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Wed July 23 2008 23:58:44

Rumors, Glitches and Problems

By: Ina Steiner

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I'd been hearing people talk about a rumor that 99-cent listings were not showing up in search, Ed from the seems to have figured out what may be happening.

Another report of a rumor from a reader: "There is a rumor circulating on the ebay boards that they are removing our ability to search completed auctions. I have found that at times when trying to search them, I am redirected to live auctions not the ended ones. Can you find if this is true and do an article on it? The rumor states it will be done this fall."

I have heard people complain about completed item searches, but had not heard this particular rumor.

If you are experiencing problems or glitches with any ecommerce-related site, report them here. Maybe we can clear up and solve one or two of them.

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by: Keith

Thu Jul 24 07:07:57 2008

I have found that doing a search on items ENDING SOONEST then a few hours later doing advanced and ended DOES NOT bring up all of the auctions that ended during that time period.  Try it yourself, just pick a search that only returns about 100 or less items by using specific key words, be sure to print the list so you can do searches on the actual auction numbers that disappear INTERESTING.  

I use completed searches all the time in order to purchase items to sell on eBay.  If I can't get a real picture of how many of a specific item are selling, not selling and for how much I DON'T BUY TO LIST... eBay did you hear that I DON'T LIST, Hurts me and it hurts you!

If eBay does not stabilize their platform and stop the monkey business they are simply going to tank the company.

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by: o.c.d.collectibles

Thu Jul 24 09:32:38 2008

As long as the "strong arming" of ebay customers into BETA testing continues, the sales will continue to drop, as buyers and sellers alike are growing weary of the BETA SEARCH and the BETA MY EBAY programs being thrown at them, sometimes without the ability to opt out of the test and do their regular business.

It's condescending to the viewer, for an auction program developer to throw (by way of programming, of course!) listings at them that they intuitively think the potential buyer will purchase.

Especially registered customers who have been on that site buying and selling for 10 years or more. Since when does an online auctioneer know more of what that customer wants than the customer who is searching for him or herself?

If ebay wants to force their chosen seller's items and their BETA testing down their customers' throats, they will find themselves with customers who are gagging and running!

There are better ways. It's called using an incentive. It's also called "asking". I wonder which marketing geniuses they have on their board of directors fueling all this negative energy?It isn't working.

Amazon's volume of new sellers has increased 18% this past quarter and their marketplaces profit has doubled. That should speak volumes. (See yesterday's Reuters article).

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by: Rich

Thu Jul 24 10:27:55 2008

The ability to research completed prices has always been a key ingredient in a seller's arsenal of tools for running a successful business. If they are ''enhancing'' this function they are shooting off yet another of the few remaining toes on their feet.

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by: Jesse

Thu Jul 24 12:17:15 2008

I have had that happen to myself as well, having things listed in SMP but not showing up in live search, and still getting charged listing fees. It's frustrating to see things like this happen. Once eBay wakes up to the fact that Amazon is taking eBay's customers for viable reasons, maybe they will implement some decent policy changes in the seller's favour instead of guessing and Beta-ing. Also, if eBay removes the completed items search function, they can kiss many of their sellers goodbye. Lets hope this doesn't happen.

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This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Thu Jul 24 17:02:29 2008

I believe Ebay has already announced that a limited number of days in completed items search will remain free of charge but that beyond this short time frame, which I think ss a week, sellers will be, of course, charged.

The Donna Ho will be gurgling "We're on the right track" when ebay stock becomes a penny stock.

Ebay: the world's most despicable corporation run by the world's most clueless and greedy executives.

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: last straw

Fri Jul 25 10:26:45 2008

If Ebay starts charging me to check out completed auctions, that will do it for me.  I have not been listing and have been waiting to see if they improve things for sellers.

As a small seller, the completed auction data was crucial for me to decide what to list.  

