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Mon June 15 2009 22:40:29

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

By: Ina Steiner

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The creator of the eBay Desktop tool Alan Lewis has joined third-party vendor Auctiva to work on its off-eBay ecommerce Platform. Alan had somewhat famously blogged about eBay's problems last fall after he had left the company, describing eBay's management culture as dysfunctional.

In a blog post on Monday, Alan said he would be leading Auctiva's new effort to build a platform that powers new services for sellers off-eBay. "Auctiva has a vision for online commerce that I can get behind."

Among the reasons he lists for joining Auctiva is the fact that the company has a flat organizational structure that lets him report directly to the CEO. He wrote, "This contrasts with a previous employer where the CEO was (no exaggeration) my boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss."

Alan is attending eBay's Developer Conference this week in San Jose representing Auctiva, which is an eBay Certified Provider.

It's interesting to note that while third-party eBay vendors who supported larger merchants began supporting multiple marketplaces such as years ago, both Auctiva and Vendio, which serve smaller sellers, have come out only recently with multi-channel storefronts.

It shows that vendors close to eBay realize they can no longer support themselves by serving eBay sellers alone, as eBay is intent on becoming an online Costco.

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eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: ebay=penny stock

Mon Jun 15 22:55:20 2009

Congradulations Alan. It has to feel really good to get away from the idiotic morons that are running ebay.

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: Henrietta - Red Ink Diary

Mon Jun 15 23:34:34 2009

Congratulations Alan, Auctiva will become a force to be reckoned with when they spread their wings and fly.

There is so much choice out there now for smaller sellers, they don't have to sit around and feel unwanted and unloved.

Anything which will help them has to be a good thing.

Auctiva should remember the Henry Ford maxim "A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large."

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: John Donaho, dunce

Mon Jun 15 23:53:54 2009

Auctiva can eat Ebay's lunch if they start a fair auction service for real vintage collectibles sold by real American sellers, with real search like Ebay used to have. Time to wean your company from the dying bloated teat of Greedbay. Good luck.

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: Not so fast people...

Tue Jun 16 07:38:07 2009

He worked for eBay? I don't trust him.

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: Daisy

Tue Jun 16 08:10:05 2009

Sounds like a smart move. I'll be watching Auctiva closely. If they would try to become what Ebay was, they might get a good following. Sellers are hungry for a the old Ebay. Starving actually.

And don't count out good old auctions. They're not dead as John Donahoe has pronounced.

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: o.c.d.collectibles

Tue Jun 16 11:05:31 2009

Alan Lewis is one of the truest and most honest developers, employees, and reporters from the ex ebay combat zone. I would trust his judgment and skills 100%. I hope he would help steer the Auctiva staff and company in a direction away from ebay towards accommodating OTHER online auction and selling VENUES that BADLY need photo hosting and template designs in order to show off the best wares in the world that ebay can't seem to accept on their site.

I am sure they could make a new beginning and re-invent themselves in a way that no other site can, if they decide to tighten their belts and go market their great team of developers to the millions of people out there who are BEGGING for help in making their sites BETTER than ebay ever was!

Congrats to Auctiva on your lucky capture! and congrats to you, Alan Lewis  on your new opportunity to make ebay burn in hell!LOL!

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: Patricia

Tue Jun 16 11:47:32 2009

I don't know much about this or Alan so I'll just wish him well.  I'm not happy about auctiva only because of the way they treated Sellathon customers during the changeover.  I lost all respect for them at that time.  I frequent Vendio now and have the utmost respect for them.

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: another nail in JD's coffin

Tue Jun 16 21:03:39 2009

Auctiva, use all that knowledge working with Ebay gave you to create an award winning free or minimal charge to list auction site and you won't be able to keep up with demand.

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: ma

Wed Jun 17 02:55:17 2009

congrat Alan ...
Problem I see is auctiva is so slow, took an hour to list each listing on sunday. Now I have code errors and google wont keep my xml up. Ebay has never heard of it of course. my goodness... I had one 1.99 sales friday morning and one today... how do I eat and pay bills on 3.98 in 5 days.
I dont think auctiva is an improvement.
they have no customer service since going to stores.
sometimes people need to know their limits. think how great ebay was when they were Just ebay. not trying to Own other stuff that never worked for them anyway...

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Wed Jun 17 20:49:51 2009

I encourage everyone to click on Ina's link to Lewis's blog from last fall wherein he recounts the last words he heard from The Ho.

What Alna Lewis didn't hear:

1. You're a valuable member of our team. What we can we do to keep you?"

2. You've been a valuable member of our team, and ebay appreciates the great work you've done for us.

3. I wish you well in the future.

Nope, what he heard from The Don Horleone was "Be a good ebay citizen."

Ebafia Corporate NewSpeak translation: "We're sorry we asked for your resignation, but your vision for ebay just doesn't coincide with mine."

Remember, what happens on the ebay campus stays on the ebay campus. Keep your mouth shut about what you've seen and learned here because there may be unpleasant consequences if you don't."

DEATH to ebay corp. in 2009.

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: Stomp

Thu Jun 18 18:17:26 2009

Hellllllooooo... has anyone heard.. that we're in a realllllly BAD recession....

 Prices for everything are going up... yet jobs are few and far between... and those jobs that do exist... are grateful to even be getting a paycheck...
is it just me.... or has the whole world gone mad...
Maybe i have it all wrong... it don't pay to be 'HONEST, STRAIGHT UP, AND UP AND ABOVE BOARD'...
it's more prosperouse to 'CON,STEAL,PLUNDER AND CHEAT'... seems like Mr. Lewis just joined the rest of the robber barons.. and stuck a knife into the whatever forms of stretching a dollar existed...
The heck with Auctiva...
Getting raped by Dbay is bad enough... even with all their word twisted 'PROMOTIONS'...

  Auctiva has joined the ranks of the barbarians.. ... and Mr. Lewis had led the charge...
Thanks for nothing ALAN... maybe you and Meg should get toghether.. so she can get her campaign strategy hooked up....
what next? A fee to sign onto one's account ??

eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva   eBay's Alan Lewis Joins Auctiva

by: Ebay No More

Thu Jun 18 18:36:45 2009

Congrats Alan! It's good to see you out and about in a venture for small and midsize sellers. I wish you much luck on the new job. BTW it won't take much to beat the competition's product.

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