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Mon July 13 2009 17:16:53

RIP eBay Live

By: Ina Steiner

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Last year, eBay announced it was canceling its June 2009 user conference, and today, it officially killed the event altogether. Next year's eBay Live conference had been scheduled to take place August 12-14, 2010, in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center, but today, eBay announced that event would be replaced by local events held in cities around the country.

The very first eBay conference was held in Anaheim, California in June 2002 and was likened to a Mary Kay convention because of the enthusiastic members who showed up, many even wanting autographs of then CEO Meg Whitman. At its peak in 2006, eBay Live attracted 15,000 attendees, but over time, the tone of the conference changed. Last year's conference in Chicago was so contentious that a convention-center worker observing one session told me it was like attending a union meeting. The anger directed at managers and executives in that session reflected the general unrest among many of eBay's sellers due to the radical changes taking place on the marketplace.

While this year, June saw no eBay Live conference, eBay did send an executive to give a speech at the Internet Retailer conference in Boston where she pitched large merchants on the idea of listing on eBay. These days, even General Motors is included in eBay's new target market, and small sellers are wondering where exactly they fit in eBay's plans. Today's announcement may have them wondering what's in store for them later this month when eBay announces its second set of marketplace changes that will go into effect in September.

Lorrie Norrington, President of eBay Marketplaces, said in today's Announcement Board post that "eBay: On Location" was a new program that would "bring eBay fun, learning and networking to cities around the country in 2010." The first event is scheduled for Orlando in February, and the last one will be held in eBay's home town of San Jose in August to celebrate eBay's 15th anniversary. eBay is still planning where to hold the rest of the 2010 events.

PS: Feel free to share your favorite eBay Live memory here.

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by: Patricia

Mon Jul 13 17:55:13 2009

Wow....a glimmer of intelligence.  Obviously they're smart enough to know sellers would come bearing rocks - to throw at them!!!  Looking into my crystal ball I see more intimate little meetings complete with back door deals and non-disclosure statements!  That's the "new" and "improved" ebay!

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by: Scriptorical

Mon Jul 13 18:15:31 2009

All the more reason for small sellers to focus their energy on their own website. Create your own niche, and become your own boss. We did and we are satisfied with how things are working out. We are getting back in touch with old buyers and trying new things.

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by: Brenda

Mon Jul 13 18:31:43 2009

So-are these local events going to be like the ones they've held so far this year-only the very biggest sellers in the area invited to a cozy little self-congratulatory conference?  If so, yawn.

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: to good to be

Mon Jul 13 18:39:39 2009

HAHA Can you imagine spending 20 thousand dollars for the junk GM will list. I wonder if Paypal will do a 21 day hold on those funds.

I can see it now. Person buys car with money back guarantee paided though paypal.

Car doesn't start. Person files claim and paypal gets stuck with the bill cause you just know GM ain't no way in H--LL going to refund the money to the buyer.

After all they screwed the bondholders, workers, suppliers, retirees etc. What makes donnahole believe they won't screw him.

Hahaha Thanks but no thanks I'll go to my ford dealer.

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Monster

Mon Jul 13 19:20:37 2009

Well I am just shocked... I thought for sure that when eBay canceled eBay Live for 2009, that they were implying that they would be having eBay Live in 2010 and then it would occur perhaps EVERY OTHER YEAR… eBay knew full well that when they canceled for 2009 there would not be an “eBay Live” again… Ever…

This whole corporation got too big to be bothered with the “regular folk” looking to eBay for all or a part of their income… eBay decided they could do without 70% of the stuff on their site as well as the Sellers who were offering those items… John Donahoe has a disdain for anyone but the rich… He is an elitist of the worst kind… He is a destroyer and a looter…

eBay's present CEO is as Anti-American/Anti-Capitalism as the current administration… He does however want a piece of the FINANCE pie with PayPal… eBay will continue to morph into something that is unusable for the INDIVIDUAL… Which is what made eBay great in the beginning…

By the end of 2011 or perhaps 2012, eBay will no longer exist as it is today… Good Riddance…

P.S. Read ''Atlas Shrugged'' now... You'll be glad you did...

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Bert

Mon Jul 13 19:38:45 2009

Sorry to see it go down the tubes...and not just Live.  Didn't they recently hire a VP of PR who was supposed to revive Live and other events?

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: fruity

Mon Jul 13 21:07:09 2009

Don't worry, Ebay Lied happens every day of the week, including holidays. They're just a bunch of givers! ork ork ork!

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Mon Jul 13 21:21:31 2009

Geez, Ayn Rand is so 1950s and her whole schtick discredited so many times on so many different levels. Who wants to read (or re read) a 2" thick paperback socio politico economic treatise thinly (so to speak) disguised as a novel?

The NO, aka ebay's most notorious non paying buyer, was simply afraid she might not leave Ebay Live 2010 anatomically intact.

But look on the bright side. Sellers and former sellers will now have multiple channels and multiple media markets to experiment with a little "disruptive innovation" of our own.

Welcome to the new fear-based ebafia.

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Steve

Mon Jul 13 21:39:33 2009

They put us up that year, back in 2002.  Hotel, complete with a welcome package, bottle of wine, free tickets to Disney.  That was when Paypal held their own party, lol!  Good times

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: savedindustries

Mon Jul 13 21:48:38 2009

Ah, so I'm not the only one who had seller fees come to more than their gross sales!

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Esteban

Mon Jul 13 22:22:45 2009

Here's yet another Ebayer of many years whose July 2009 fees will be more than the sales taken in for this memorable month.  First time this has ever happened.  Welcome to Donahoe's "vision".

