ads vs. other types of advertising?

A: Amazon is a top 5 marketing channel compared to all CSE channels.         

Q: Are there specific types of products you use Amazon Product Ads for, or for any or all of them?

A: Amazon is similar to a search engine and should be treated as such. Product mix and resulting traffic should be looked at regularly to insure your ROI is being met.

Q: What advice would you give an online seller just starting out using Product Ads?

A:   Depending on the size of your budget, you have two approaches. Cast a large net and see what bites. Or start small, crawl, walk, run.

Thanks, Mike!

Have you tried Amazon's Product Ads, or the Sponsored Products ads, and how have they worked for you? Would you consider using them for your business, and why or why not? Post a comment here!

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