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Wed Oct 10 2012 14:13:52

eBay's New Two-Click Checkout Really Clicks

By: Julia Wilkinson

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eBay announced a new, streamlined "two-click" checkout process today, along with other news about a new Pinterest-like "curated" opening screen.

I had seen the two-click checkout before, so I must have been one of the users they were testing it on. My impression? As Martha Stewart might say, "It's a good thing."
What's not to like about a faster checkout? To be honest, I am one of those impatient buyers...sometimes Amazon would get my business just because of their one-click checkout.

As per eBay's announcement about the "New eBay":

- "Two-click checkout: You’ll soon have the option to link your eBay and PayPal accounts and complete most purchases in as few as two quick clicks. The streamlined checkout option is available to many buyers now and will be offered during checkout to most buyers by the end of this month."

Another thing they announced today is "more selling power in your eBay profile:  As a seller, you can now hook into the power of social media right from your eBay profile. Link to your Facebook fan or profile page, and embed YouTube videos. Plus, buyers see a larger profile image and larger images of items you’re selling."

The faster checkout is largely due to the fact that eBay is (finally) allowing people to link their PayPal and eBay accounts so they don't need to in effect leave one system and enter another in order to pay for a purchase. My only quibble is why didn't they do this sooner?

Also, in the streamlined checkout I have experienced, it is indeed faster, but it was not literally "two clicks"; although as they have implied, there may be a real "two-click" version coming. From the "Buy It Now" listing I tested this on, there were actually four clicks: one on the BIN, one for "Commit to Buy," one "Thank you..Please pay for your item now," and one at the (linked) PayPal screen for "Confirm and pay."

Still, it's faster. I've bought a lot of items on eBay (yes, as well as sold!), and this definitely feels faster. This should theoretically encourage both buyers and sellers.

What do you think about the new streamlined checkout? Is it available to you yet? Do you think it's great, or are you skeptical and do you not think it will spur sales? Post a comment here!

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This user has validated their user name. by: Anonymous Annie

Wed Oct 10 16:25:35 2012

While buyers become accustomed to this new feature, will there be a flurry of unintended purchases?

Based on my own experience, I'll often add an item to a site's shopping cart as a convenient way to ''bookmark'' it and to comparison shop while browsing. --- Later I'll add similar items, or alternate selections to the cart... and finally, I'll prune the unwanted items from the cart before the final checkout.

Surely, I'm not the only one who does this... and it makes me wonder, if other buyers ALSO gather up a cart-full of items (with the intention of removing items before final checkout)... is eBay setting-up buyers for a HUGE purchase that wasn't intended?

With ''two-click'' purchasing, I assume that the FIRST click is the one that places the item in the cart. And click #2 (while viewing the cart) is the one that actually completes the purchase.

Heaven help the buyer who mis-clicks the ''buy'' button while trying to decide which items to remove from the cart!

At that point, who's responsible for issuing the refund? Does PP keep the transaction fee? Does eBay refund the final value fee?

In general I think it's a good idea, but... as is the case with nearly ALL eBay ''improvements'' there are unintended consequences that ALWAYS have a negative impact on sellers.

Keep your fingers crossed... but brace-for-impact anyway.

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This user has validated their user name. by: Ric

Wed Oct 10 22:34:00 2012

We have two PayPal accounts (Micropayments and regular) and as such, our purchases may be made using either of the two accounts depending on which has the balance necessary for the present transaction.

As such, we will not tie our buying ID to a single PayPal account as that would often necessitate the extra steps of transferring funds from one PP account to the other to cover the next purchase.

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by: Strokr This user has validated their user name.

Thu Oct 11 10:53:59 2012

I used the Two-Click Checkout for several weeks with no problem but yesterday, though all looked regular, it paid for my purchase via echeck.

I had a PayPal balance that covered the purchase price... A confirmed (by both eBay and PayPal) checking and credit card account BUT this glitch paid seller with a time wasting echeck.

Called PayPal and they assumed it was something I did so I went back to eBay and bought an inexpensive item... Again all looked normal BUT again it paid seller with an echeck.

I called PayPal back and was lucky enough to get the same person and she gave it a case number but until this is fixed this flaw is extremely bad for both buyers (making them look bad) and sellers (having to wait on their money)

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This user has validated their user name. by: Tula

Fri Oct 12 17:03:02 2012

@Annie: Want to bet sellers will be on the hook for fees associated with refunding these mistaken purchases? Or will get the full force or buyer ire for how this system works/doesn't work?

If it's just a quick paypal click, what happens to the option to change your method of payment? I never use direct from my bank account or e-checks to purchase. I want credit cards to be the payment options and have always had to take those extra steps with Paypal to select that since they refuse to allow that as a default (because it costs them more than bank transfers).

As a seller, I *hate* echecks. They're very slow and most buyers don't understand how that works. They get cranky at the time delays and it causes hits to DSRs and feedback. As a buyer, I want credit card payment as the default, but I must admit that as a seller, the absence of credit card involvement does leave one less potential for problems (via credit card chargebacks). Paypal is enough of a pain on its own.

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by: comet This user has validated their user name.

Sun Oct 14 13:50:24 2012

I used the "new" more than Two Click PP feature to pay for an item last night---and imagine my "shock" when the item price came up as more than DOUBLE the amount I had bid!  

Turned out that I had made a bid and won an item in the meantime--Yay for me!--and the site had combined it all "for" me.  I DID still have the option to seperate payments tho.

The whole page seemed set up differently and I had to puzzle out what had happened.

Now--heres the thing--Did I pay via my PP Balance--as I REQUESTED?  (There was a choice box) OR did I pay via Echeck--something I NEVER do?  How would I even KNOW????

I have heard way too many tales over on SC about sellers now filing UIDS on buyers who dare to use an eCheck.  WHY this is not automatically BANNED by ebay is beyond me but I don't understand much of ebay reasoning  and  ahem logic so this is just one more thing to go--Hmmmmmm.

So I am hoping for some answers on this!  How do you KNOW if PP has issued an eCheck?

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by: RobBam This user has validated their user name.
Web Site

Sat Oct 20 00:15:27 2012

I definitely like the new two-click checkout as I'm able to pay a lot faster.  It was very annoying to have to log in to PayPal every time I needed to pay.  

Another nice thing is that I can change default payment method without leaving the page.  It takes couple of seconds to switch payment method but it's better than waiting for new pages to load.

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