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Thu July 10 2008 11:37:03

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

By: Ina Steiner

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The AuctionBytes Glitch Report is a regular feature summarizing reports of glitches we're hearing about from users. A recent glitch actually worked in the favor of eBay Store sellers. Some sellers noticed eBay had not charged them for a day or so of Store listings at the end of June. It appears eBay is not going to go back and charge sellers for those listing fees, but if the seller revises one of the listings, they will be charged a fee. An eBay Pink (forum moderator) acknowledged the problem:

"As you are well aware at this point this was a problem with our system that gave a promotion during listing that it shouldn't have. It was actually allowing store items to be listed with no fees at all. I don't have any details other than that but unless the items are revised we will not be going back and charging you for those fees."

I've also seen a few reports of cases where pages of feedback have disappeared. One reader wrote that 20 pages of her early feedback, posted in 1999-2001, disappeared and are not being displayed in her feedback profile anymore.

Here's an email from a very frustrated seller about eBay glitches - first she described a problem that prevents her from giving a buyer a partial refund for excess postage fees. She said she tried a number of times and was given a "message--not valid" error message. She goes on to say:

By the way, they still have not fixed the glitch with invoicing for multiple items--the insurance rate still reverts back to 2 postal increases ago--a $.40 loss on each insured bunch of items under $50. It should be $1.70, but reverts back to $1.30. $50-$100 reverts back to $2.40, but is actually $2.15 a 25 cent gain, which could effect DSR's. Of course, if I get to invoice before the customer pays on their own, I can manually change the insurance amounts before the invoice goes out with the correct amounts.

There are other glitches too, but these 2 above are bugging me the most. How do we get them fixed? I have tried contacting support several times, they state they will get right on it... yeah right! The insurance glitch has been forever and that means a lot of lost revenue for sellers and EBAY through fees and Paypal through fees for items under $50 that are insured. Why don't they fix the few numbers in the program that need to be changed? Give me the program, and I will figure out how to change them. I know I could look for $1.30 and change it to $1.70 and $2.40 and change it to $2.15. Guess you have to be a rocket scientist to fix these glitches. Doesn't anyone else complain about them?

In the UK, there's a report of a glitch that is causing buyers in disputes to be told they are covered, only to then receive an email stating that they are not covered.

Chime in with your own experiences and workarounds in the comment field.


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The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: Hillary

Thu Jul 10 11:47:10 2008

Let's try to be optimistic for once and pretend that its actually a new stores feature (free listings) that they rolled out early by mistake. ;-)

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: Fish Noir Foul

Thu Jul 10 12:42:56 2008

My one neutral came back in January. 7 months ago. My DSR page summary shows it as being within 6 months.
I asked eBay to fix this but while I was at it I figured I'd try to get it removed. They informed me it couldn't be removed (which is what I assumed. I just took a shot.) but ignored the request to revised my summary to show I have not gotten any neutrals in the past 6 months.

This glitch happens to other sellers too. Not sure if it happens to everybody.  

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: Glitchbay

Thu Jul 10 13:01:31 2008

I am so tired of hearing about "glitches".
Why don't they rename themselves GLITCHBAY

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: Keith

Thu Jul 10 13:04:36 2008

WOW!!!!! That would be a 3 cent savings... Alert the media!  

I am sure they will find a way to get a ton more money back when need be.  Idiots!

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: dimes

Thu Jul 10 13:10:13 2008

There is a big one going on right now with paypal.

eBay buyers who file disputes are being told that although paypal has ruled in their favor, there is no money in the seller's account and thus no refund will be made.

That's the policy that applies to purchases made at other sites - on eBay, buyers are supposed to be covered for either $200 or $2000.

Some buyers become even more frustrated to find that the item listings have been erased by eBay, leaving them unable to provide proof to paypal that the payment was made for an eBay item.

There have been multiple threads on the Trust & Safety and paypal boards for several weeks about this issue, as well as on the 'answer board'.

A paypal employee finally responded to one thread and confirmed the *cough* glitch, but stated that paypal has no intention of posting an announcement - the least it could do to alert buyers to contact the company for the refund its user agreement says they'll receive.


The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: WD

Fri Jul 11 13:52:59 2008

A 2.5 year old PayPal 'glitch' is still/again rearing its head, see this (new) thread:

*PayPal sent seller wrong address*

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: o.c.d.collectibles

Mon Jul 14 21:46:21 2008

BETA version of MY EBAY is causing so many glitches in seller's auction listings, that many have stopped listing. For instance, one seller gets notification that her items were paid in paypal. Even Paypal logged them as paid. next day, items shipped out, she checks her "MY EBAY" page and guess what? No payment made! This is only one example I read about,there are tons more on the BETA pages...OMG..the folks in BETA search are having knipshons!

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: walter

Tue Jul 15 11:09:13 2008

I got suspended from ebay because I left the following comments twice.
I left positive feedback with the comment '' buyer left negative feedback''
this was enough to prompt ebay to suspend my account after 10 years and 26000 feedbacks. Most important lesson learned: never put all your eggs into one nest! I am now listing on amazon and 3 smaller once. so far so good

The AuctionBytes Glitch Report   The AuctionBytes Glitch Report

by: o.c.d.collectibles

Tue Jul 15 12:00:48 2008

walter, have you filed any complaints to consumer affairs dot com? That's unbelievable! I guess they don't need your FVF's they have plenty coming in from BUY.COM.

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