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Sun Sept 27 2009 22:27:58 Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

By: Ina Steiner

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As reported in Monday's AuctionBytes newsletter (link), Liquidity Services Inc. (LSI) acquired online seller Dyscern. LSI runs B2B auction marketplaces, including The ability to liquidate items directly to consumers (B2C) through Dyscern means LSI can take advantage of additional inventory opportunities than previously possible.

Dyscern also gives them entree into the trade-in segment of the secondary market through its website where consumers send in old consumer electronics. The Dyscern acquisition likely allows LSI to do more deals with retail chains who want higher prices for returns and overstock than salvage goods alone. Here's a description from the website:

Dyscern specializes in the recovery and resale of PDAs, MP3 players and Apple products. At our facility in Virginia, we receive store returns and salvage merchandise. Our expert team of technicians tests and repairs these units for resale. Dyscern operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in Sterling, Virginia. The company processes several thousand handheld computers and MP3 players per week, with technicians who specialize in inspecting, testing, repairing and refurbishing consumer electronics. Dyscern has forged partnerships with leading retailers and liquidators that have recognized Dyscern's best-of-breed skills in its verticals.

I've been covering the trade-in segment for years, including early efforts at Circuit City. AuctionBytes.TV produced a video featuring where they gave me a tour of their warehouse in 2006. But the consumer trade-in space is heating up again with all the attention on the secondary market.

At last week, I met with two of Ztail's founders, Bill Hudak and Jordan Kobert, who have added a twist to the trade-in concept: they offer consumers a price guarantee at the point of purchase, boosting conversion rates for retailers, and giving Ztail a source of trade-ins. Be on the lookout for my podcast interview with Bill this week.

I'm not sure that LSI will be acquiring any additional B2C businesses such as Dyscern, but if you fit the profile, there may be other companies looking to acquire a similar expertise and capability.

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Readers Comments Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: EPMB

Mon Sep 28 08:34:00 2009

Liquidity Services Inc runs Govliquidation

A Great source for Ebay Treasure

Check it out and tell a friend ~ :-) Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: jezebel

Mon Sep 28 15:01:53 2009

HUH?! I thought you couldn't sell your eBay ID??  If that's not what they did, then wouldn't the Power Seller ID Dyscern now have to be invalidated and have to either sell under their own ID or a new Dyscern-like ID? Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern


Mon Sep 28 15:27:44 2009 is the biggest scam operation on the internet. This company has sold me counterfeit merchandise many times while advertising the item as authentic. They also use false advertising by claiming an item is a shelf-pull, when in fact it is a returned item that has been opened and used! I would advise all readers to avoid this company and their affiliates. Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: Ebay H8er

Mon Sep 28 16:01:50 2009

Figures, another scammer onboard. Wonder what their feedback will look like... Oh yeah 100% perfect because their buddy donuthole will see to that! Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: American Eagle

Fri Oct 2 09:59:53 2009

This is a site that both consumer and seller should be aware of. I have bought items on and have now received several complaints about an item I resold from The item I purchased was advertised as "New" and I was lucky enough to get them at a low price. Unfortunately, the units are not what they seem to be. The units are missing spare parts and tools that are supposed to be with the item. I was alerted to this by some of my buyers, I have checked every item that was purchased and each one no spare parts came with the item, when in fact the packing list with the item clearly states the parts are included. So all of you who want to buy from ask many many questions, check the actual retail price, they have a tendency to inflate the real worth and never bid on an item with more than 1 or 2 bids. Caveat emptor, Caveat venditor. Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: eBayer

Thu Oct 8 13:36:41 2009

Boy has Dyscern taken a turn for the worse. Their feedback was pretty good considering what they sold. Now I bear witness to the lies and scams. I recently bought an iten from them. Now three weeks later, I'm no closer to receiving it than I was three weeks ago. The lies and lack of honest responses is extremely frustrating. BEWARE!!! DON'T BUY FROM DYSCERN. THEY CHANGES FOR THE WORSE!!!!! Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: eBayer

Thu Oct 8 22:35:49 2009

Update to last post:

I was finally able to speak to someone at Dyscern. First, this nice gentleman assured me that Dyscern would just duplicate my order and resend it. A few hours later, he called me to inform me that ALL of the merchandise had been sold as a large lot of goods. Furthermore, all outstanding orders with Dyscern, as far as eBay is concerned, will be refunded. I thought that winning auctions were a binding contract for the buyer AS WELL AS THE SELLER!!! You would think that they would honor their current sales, then sell off their inventory. Glad I'm not paid to think. And I'm quite certain that Liquidity Services won't even consider honoring those sales. Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: Me

Sat Nov 14 17:13:34 2009

Never buy from them again.  Sent an ipod late, had the wrong cable in it.  When they sent the replacement, it was the SAME WRONG cable type, and it wasn't even an Apple, it was some knockoff brand cable!!! Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: Kevin Johnson

Fri Jan 22 11:58:34 2010

I have been purchasing from for over 3 years and as I have had some "junk" in some orders I have been able to make tons of money off the product I have purchased from them.  Nothing but good experiences with them. Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: Bill Barth

Sat Jan 30 02:40:54 2010 - BUYER BEWARE - RIPPED off twice - had to get a lawyer involved to get back my down payment on trucks purchased because LSI backed out of the sale.  CORRUPT!!!! Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: shiva
Web Site

Wed Mar 17 18:13:03 2010

guys dont ever ever think to buy products from DYSCERN..past 1 week am struggling to deal with these guys not answering phone and email..when i ordered they were so nice and after receiving the product they didnt even care .i ordered desktop with monitor but i got only desktop.ITS SCAM website.dont ever think buying from this stupid ass hole guys.i lost my money its still under dispute with credit card company.But i  know these guys will escape.MAN THESE BASTARDS ARE HARD EARNED MONEY SUCKERS. Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern Acquires eBay PowerSeller Dyscern

by: eBayer

Mon May 3 19:48:50 2010

Dyscern aka Liquidity Services Inc are a terrible company to do business with.
Acting daft or deaf when you have a problem is their speciality.
If you are considering buying from them it is vital you draw back from the light...Do yourself a big, big favour keep your hard earned cash in your pocket or find a more reliable trader, which shouldn't be too difficult as these guys are the WORST.
EBAY needs to get on these guys and clamp their dodgy practice. Often the items are described as A1 condition or 100% functional which is blatant lying. When you try to get your money back kiss goodbye to several weeks of email traffic and still a mentioned by a previous blogger, Caveat emptor.
Dyscern or LSI's suppliers such as Amazon and Best Buy, etc also need to get on it to protect their reputations from being tainted by the misrepresentation techniques operated by these guys.
If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

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