I think they cancelled this event this year because they are terrified of the torch bearing villagers. Wasn't it rumored that the Ho wore a bullet proof vest at the last event? Maybe he can take his mother with him to his next event so she can tell everyone that she doesn't understand why he is not liked. Didn't she do that at the last eBay live?  
 With traffic slower than ever, you wonder how long the new eBay will be about to court ad revenues on the site.  These ads send traffic OFF the site.  Another brilliant move by the Ho.  Anything for a buck, eh HO?

Right up there with the stupidity of the Ho are Wall Street analysts, who are completely clueless. This truly demonstrates that we live in a day age where you can't trust anyone with your money.  And don't forget the Board of eBay. Another group that is completely clueless.

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Mon Jul 13 22:52:16 2009

My favorite Ebay Live moment was four or five years ago when ebafia offered to waive my registration fee.

I told the rep I'd rather eat ground glass than attend. Shortly thereafter they removed me from the TSAM support program whcih wasn't all bad.

In view of ebafia's posturing, remember the following:

Ming's ebay Law #1:


Ming's ebay Law #2:


Ming's ebay Law #3:


Ming’s ebay Law #4


Ming’s ebay Law #5


If I were Griff, I'd be cleaning out my desk. When ebafia management gave him the title of 'seller advocate,' he should have known that was the equivalent of the deck chair manager on the Titanic.

When they finally force him to retire, will he cleanse his soul by revealing the Truth or continue to be in denial?

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: ebaysucks

Mon Jul 13 23:08:49 2009

Welcome to eBay dead 2009.  Now sellers make sure you list all your auctions with free S&H and your items will appear on top of best search whore matches. Offering free S&H encourages customers to buy.  Please don't worry about losing money.  The most important thing is that you make the sale and pay the final value fees associated with the sale. Except Paypal as the only form of payment since cash has no value within the eBay community. Paypal may hold onto your funds for 21 days while they invest it a high yield money market account for safe keeping. If your customer has a question please answer the question/s within 10 minutes otherwise you will be suspended for non compliance.  If your customer threatens a negative feedback in lieu of a refund, please refund the customer his/her money in full and also allow the customer to keep the item as a token of appreciation.  Make sure to always leave the customer a positive feedback otherwise the customer might decide to leave you a negative one.  In any event you will be suspended for following these orders since the customer will file a formal complaint and give you a NF just because they can without recourse.  Sellers who have a perfect 5 star rating will receive a free eBay hat but, you must pay a $20.00 S&H fee in order to get your free hat.  Have a pleasant day!

Thank You for choosing eBay,   Adolf Hitler

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Sad Sue

Mon Jul 13 23:08:59 2009

I'm by no means an eBay cheerleader (I can't stand John "tapdance" Donahoe), but I'm sad to see eBay Live come to an end.  It was a great opportunity to connect with the eBay employees who actually CARED about the sellers on the site.....although, after last year, most of them are unemployed now anyway.

eBay has evolved into a new creature....unfortunately, I think it's one from a scary sci-fi flick.

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: gone

Mon Jul 13 23:15:55 2009

Aw, come on folks.  They dumped the event because too many exec types came close to being lynched at the last party.  They're scared of the sellers who built ebay who have become 'the noise.'

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Monster

Mon Jul 13 23:22:09 2009

Yeah Ming... I guess you would know a thing or two about ''schtick''... I've seen yours here for years...

And ''ebafia''...? Now there's a real catch phrase...

Right up there with, ''Who's John Galt''...

Stick to hating eBay... Cause you don't know squat about literature...

P.S. Please excuse my defense of Ayn Rand, Ina...

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: toodles

Mon Jul 13 23:28:56 2009

subject says it all.

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: anonymous

Mon Jul 13 23:30:06 2009

Uh, they can thumb their nose at any danged thing they want, but most states it's not LEGAL to sell a NEW car anywhere but the dealership.

They have dealer licenses and the state charges money for that. So the winning bidder will have to go TO THE DEALER to finalize the sale.

WAIT til they get the bottom feeders that lurk all over eBay, they will arrive, only to explain to the finance officer "I don't want to pay extra for air conditioning, and if I have to pay extra, I am backing out of the sale"

or some such.

Just wait, GM will drop out just like  

Oh, but that Ideeli is doing well.

Well, anyone who can sell a designer $600 bag for 16 bucks should THRIVE in that marketplace.

Oh WAIT, I forgot, those were fake sales, right, just to build up the diamond seller feedback? Otherwise, how can you get feedback the same or next day after the sale??

Oh, well, maybe they flew them from NY to CA in a helicopter.

That would impress me too!!

Oh WAIT I forgot, ebay doesn't have to comply with any-old stupid ___ LAWS!!!

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Another Wronged Seller

Mon Jul 13 23:39:03 2009

No surprise to me. I've thought that when ebay started these small, regional invitation only meetings they would replace ebay live.

Ebay live was open to all and a lot harder to control. These new smaller local events are invite only with non disclosure agreements. They can control who gets invited AND throttles the attendees free speech.

Ebay management loved ebay live when they used to be popular and ebay live was full of sellers extolling ebays virtues. Now that the ''shine is off the apple'' and the fruit has been proven again and again to be rotten to the core, they knew ebay live would turn into a lynch mob.

More control. Ebay isn't interested in hearing the honest opinions of their sellers only in shutting us up.

It's a shame about the end of ebay live but it's one more indication of a company in its death throes.

Perminate Link for RIP eBay Live   RIP eBay Live

by: Ebay Pays My Minimum Monthly Payment

Mon Jul 13 23:50:50 2009


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