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Thu June 19 2008 19:02:39

Quick Hits from Day One at eBay Live

By: Greg Holden

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Here are a couple more tidbits:
1. I stopped by a wholesaler at the back of the Sourcing Pavilion called Palagua. They sold stuffed animals, umbrellas, and a variety of other things that might be described as "chachkis." Dore Scott said she was happy with the amount of attention her stall had been receiving so far, even though most sellers who visited didn't seem serious enough to leave their contact information. Most seemed concerned about rising shipping costs--almost everyone asked if they could ship Palagua items for free on a drop-shipping basis. (They can, but only if they buy them in quantity.)
2. I dropped in on a session on the Reseller Marketplace. It ws very crowded. Presenter Justin Marcucci of eBay told the audience about the "one strike" policy casually, presenting it as a big asset to new buyers and sellers. What I've been hearing, over and over, is that this policy has many sellers in a panic--one strike and you're banned for 30 days. The bloggers I sat with in a press conference told eBay how concerned they were with the situation. eBay's response: there has to be a pattern of repeated negative behavior by sellers before they are banned. All the bloggers strongly disagreed with this statement.
3. Another tidbit from the Reseller Marketplace talk: Nokia has an interesting program in which they sell their cell phones directly to PowerSellers who can then resell them on the site as official members of the Nokia Reseller Network. Most of Nokia's phones apparently doing end up on the shelves of conventional distributors like Best Buy because they buy only a few models. Nokia is hoping this program will help them sell more of their phones. (eBay reports that U.S. sellers sold $2 billion worth of merchandise through the Reseller Marketplace in the past year.)
That's all for now--

Greg Holden, who lives in Chicago, is an online business consultant and the author of eight books about eBay, including "How to Do Everything with Your eBay Business," second edition, and "Secrets of the eBay Millionaires," both published by Osborne-McGraw Hill. Find out more on
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Perminate Link for Quick Hits from Day One at eBay Live   Quick Hits from Day One at eBay Live

by: billstuff

Thu Jun 19 19:32:42 2008

Greg, could you please elaborate on this "one strike" policy.  Exactly what is the policy?

Perminate Link for Quick Hits from Day One at eBay Live   Quick Hits from Day One at eBay Live

by: DisgruntledPowerSeller

Thu Jun 19 21:27:00 2008

Yeah, info on the 1 strike policy.
We also need for someone to bring up the "PADDING" of millions of fake listings, by
When is someone going to bring this out in the open?

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