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Tue Mar 31 2009 13:13:00

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

By: Ina Steiner

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Ecommerce providers who service eBay sellers may face a dilemma in planning their spring conference schedule. The eBay and PayPal Developers conference is scheduled for June 16 -18, 2009 at eBay headquarters in San Jose, California, while the annual Internet Retailer conference is scheduled for the same week in Boston, Massachusetts.

Larger vendors will likely send their developers to San Jose and their marketing folks to Boston, but for small developers, it could be a challenge figuring out which show they should attend.

In prior years, eBay held DevCon immediately preceding its annual conference, giving vendors exposure to 10,000 attendees, but the company canceled its eBay Live conference this year, meaning DevCon attendees are not reaching retailers. Internet Retailer, on the other hand, gives vendors an opportunity to meet face-to-face with thousands of online retailers.

eBay DevCon sessions include topics on Project Echo, which allows third-party developers to integrate their applications into eBay's Selling Manager; Large Merchant Services, which helps large retailers bring inventory to the platform; marketplace security; and the eBay roadmap. The Early Bird discount for attending the conference is $99 before April 30.

Internet Retailer's Early Bird discount expires today (March 31, 2009), and the publisher is giving AuctionBytes readers an additional $100 discount, which does not expire (it is applicable to all options except Exhibit Hall-only passes). Enter code SD9123 on the registration page after you have made your selections of which sessions you want to attend, and the discount will be automatically applied.

The AuctionBytes discount does not expire, but to get the maximum benefit, use it before the Early Bird discount expires today.

Patrick M. Byrne, Chairman & CEO,, will be giving the keynote address at Internet Retailer, and eBay's Stephanie Tilenius will be a featured speaker on June 17, 2009, on "The new eBay: What eBay's evolution means to retailers." I'm chairing the Small Retailers Track on June 16th - hope to see you there.

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Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

by: lenofus

Tue Mar 31 14:07:33 2009

Patrick has told us consistently to write our legislators. He says it is working. I do what he says. He says pump: I pump. He says sit. I sit.

I know it sounds tedious. I know you don't see results, but I can them. He told me where to look for them.  I can tell you from personal experience in relation to Dr. Byrne, he is working it.
He likes it and he likes the things I 'm doing, it IS working. And I know it wouldn't work without all the groundwork Patrick did. He laid my ground work and so I joined his team.

Now, he wants us all to follow him I think we owe it to him to do as he asks. We have a leader that asks nothing for himself. How do not do what he asks?

Another thing I do is challenge these blogs when they put up idiotic challenges to the effort. That's why these morons use my moniker all over the internet putting derogatory stuff up under my name. So, I know that works too. They hate that. Challenge these ethically deprived morons to the truth.If you don't use expletives, if you frame a cogent argument, they will post your comment. You'll get some real dirt under the nail types taking a swing at you. That's proof you hit home.

Some idiot on the Raging Bull Sedona board had me going all weekend. But I stayed with him. I didn't sleep. I didn't eat. I just sat there refreshing and waiting for him to post.
When I realized how tired I was, I realized he was three guys or more. And I realised he had me. He had captured me. But what he did is, show the viewers what
miserable animals these guys really are. He made all my points for me. I didn't need him to see how right I was. I was right all along.

Also, the SEC has a comment page. And you'll get a confirm back. In the old days, your letter floated around like junk mail at the Post Office.
But something happened Friday that makes me think the heat is on them. I've had great success with the SEC IG. They are wonderful. Thye listen to me.
The wife will not , but they do.

I fight for you. That's what I do. If you find something that brings success, let me know and I will bring it to Patricks attention.

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

by: E***Q

Tue Mar 31 14:18:37 2009

It sure would be great if I knew what you were talking about...

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

by: lenofus

Tue Mar 31 14:54:46 2009

What am I talking about? How dare you question us. There are many things WE are not at liberty to tell you. But, miscreants: be it known that your day is fast approaching. We might all be living under a bridge somewhere as a result of the war that is being waged on our financial system, but as a result of that war, there will be a lot of famous names in some prison, somewhere soon. In my heart of hearts, I envision the good Dr. Patrick Michael Byrne leading us to that prison and allowing us to take out our frustrations and desires for justice on these un-forgiven captives. All I want is to be a part of it in some small way. We'll see, won't we???? I can wait. I have been shown information that you and your friends are never going to be qualified to see or allowed to alter with your inside players. I know what is in store for the evil scum that are bent on ruining our world. We have a little something for you boys. Be ready for us.