Ebay is in a downward spiral if they are thinking about charging for completed auction info. (just another desperate way of sticking it to remaining sellers)

I quit using Pay Pal because of the messes I have heard about.  I guess my next step is to just close out my account.

Anyone watching the past year's development really has to scratch their head and ask "Why does Ebay think they can treat customers (sellers) the way they do and still keep them?"

Ebay thought they were the only game in town.  Free enterprise and competition will take care of that arrogance.

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: Shelley

Fri Jul 25 12:34:47 2008

I am STILL GETTING THE PAYPAL glitch on my auctions, stating I have a 21 day hold etc! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: Chaz

Fri Jul 25 17:08:47 2008

I use Terapeak for completed auction searches.  The pay version lets you go back 90 days.  It also shows day of week, time and other statistical evidence to help you time your listings.  Much better info than you can get on ebay alone.  To search completeds on ebay, use advance search and check the box.  There might be glitches, I don't know, but the search is there.

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This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Fri Jul 25 18:18:33 2008

One other thing that should be clear to all is the these constant alleged "glitches" that ebay claims to have aren't "glitches" at all. In all probability, they're deliverately engineered to enhance ebay and PayPal revenues.

How many "glitches" have YOU seen that favored the seller? How mnay have YOU seen that favor ebay or PayPal?

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: RJ

Fri Jul 25 20:40:47 2008

If I do a search (stoneware bowl) using my AOL browser, I'm seeing a different Best Match sort order, than if I do the exact same search using my IE browser.   Very different order of returns.    

And, if I do the same search, after clearing my cache and cookies, and without signing in, then the Best Match sort order is returning nearly all Fixed Price listings on page 1 ...out of 14 pages.    It's like all the Fixed Price listings are all on page 1, as very few can be found on pages 2-14.  

And, no, I'm not using eBay's new search experiment.   This is just the regular search.

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Sat Jul 26 03:13:01 2008


Drunk code monkeys who can't get the complex algorithms down are responsible.

Similar listings are bound together with by magic magnetic equations and sometimes even string theory and then thrown into a gigantic keg of beer in San Hosed. They then bubble up to the surface and pop out at random to quench the thirst of the Search Geeks regardless of search methodology.

It's a new kind of buying experience.

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: dissed ebayer

Sat Jul 26 10:25:42 2008

hey, my fake ebay account went from 3 taring to 99 in 3 months WITH NO ACTIVITY. That was weird. Now I can fake bid on my friends stuff to up the final prices. c'ya.

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: Leonard

Sun Jul 27 11:44:50 2008

Here is a posting from ''Doc's Suspended from eBay Blog'' that deserves to be widely distributed:

I posted this at the feedback forum at eBay but it was killed by staff less than a minute later. I should have known. My ID will be toast soon anyway. This was the only other place I thought where my statement might have an impact. Do with it what you will. After Chicago, my only desire is to be heard.

There will be those who will not believe me and I sympathize. I wish the facts were fiction but to deny what I know would be to live in a fairyland of make-believe. I understand that the bulk of this “manifesto” reveals a plot so against the spirit of eBay that it will be dismissed as lie. So be it. I cannot force the world to accept it. All I can do is state the truth as I know it and leave it to you and to your common sense and experience to judge.

The deck is stacked against me. Aside from the natural resistance to believe I know that the boards are stocked with eBay’s tools. Their goal will be to discredit me. I will be accused of being a “disgruntled”, “paranoid”, and “emotional” seller. Their words will be specially chosen for effect. That is part of the function of the tools and I am not fazed by it. However, to protect my own identity within the corporation, I cannot be too specific lest the details single me out to the powers that be.

What I intend to reveal is common knowledge to many in the management division behind the scenes.

By the way, the tools are not only the mouthpieces that promote the policies. The psychological tactics employed by the powers that be are far deeper and grander than that. The subtlety of the method is remarkable. The tools come in a wide range of flavors with their own, individual “characteristic” rhetoric. From those who are “for” the policy - and spread various degrees of hostility toward the sellers - to those who are “against” the change - and spread panic and further the divide with the buyers. Both serve the same exact purpose: a manipulation designed to remove the more involved and savvy small to large sellers who will not fit into eBay’s future business plan.

