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Fri Aug 29 2008 17:48:14

Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

By: Ina Steiner

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Garden City Group sent an email to certain PayPal users today about a settlement in a class action lawsuit against PayPal filed in 2005. The parties reached a preliminary settlement agreement in 2006 regarding allegations that PayPal did not clearly communicate information about its consumer protection programs related to specific types of transactions. According to PayPal's press release issued at the time, it agreed to pay a settlement fund of $3.5 million, less administrative costs and any amount awarded to plaintiffs' counsel by the court. Under the terms of the settlement agreements, PayPal did not admit any liability for any of the allegations in the case.

The person at Garden City Group in a position to confirm the email and website did not return my phone call. However, PayPal spokesperson Sara Gorman confirmed Garden City Group was scheduled to send emails beginning today, and that those looking for more information could visit the settlement website at

According to information on that website, here are the important dates members of the class should note:

October 31, 2008 Request for Exclusion Deadline (received)

October 31, 2008 Objection Filing Deadline

November 17, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. Fairness Hearing

December 14, 2008 Claim Form Deadline (postmarked)

Note: the old rule still applies: Don't click on links in emails to sign in or submit personal information as scammers could spoof the site.

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Perminate Link for Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit   Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

by: masae sugihara

Fri Aug 29 18:13:37 2008

Please pass this mail to somebody in authority, this mail has also been sent to and

I live in Japan.

Twice bank transfersfrom my paypal account have been denied and returned to you.

Bank transfers my bank have no record of...they HAVE checked.

I have sent numerous mails, which on 1 occasion was not read until 5-6 hours later when I called to ask why I had had no reply.

I have called the offices in Tokyo on numerous occasions and have had the phone put down on me by your representitive on 1 occasion.

I have been told it is not company policy to contact customers by phone.

I have been told to enter my bank information, on my account, in a way that would result in my bank returning the payment to paypal. ( I know this as my bank have told me they would not accept it ) Basically please write your bank name the opposite way to how it is known.

I have been told my bank is lying.

Yesterday 29/8/08 I was told there was an error with the system...a fact I was only told when I called. oh yes it is not customer policy to contact customers.

Where will it stop ?.

You have my money, I would like it , no excuses please just give me what is mine.

I would like  ALL  funds in my account, I do not have a credit card as I  do not want one and so am limited to how much I can withdraw. This money is mine, Your total lack of service is affecting my family and my life.

So, due to the total lack of customer service/help, I have today contacted a lawyer and will also be contacting the Japanese financial services agency.

I wanted to sort this out in an amicable way but your service or lack of it has left me no choice.

My paypal account is held in Japan, the office there should be able to advise you of my e-mail address and the problem.

I have tried to find contact information for a senior executive , but what a surprise this information is not available.

Please will somebody at your offices contact me.

I will also be forwarding your comments to my landlord, childrens school, utilities companies and supermarkets, this will reassure them as to why I cannot pay any bills this month.

Thank You.

Perminate Link for Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit   Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

by: lumcinturf

Fri Aug 29 21:14:57 2008

Dear masae sugihara,

It seems to me that while you have a good understanding of the English Language, you have a small problem of  proper communication using English.  More than likely, I would have this same problem were I to use your language.

The site you have posted this letter to is not PayPal nor E-bay.  It is unfortunate as it appears you are having problems accessing funds from a sale by following the directions at PayPal and putting your full account information with PayPal linking your bank to your PayPal account, as I have done and many Sellers with PayPal.  If there is no link with the right information, the money can not be transferred in the appropriate fashion.  

I am an old, fat, ugly woman with little knowledge and a handful of beans to shell for supper.  I can offer you nothing more but the truths above.

Best of luck to you,


Perminate Link for Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit   Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

by: we received that email too

Sat Aug 30 06:52:51 2008

But the link does NOT work. We had to manually google paypal/settlement site , download the claim form & mail it in.
Siggestion : EVERYONE and I MEAN EVERYONE should file a claim even if you think you are not entitled to a refund. Many times you will get a refund !

Perminate Link for Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit   Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

by: What?

Sat Aug 30 12:29:58 2008

This is the most confusing thing ever.

