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Wed Oct 7 2009 10:01:55

Mobile Commerce and Customer Engagement

By: Ina Steiner

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Mobile commerce is far more than simple transactions - it's about customer engagement as well. And it's clear that one of the attractions to marketers is the wealth of information that they can obtain through mobile interactions, including precise geographic location.

At Microsoft's booth at the recent conference, Avanade's Mark Munie gave me a "Xing" health bar that had a 2D barcode, using Microsoft Mobile Tags. What is that?

With the Microsoft Tag application, consumers can simply aim their camera phone at a Tag and instantly access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, and more. As the website states, "Nothing to type, no browsers to launch!"

So a consumer who is in a store or has purchased the Xing bar can use her smart mobile-device to read the tag on the health bar and be shown more information. As the video demo on Avanade's website shows, Xing can then engage the customer and invite her to connect on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or request free samples. The video is here, skip to 00:51 to go directly to the demo. Companies like Xing (which is fictitious, by the way), then have a plethora of data about visitors, which can help them in future marketing campaigns.

(The graphic above shows a movie poster with a 2D mobile tag, which I've circled, and that's what is picked up by the mobile device's camera.)

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Perminate Link for Mobile Commerce and Customer Engagement   Mobile Commerce and Customer Engagement

by: joe

Wed Oct 7 13:38:07 2009

I don't have a camera phone, and I don't subscribe to web phone internet access, nor do I intend to. So the market is very limited to those that have both... now what?

Perminate Link for Mobile Commerce and Customer Engagement   Mobile Commerce and Customer Engagement

by: fruity

Wed Oct 7 14:43:28 2009

I plan on using 1 cell exclusively for ebay and paypal. that way when I start getting spam and they start monitoring me on my cell I can just dump the line when I get an upgraded phone. I figure it this way... then I can control what I will let ebay/paypal know of me.

They put cookies on you like ear tags

Perminate Link for Mobile Commerce and Customer Engagement   Mobile Commerce and Customer Engagement

by: Peter Leeflang/

Tue Dec 29 15:17:51 2009

I seriously doubt the utility and the professed utilization stats of mobile devices for e-commerce and for Ebay specifically.

The above article seems to give the false impression that mobile devices are used for billions of dollars in online trading. That is not the case nor will it.

Almost none of my buyers uses the Iphone or other devices for this.

The screens are simply too small to be able to quickly navigate when searching an item. One loses overview.

Also, the mobile devices are not very secure, so one risks unwanted sharing of userid, passwords and card details.

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