First, let me correct the record regarding the concept of sellers extorting positive feedback. While the violation was known to happen, the activity amounted to less than a tenth of a percent of the yearly transactions. Further, it involved sellers whose feedback percentages were below 80%. The absolute majority of sellers did not engage in such practices. Nevertheless, the powers that be could not resist the fact that promoting this notion of feedback extortion as a wide-spread phenomenon would be the perfect cover with which to hide the true intentions of the policy.

The powers that be want to transform eBay into an overstock warehouse venue. A kind of outlet store for the internet much like a cheaper and streamlined version of Amazon. From a strictly business point of view, given the size of eBay and the growing costs of doing business, it makes a certain kind of sense to shift gears. Think about it: when eBay started, sellers were about rare and unique items but here and now the majority of items are common, used counterparts of what can be found new online at retail sites. Truly rare and unique items are sold at real auctions; the “stuff in your attic” isn’t glamorous enough and won’t keep eBay afloat any longer.

The trend away from the rare and unique to the big box retailer is not new. Several years ago the powers that be noticed that the big “powersellers” were simply listing items that existed in their retail stores or inventories. Thus the concept of “buy it now”, “best offer”, and “eBay stores” were created. It was the nascent stage of the plan yet to be. Little by little, without the population noticing, the mechanisms required to replicate the average retail storefront were already in place - and with its rise came the slow, steady downfall of the auction format.

Yet outright pursuit of a retail venue would have led to a major problem that at the time could not have been surmounted. The vast majority of people, on and off line, know eBay as precisely the place for auctions of rare and unique items. The sellers and buyers held onto that perception too but in truth their opinion even involvement in new and improved version of eBay is irrelevant by a certain Machiavellian calculation made by the powers that be. As part of the plan, eBay calculated thus: even if they lost the sellers as part of the change, the buyers will be coming back to buy regardless of who or what operated within the retail-outlet venue.

No, it was the stock holders who the powers that be feared.

Only the stockholders had the power to change the direction set forth by the CEO and the board. So it became imperative to change the equation. Part of the plan is to devalue the stock gradually so that investors merely dumped the stock as opposed to wanting managerial change ala Yahoo. Then to buy back the stock at lower cost and to such a volume that no rebellion against the powers that be were possible.

By the end of July that phase of the plan will be successful and there est of the plan will be revealed without fear of backlash from those who otherwise would have had the power to pull eBay back from the brink.
Indeed, if you believe the current changes are obvious signals that small sellers are not wanted - be prepared - you have seen nothing yet.

So far what have they done? All they have managed to do is silence a seller’s ability to warn others about buyers (half of the purpose behind the original idea of feedback), burden you with higher and higher fees, dangle “treats” like discounts while setting the bar of eligibility so high that the rewards cannot be reached. and, by the way PayPal deals with “complaints” leave you vulnerable to fraud. What if worse was yet to come?

They know if you do not feel safe that you will not use eBay. The changes that have been enacted only eliminates the small sellers. Meanwhile they want to eradicate the mid-sized seller too. And they want to ensure that both do not return.

For the mid-sized seller the DSR became the tool of choice. The powers that be raised the level of what is a good seller artificially high. No manipulation is required; they know exactly the effect of the policy. This is why buyers are told that 4 is a good score and sellers are told that 4.9 yields discounts and higher listing placements. As long as that fractured point of view exists, eBay does not need to interfere with the DSR as has been suggested, the buyers will be killing the sellers naturally.

By August there will be no pretense and the intentions of the new and improved eBay will be clear. The following is only a partial list of the rules that will be imposed. It comes from a memo that circulated within my corner of the managerial department the week before Chicago. I cannot be too specific about certain items and I cannot reveal details of the latest additions without endangering my anonymity.