Perminate Link for Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit   Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

by: JulieA

Tue Sep 2 21:58:32 2008

This IS confusing!  According to the folowing website, the deadline to file a claim was over in 2004:

To make a claim for payment, please complete one of the claim forms (Statutory Damage Claim Form, Short Claim Form, or Long Claim Form) available on the Internet at » To make a valid claim, you will need to (1) fill out the claim form electronically and (2) print the signature page of your claim form, sign it and return it by mail to the address provided on the claim form. You must complete the claims procedure no later than October 23, 2004."

However, at, they say you can still file a claim until Dec. 14.  This one seems to be more on the QT:

"Participating in the Settlement

To make a valid claim, you must: (1) print and fill out the Claim Form and return it by mail to the address provided on the Claim Form; and (2) print the Certification page of your Claim Form, sign it, and return it by mail to the address provided on the Claim Form.

Your Claim Form and signed Certification page must be mailed to the address provided on the Claim Form, and must be POSTMARKED on or before December 14, 2008."

Perminate Link for Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit   Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

by: unhappy e bay buyer and seller

Mon Oct 6 13:36:14 2008

I am glad to see them found out for what they are, it is unfortunate it was, I am sure, a financial decision on the defending attorney's side to let them settle without bringing them to light for antitrust.  Stay tuned.

Perminate Link for Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit   Emails Sent in PayPal Class-Action Lawsuit

by: Christina Marlowe

Thu Nov 20 15:51:54 2008

I have been trying, since April, 2007,  to initiate a  class action law suit against Ebay and Paypal, both as separate entities and as corporations acting in outright COLLUSION, not to mention the unspeakably unfair and egregious business practices, glaring monopolistic behaviors, Paypal's acting as a bank with no license and without consumer protections, etc., etc., etc.

This is a brief summary of what happened to me in April, 2007:

I noticed that Paypal had been making double payments to some of my sellers, so I called Paypal to inquire as to the problem.  Each representative refused to sort out the double payments, stated that they could not get my money back and, further, Paypal finally blamed me for “pressing the pay button twice”. NONSENSE!!! I then noticed that Paypal also made unauthorized payments to at least one person that I did not even know.  Paypal supervisors, each and every one of them, categorically denied any wrongdoing or fault.  By the way, Paypal was sued successfully in the U.K. for the exact same payment system ''glitches.''

So, in order to avoid bank overdrafts, I then had to freeze my bank account and suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, I received a flood of unpaid item strikes on my Ebay account, Ebay immediately proceeded to suspend my account, i.e. my entire business, and summarily listed me as “no longer a registered user.” In a mere three days, I lost my entire Ebay business that I built over the course of four and a half years, 2,600 transactions, and a spotless, perfect reputation.

I had been trying to pay my many sellers for hundreds of items worth over $7,000.00, which I would then sell to retail stores.  The money was in my account and ready to be paid out. Since Ebay shut me out of my own account and listed me as ''no longer a registered user,'' my sellers began to email me to inquire about payment.  I could not see who had been paid, who had sent items, etc.  Everything was unaccounted for as I could no longer access my own business.

Further, after having transferred $6,000.00 into my paypal account on the 5th of April, Paypal then tried to withdraw from my bank account in excess of another $5,000.00. And my entire account (that is, my entire business) was and still is totally blocked from me.

No one on either Ebay or Paypal would help me, nor would they admit any fault. Never, not once, over the course of several months, did I get to speak with the same person;  rather, I had to repeat myself over and over and over again.  Additionally, each and every worker and each and every supervisor has been absolutely unwilling to help in any way, and each was most cavalier, arrogant and condescending. Each one of them, whether on Ebay or on Paypal, spouted nothing but canned, party-line responses that did not even address my particular situation. Each representative continued stonewalling me at each and every turn. One supervisor, a particularly smug man named Dylan, told me to get an account manager…through Paypal!!

I have collected over one thousand complaints against Ebay and/or Paypal.  I need a law firm willing to take these monolithic bastards to task.
PLEASE contact me so I can keep adding to my list of people that have been wronged...It is only a matter of time before Ebay and Paypal gets it all back in spades.


Christina Marlowe
Santa Barbara, CA

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