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Mon Nov 12 2012 13:35:42

Amazon UK Announces New Seller Rating System

By: Julia Wilkinson

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Amazon UK introduced a new seller rating system, "Amazon Seller Rating," which it says will be automatically calculated and result in a new set of ratings ranging from "Fair" to "Excellent." However, for the near future, Amazon says "we have no immediate plans to make the new ratings visible to buyers. This is because we want your input first before we consider making them visible to buyers."

According to a video posted explaining the new system, the rating "is based on how quickly you respond to buyers, and whether you ship on time, cancel orders, have credit card chargebacks, A to Z guarantee claims, or negative feedback." 

Currently, Amazon sellers are rated based on a percentage feedback score, as per how buyers have given them, and buyers can also see how many total ratings a seller has over the past 12 months. With the new system, sellers will be graded on more metrics, and in an automated way; it will not be left completely in the buyers' hands.  It was not clear if these new "Fair" to "Excellent" ratings would be visible on the Amazon site in addition to the current percentage rating and numbers, or instead of them.

"With this new seller rating system, buyers can get a complete picture of who they're trusting with their purchase, and you can reap the rewards of all your hard work," says the female voiceover in the animated video.

Amazon also said it was not making the new rating system viisble to buyers because "we also want to give you time to get familiar with your rating, understand how it's calculated, and to make improvements."

What do you think of the new "Amazon Seller Rating"? Is it only a matter of time before it makes its way across the Atlantic to the US site? If you're an Amazon seller (or buyer), do you think this is a positive or negative change, or are you neutral about it? Post a comment here!

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by: andrewjtitcombe This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Mon Nov 12 16:02:46 2012

At the moment It is good this is ''hidden'' and only sellers themselves can see it. I am a UK seller so today I looked at my ''results'' I was marked down with 4 negative comments. I complained to HELP about 2 of these. One was a damaged on arrival but since I am an FBA merchant Amazon very kindly removed it. The other one was for a karaoke CD where the buyer told me (on a phone call) that she was disappointed as it didn't show lyrics on her screen as these CDS normally do. She gave me 1/5 and a comment ''poor'' I told her this should have been done as a review and not as feedback When I told Amazon they said I couldn't prove this is what she meant so I accused them of not trusting me and I await a final judgement As a matter of interest I did ask for these 2 to be removed before and I was refused on both so I am ONE better off (always good to protest against a decision you don't agree with!)  Overall we have to live with this - it is a pain and a hassle but I need Amazon sales Watch out USA it is headed your way

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by: TomH This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 12 18:37:35 2012

Well it is already being displayed on my Seller Central home page. I'm a US FBA seller. I would give you a screen shot of it but see no way to do that.

I think that the river is headed down the ebay DSR path with this. Hope they change their mind (not likely) and just do away with it.

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by: happyharry This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 12 19:43:52 2012

the huge problem with Amazon feedback is that only 3-5% of buyers give any ... and normally its the buyers with a grudge against the World just give negative (neutral is a killer on Amazon also) and never respond to messages that seller send trying to sort out so called problems.

You think ebay feedback is bad well believe me Amazon feedback is a nightmare, we have sold thousands of items and only have a feedback score of less than 100 (our German Account is even worse)...we used to send out over 300 feedback requests a week not we just dont bother as the time it takes is horrendous.
Drop below 90% feedback on Amazon and you can shut down as buyers dont even look.
THE ONE good thing about Amazon is they will remove feedback that's a product thing ebay should definitely follow

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by: happyharry This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 12 20:37:10 2012

forgot to say on Amazon UK sellers now have 3 ratings to satisfy , Seller performance, Account standing and feedback.
why there is a need for all this monitoring is beyond me as we have some customers that have bought from us on Amazon monthly for almost 2 years and NEVER given us any feedback!!!!!
I can only hope that they will make actual feedback LESS important and class the shipping time and messaging speed much more important in this new seller performance metric, as there is always the claims system for rip off or other like problems

We also find less and less buyers give any feedback on ebay now...unless again they are the ones who set out to damage sellers business's

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by: Moonwishes This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Tue Nov 13 02:51:28 2012

They have been doing this for several days now at least on the US site as well. I don't mind most of this as long as buyers don't see it, but one of the things you can be marked down on is giving refunds which means that the next time a buyer is nice nough to purchase two different items from me and gets charged 2 full shipping prices (around $10 total) I won't be refunding anything back as a courtesy from the less than $3 it costs me to ship since giving a refund is considered 'bad' as if you are having to fix an error.

I agree about the amount of feedback we get on Amazon as well. In well over $10K of sales, we have only received 178 feedbacks. I'm glad about that as I don't like getting book reviews in my feedback or one nice gentleman in Korea giving me a 3 since I sent his book via Priority as it was only 25 cents more than parcel post (back in the days when international still traveled by slow boat for 2-3 months), he apparently thought I was wasting money, and all the other silly reasons for less than 5 feedback. And also the fun 4 feedbacks like this "beautiful book, practically new condition. very pleased" and this one "The book took a little longer than I had hoped to arrive, but was well within the time constraints. Condition was also as described. This seller was also very courteous and responded to my contact effort very quickly!" Since I ship in less than 24 hours and that buyer was in Alaska I'm sure she realized that a tad slower delivery but still within the parameters shouldn't have given me less than 5 for it. And yet another 4 "Fast shipping no problems at all." Although I like selling on amazon, I'm not real clear on what buyers are thinking when they do leave feedback. If no problems at all doesn't rate a 5, what would? Thankfully feedbacks are visible so that other buyers can read them and make intelligent choices about whether or not to buy, and last I knew you could respons to feedback as well which helps to clarify if needed.

I hadn't realized until the other day that Amazon rates you on how quickly you respond to questions also (I haven't been selling much on Amazon for a while and just started up again). Since I send a notification of shipping to all customers, now I know that if they reply with a 'thanks for letting me know" note, that I have to check that no reply was needed or send them a 'you're welcome' note back so I don't get marked down. I can deal with this, I just need to know the sysmtems that we are working within.

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