1. Neutrals will be converted to negatives complete with red icons and reduced feedback scores. Afterward neutrals will not be offered as a choice of feedback.

2. The entire process of feedback will be automated. Buyers and sellers will chose standard feedback from a list. For sellers this operation will be performed automatically upon the buyer winning. For buyers there will be an extra free line with which to add a few comments about the seller without restriction to content. Replies will not be allowed.

3. The implementation of a stricter rules regarding shipping. From the boxes, packing, labels and tapes to where you can buy postage. Orders have been placed for prototypes of “eBay” boxes. UPS and FedEx will be instructed not to accept “eBay” merchandise if it’s not inside “eBay” boxing. They will know, of course, because when sellers buy the “eBay” postage from the “eBay” source, a detailed list of contents with item numbers will be available to the shippers upon scanning a bar code. As for those who continue to use USPS, another level of quality control will be implemented - buyers will be asked, upon confirmation of delivery, if the seller used “eBay” standard shipping items. Naturally, no verification of the buyer’s truthfulness will be attempted, and continued ‘infractions’ will result in suspension. eBay will have other ways to check if a seller is not using the “eBay” equipment - as they will be required to buy at cost the supplies immediately after items are listed. (This is such a large scale operation behind the scenes that I feel comfortable sharing as much of it as I know.)

4. Sales taxes will be included automatically; shipping cost and sales taxes will be used to determined FVF.

5. Item descriptions will be “standardized” with templates which include the posting of a new, universal return policy. Only yearly subscribers to the retail-outlet venue can opt out of these universal return policies but even they cannot alter the template structures being devised.

6. Strikes against buyers will be eliminated as the whole concept of a buyer and bidding will be altered. FVF will be calculated when payment is submitted.

7. Time to Close will be eliminated entirely. Best Match will be the non-alterable default. Best Match is a system that caters to the needs of shoppers not bidders.

8. Placement within Best Match will be determined by several factors, the most important of which will be the extra display features added onto the listing.

9. DSRs can be removed by retailers and powersellers who pay a certain yearly fee.

10. The end play itself which consists of four phases:
a) the main focus shifts to retail sellers whose fees are on a per listing basis
b) stores will be replaced by a classified section, fees will be based on yearly subscriptions and FVFs
c) occasional auctions will be conducted for unique items (celebrity auctions, items that have been featured on the news, etc.)
d) total elimination of auctions for regular sellers.

From the point of view of eBay’s agenda to change gears these alteration make sense. The powers that be want to turn eBay into a retail venue format. Therefore the “buyer” must be changed - bidding and commitments to buy are part of the past. In a retail venue, the item is either in your cart or not and you only commit to buy when you pay at checkout. The seller is also redefined in the way they will be required to do business. They will be forced to copy the methods of retail stores.

The goal is to become Amazon Lite. Unlike Amazon the merchandise will be stocked by the retailers in their warehouses, eBay will be just an electronic centralized venue for outlet sale - a “trusted” name with a wide customer base and popular name recognition.

That is the future and as I write this I know that it cannot be stopped. There are no investors with enough clout and will to challenge the CEO. Stock holders will simply walk away. eBay will not sink, however, it will be exactly in the position its rulers intend it to be at.

Sellers, my advice is simple. You are not wanted. Leave. If you stay, you will be crushed. Leave. Go away. You cannot win.

I am sorry because for too long I have been a complicit tool behind the scenes. I was part of those teams and think tanks that spearheaded many of the “innovations” you know very well and which will be used to destroy you. I know I will not be believed. I will be mocked and ridiculed by the tools and even those who are real, actual people will be hesitant to accept what I have to say. What has been done to this community, the plots and schemes hatched in meetings and across memos, is far, far worse to endure within my soul than any treatment I will receive at the hands of the tools by posting this. You do not know how much they hate you. It is my conscience that I want to clear going forward. Again I apologize. There should have been a better way for the powers that be to effect the change they wanted for eBay - instead they succumbed to cloak and dagger deception.

