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Sat Nov 13 2010 16:36:24

Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay and have been paying increasing attention to fashion in the past 18 months or so, and Google is next. Fashion industry blog Styleite received an invitation from Google for a November 17th party themed, "High Tech Fuses with High Fashion" and believes the site will feature shops by top designers.

This confirms a recent report from the Wall Street Journal that said Google would soon be upgrading its shopping site to make it easier for users to look for clothing using's visual search technology, which has an automated cross-matching system for clothing. Google acquired Like in August.

eBay has always sold clothing and accessories, but when it launched a vertical shopping experience in fashion, it was able to customize the experience specifically for shoppers with unique navigation, category "boutiques," a "more like this" feature to find similar items, and the ability for shoppers to save personalized profiles with their preferences (Brand, Size, Color, Format, Condition, Seller).

But to really understand what Google may do in vertical shopping, take a look at Microsoft's Bing search engine. The site guides shoppers to help them find what they are looking for and is much more visual and shopper-friendly.

Search Google Shopping for "pants," and there are filters including category, brand, price, store, but nothing that helps filter by gender or age group, glaring omissions when it comes to clothes shopping. Search Bing Shopping, and you'll see filters including gender, age, style, department and even fabric.

An even bigger difference between the two search engines when shopping for clothing is that Bing uses a catalog approach similar to Amazon. Clicking on a particular pair of pants in search results on Bing Shopping brings you to a page with more information about the item along with links to retail sites where you can purchase them. On Google, each search result links directly to a listing on a retail site.

Google was careful to tell retailers in June that it does not compete with them, which may be why it's taking its time in launching a better shopping experience to make sure it's seen as helping, not hurting, online merchants.

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Perminate Link for Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site   Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site

by: G.

Sun Nov 14 14:34:41 2010

Regarding this statement: ''eBay has always sold clothing and accessories''

That is inaccurate.  Ebay SELLERS sell clothing and accessories on ebay.  

Ebay needs to remember that it does not own, sell, or ship any of our (sellers') merchandise, and that we are not its employees or its sharecroppers/serfs.  Just as important, sellers need to remember this and build our businesses elsewhere (either gradually or abruptly whichever suits) until such time as ebay might begin to treat us as valued customers and provide a reasonably consistent, supportive, safe place to sell (don't hold your breath).

Perminate Link for Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site   Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site

by: On Lies and Secrets This user has validated their user name.

Mon Nov 15 16:44:11 2010

.... and the plot thickens....

Perminate Link for Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site   Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site

by: Mechelle
Web Site

Tue Nov 16 20:48:23 2010

Wow!  Surprised this post hasn't received more attention given the huge impact it will have on sellers that fail to apply Google's attributes with the greatest depth & breadth as their product supports.

I suggest sellers that are able to apply their own Google product_type attribute do so using Google's product type taxonomy.

I need to beef up my descriptions for sure now - with details like color & texture & finish oh boy it will be quite a chore, but a constant and essential activity for selling online lol

Perminate Link for Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site   Google to Launch Fashion Vertical-Shopping Site

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Sun Nov 28 23:45:57 2010

@ BenTroll

It's highly likely that ebay hosts and ignores more criminal activity each year than this country's largest metropolitan areas combined.

The only time ebay diligently investigates anything is after they're sued or revealed in the media for the criminal co conspirators that they are.

Prior to either these events occurring, they're "just a venue."

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