Obama is an empty suit. That's pretty obvious. Just ask yourself why they had Stanford employees inside of FINRA. Yeah, inside. See, we knew that, you didn't. But we did. You may have won some battles, but we will win this war. In fact, that information on Stanford we had was minor in comparison to what is about to break. Stanford isn't anything we didn't know about before. At least now, you've heard. Again, we are very lucky we have a leader in front of us on the magnitude of Patrick Byrne. In the end, I think we win. Not everybody will be so lucky. That's why you have to join us now. We will not pluck you from the fires when the end days come. You have to be with us today to be among the chosen few tomorrow.

You may wonder why there are many things I am not at liberty to tell you. I'm just trying to imagine the hedge fund boys and trading desk managers who read these posts squirming in their seats and fearing our information. You need to be afraid. We have you. We won. You can rest assured that a judgment day is fast approaching. I hope that's enough to ruin your day as you have ruined so many of mine.

Folks, I can do my own ranting. I really don't need to have some pieced, tattooed schmuck working out of a broom closet, trying to work his way up the scum-0-meter.

Now, please, if you won't me to go ballistic on people who ruin many lives, threaten others, just call, or write. I am more than willing to chip in and continue to do my part.

Thank you. Long live Dr. Patrick Michael Byrne. American hero and servant of men all across the USA!

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

This user has validated their user name. by: Ina

Tue Mar 31 15:37:49 2009

**A message from David and Ina:**

Please keep your comments on track and relevant to the original blog post, and be respectful of others' opinions. Once you see this message appear on a post, consider it a warning that we will delete any posts that follow if they continue to go off track or bully other commentors. We respect all opinions, but we are moderating the blog to keep it a useful vehicle for all AuctionBytes readers. Thank you.

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

by: Bad Omen

Tue Mar 31 21:25:26 2009

There are many things WE are not at liberty to tell you (LOL):-) BUT With the latest massive decline in our sales since Feb, I think most developers & sellers will be asking how much longer eBay can stand (remember we are not even 30% into the finacial crisis yet)

We run multi selling accounts (UK, US & OZ) and what has happened since late Jan is just horrific and very worrying.

eBay have  caused serious damage to the format; run a search for ANY item and it is very clear…sellers are leaving and the inventory available is getting cheap and buyers are moving away onto other platforms to get what they are looking for.

eBay I really am worried and you continue as if it’s just another sunny day in eBayland?

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

by: Peter Leeflang / THE LEEFLANG ARCHIVES

Wed Apr 1 09:26:20 2009

Isn't the commentator lenofus a spammer? I have no clue what he is referring to that could be relevant to Ina's posting.

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

by: o.c.d.collectibles

Wed Apr 1 14:05:07 2009

This gentleman is ill. He needs his meds. Chronic Bipolars generally get like this, some are very bright people!

So his rants actually sound quite intelligent. Just not appropriate for this site. Too bad. So many bright talented people in the world who don't get the medical psychiatric care they need thanks to this country's medical insurance companies running the show.

That's one thing this country needs badly! Better coverage and reimbursement for mental health treatment. If I were part of a big company like ebay, I would lobby for better mental health care.

It looks like all the CEO's there want is their golden parachutes.They don't give a rats behind about ebay In fact, I think they are planning to break it up in pieces and sell it in parts.

Just a theory.

Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict   Internet Retailer Discount Expiring, eBay DevCon Conflict

by: Patrick Byrne

Sat Apr 4 14:24:16 2009

Hello Ina and other readers. Let me give you the back-story on the crazy post above.

Along with running Overstock, I write for a blog called ''''. Besides myself, DeepCapture employs several other investigative journalists. DeepCapture was recently voted ''Best Business Blog'' in the 2008 Weblogs Awards.

The aim of DeepCapture has been to explore corruption on Wall Street, and to expose a pack of criminals there before it was too late (which, alas, it appears to be). The best thing to see to get the general overview is this

We have gotten traction, and now have 60k-80k unique visitors every month. The memes we have spawned are now permeating American consciousness (e.g., what Jim Cramer is really about: see this essay from one year ago - ). Among our supporters is one who posts under the name ''Lenofus''.

Naturally, the criminals are disturbed by what we are doing, and have mounted an effort to confuse, distort, and hijack the discourse. If you do not believe me, read this article in the online journal TheRegister:<
guy who posted above is not the real Lenofus. He is just someone showing up attempting to confuse the discourse, as described.

Patrick Byrne, PhD

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