RIP eBay

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: mindelec

Sun Jul 27 17:25:57 2008

here's a couple i get when i try to move books from my store to fixed price...

"The Item Specifics of the above item have been updated. You may want to review the listing before relisting or remove it from the list of items to be relisted"


"This item cannot be edited through this bulk functionality. Please try to edit it individually "

this has made taking advantage of the .25 sale a real pain.  not that anything can be seen anyway with flooding the book category (i could say a lot more about this but it's not a glitch)

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: Noneyabidness

Sun Jul 27 18:42:43 2008

RE: Completed searches being wrong. Some of us have noticed that the item will not show in completed until it is paid for. Could be the number of NPBs is getting higher.

Read the entire above post with a bit of sadness. It's either true and truly sad, OR if a blown out of proportion idea of partial truths.
I see Ebay as one of those train wrecks that cannot be believed. How can so many trained people take a well running company and run it into the ground so quickly?
Being a small sole prop business I'm nimble enough to make sweeping changes in a matter of hours. Ebay needs up to 6 months to survey the damage and then make a decision to reverse the changes in another 6 months? What type of monolithic company is this? They make over night changes when it suits the companies bottom line but it takes a year to determine if they could possibly be wrong?
In a years time most sellers of unique items will be gone and by the time things are repaired they won't be coming back. Already there is a mass exodus of sellers of unique items. During a downturn and at the start of the slow summer is the worst possible time to make these changes. These changes would have been less of a problem if people were still selling like mad. A downturn is the time to take care of sellers. They are in fact, the procurers stockers  cleaners and shipping department for ebay. With out sellers of unique goods ebay is just another walmart selling crappy chinese imported plastic goods.

If I want garbage from Walmart or Target I can get that down the street in a matter of minutes not sit in front of my computer, browse through a poorly written search interface and wait 2 or more days for my junk to arrive. Gas is expensive but there is a walmart, target, best buy and barnes and noble within 5 miles of most people living in America. Even at the worst mpg, driving to the mega-store to buy mass market easy to find consume and throw away trinkets is still cheaper than free shipping that has been added into the price of items.

Ebay is a mess. Like many others I have stopped listing entirely after a string of NPBs (Love the way I have to pay for the listings before I get a credit, not a refund, meaning I have to relist or consider it a donation to a company that has effectively stripped me of my entire income)
For the first month I checked auction bytes daily hoping to see it was just a bad joke, but now I see that it really is the beginning of the end.

My paltry(to ebay) 100k a year in sales has been taken elsewhere. I've stopped accepting paypal on my own sales site and have moved to google checkout.

of course we are not pulling the same numbers (YET!) but I'm also not feeling belittled at every turn by the company I'm paying to represent me, nor do I feel like I have to "work harder" to please impossible buyers.


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This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Sun Jul 27 19:39:17 2008

Re Leonard's Post

An Australian seller sent me this same post three weeks ago -- it appeared on an OZ seller board. She said it lasted about five minutes before the pink nazi censors removed it.

The idea of Ebay PsyOps is nothing short of breathtaking.

Facially, it seems a bit far fetched. On the other hand, given the underhanded and perhaps even illegal tactics this despicable corporation routinely uses and given the amoral character of their upper management, it can't be ruled out.

After corporate America literally hires spies to steal their competitors' secrets, and these spies often engage in cloak and dagger activities.

So the idea of ebay PsyOps whose purpose is to destroy the morale and then eliminate small and medium sellers really would be a small incremental step in their frog boiling scheme.

Ebay has already announced one change in feedback that seems to contradict at least statement in Leonard's post -- the neutral feedbacks would no longer be calculated by September. But then we all know ebay LIES.

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: o.c.d.collectibles

Sun Jul 27 19:56:15 2008

I was going back in time today, reading some business articles written in the UK back in January of 2008, before the announcement of Meg leaving, and it basically said that it was time for her to was like a financial doom report if she stayed, and the analyst basically said that the auction business   needed to go as well!

I was flabbergasted to read that, being that the stock at that time was doing ok and the reports were not all that bad..

But after reading that article, in retrospect, the writing has been on the wall for a very long time, and Meg was most likely asked to leave because she did not start the implementation of getting rid of the auction portion (flea) of marketplaces, and did not get the techno changes going yet either.

So this is what we have now. Only there is a "new" flunky (Mr D) who answers to the BOD and they have taken the advice of financial analysts who know nothing of this business. It is the Board of Directors at the advice of financial advisors who are directing ebay into the retail business. I's OBVIOUS!!!

It's all about retail. The "shopping mall" is alive and well, and will be online soon as the "International Ebay Mall".

I'm not surprised in the least. The BETA tech problems are planned in order to discourage the sellers from listing.

You can bet that these BETA tests and flawed searches are not happening to the PeSAMember group! Most of these folks are in the elite 100 and are already set up to have a mall presence. No glitches will occur for them, and no voice for any seller but their own will be heard either. Lets all face the facts. This is not rocket science! You should, however squeeze every last drop you can while you can still be searched..IF you can still be searched..

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: o.c.d.collectibles

Sun Jul 27 20:01:22 2008

The elimination of neutral feedback was specifically put in motion in order to save many power sellers. Some of which were the top 100. The smaller folks were beginning to rise in best match and that had to be fixed immediately!LOL!

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Mon Jul 28 00:02:20 2008

Meg Whitman was well aware of what was going on inside ebay well before the analysts knew. It was abundantly clear to anyone with business training beginning in 2004 EXACTLY where she was taking ebay.

The lack of a BIN fee except when used in combination with an auction format was one of the early pointers.

She was quoted once as saying she'd rather have changes made fast than to have them made correctly. Consequently, ebay became the laughingstock of Silicon Valley, and both buyers and sellers suffered enormously while ebay laughed and banked the money.

Meg was showered with Bear Stearns praise while she deliberately created the meanest, leanest, and most ineffective customer service department in the history of big business e-commerce. After all, labor costs are a major if not the largest part of the corporate budget, and Wall Street LOVES layoffs and offshore job outsourcing.

So her well considered plan was to send as much tech and customer service to India as possible, and that's exactly what she did.

Cheap and dirty infrastructure combined with "glitches" that so often seemed to overcharge and overbill sellers, fee increases hidden in burdensome to read policy changes, highly questional 'Trust and Safety' policy regarding knockoff and stolen merchandise also generated millions and millions in revenue.

As much I despise Meg Whitman, I'll give this devil her due. She knew she was stealing ebay's future with these short sighted policies but didn't care as she was allowed to cash in her stock option to the tune of $2.1 BILLION dollars.

In spite of the stock she's already sold, Machiavellian Meg probably still owns more stock than any other member of the Board of Directors.

Meg Whitman was NEVER satisfied with the idea of solid, sustainable growth. She wanted to be a superstar exec with SPECTACULAR growth even though spectacular growth meant robbing the company's future.

Most of the mess ebay is in today is Meg Whitman's legacy.

Perminate Link for Rumors, Glitches and Problems   Rumors, Glitches and Problems

by: o.c.d.collectibles

Mon Jul 28 17:30:45 2008

I'd have to agree with you 100% Ming! In fact, I went for a "stroll" through the old archives of forum board posts in the SEARCH and MY EBAY discussion boards, and found what seemed to be a 2004-2006 time frame of long lists of posts from members complaining EXACTLY the way they are complaining now,ABOUT THE SAME TECH PROBLEMS, on both of those boards..It was like seeing into the future of Ebay!

It was an "ah-ha" moment, and made me realize, that they will be ignoring us customers the same way they ignored the folks in the old threads!

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