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Sun June 15 2008 21:33:42

Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

By: Ina Steiner

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I wrote about RepXchange in May, it's a service that lets eBay sellers share their blocked bidder lists to help cope with eBay's feedback changes. I received an email newsletter from the service today, here are some statistics they've released:

Since we launched the site mid-May, over 400 sellers have joined our community to share their blocked bidders and download new ones. Today our blocked bidder database contains over 11,000 registered eBay users (and growing!), where about 400 of them have been reported by multiple sellers.

eBay allows sellers to maintain a list of up to 5,000 blocked bidders. To deal with this limitation, RepXchange says its download filters help sellers "quickly narrow down the total number of blocked bidders in our database to the ones most relevant for their business."

I also wrote recently about, a service intended to duplicate the functionality that eBay had previously provided by allowing sellers to leave feedback about buyers on its site. I received an interesting letter from a buyer in response to the article (the letter is in today's AuctionBytes-Update "Letters from Readers" column - scroll down to just after the midway point). The reader said in part, "But the potential for hidden blacklisting, retaliation, and actual defamation in these third party efforts is huge."

It's interesting to see how sellers are coping with eBay's changes and to hear about the legitimate concerns of buyers. I'm curious to see what eBay executives have to say about the changes during this week's eBay Live conference.

Update - before I was able to post this, I received another email blast from RepXchange that said a Wall Street Journal reporter is going to eBay Live and want to talk to sellers about the RepXchange service. Sounds like WSJ may be doing an article about the conference and the changes eBay has been rolling out.

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Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: RicRoe

Sun Jun 15 23:25:34 2008

It would be great if the Wall Street Journal makes note of the need of an off eBay site like RepCchange to perform the functions that eBay considers no longer necessary.

eBay has always over exaggerated site issues as justification for changes, and feedback is only one of the many changes eBay claims will improve the buyer experience by exaggerating a point.

However, eBay missed the mark when it chose to make feedback truthful and honest on a one way street, and eliminating the ability of sellers to leave honest feedback.

Buyers may have been receiving retaliatory feedback as eBay claims, but its hard to believe that such instances - however common justified eliminating the ability of sellers to be honest.

Surely, not all sellers are perfect, and as such it is common sense that not all buyers are perfect.

eBay in its limited wisdom has ruled with the new feedback system that buyers are perfect. Common sense dictates that this is simply impossible.

Feedback changes now make it possible for buyers to bid and win multiple identical items then pay only for the one they win at the lowest price and not paying for other higher priced winning bids. Seller recourse: ZERO!!

Add the fact that in non paying bid cases, eBay refuses to refund listing fees such as enhancements to listings, and eBay maintains the appearance of profiting from non paying bidders.

Feedback and DSR ratings make it possible for a buyer to extort sellers over feedback with huge ramifications that potentially eliminate a sellers fee discounts, power  a sellers listings visibility, and possibly enable PayPal to exercise payment holds for up to 21 days.

This process seems more than just one sided and unfair, but down right discriminatory, thus the huge seller exodus that has been taking place for months.

Even retaliatory feedback never impacted a buyer in the way that buyers can now negatively impact sellers.

By preventing the seller from being able to leave truthful feedback to indicate non payment, eBay allows, permits and encourages this NPB activity.

The fact that a site like RepXchange is finding so many sellers signing up for services which eBay should be providing for its own sellers is appalling.

Given the recent and rumored pending fee increases, it seems that eBay is content to force sellers to go outside of the venue to attempt to protect themselves from buyer abuses. With these recent fee increases eBay imposed, eBay should be maintaining this service for sellers and not requiring them to rely on outside sources.

No wonder sellers have been closing stores, pulling listings, and moving to other venues. It is not good business to increase fees and withdraw services and protections, yet somehow eBay believes they can remain successful doing just that.

Perhaps coverage by the Wall Street Journal will awaken shareholders who have seen their stock sinking so close to its 52 week low by making public the level of discontent that will surely mean even lower performance by eBay in the coming months.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: froliky

Sun Jun 15 23:30:51 2008

A complete BBL would approach 2% of eBay membership or perhaps near 3 million. In order to keep up with the rising risk on eBay users are having to be more and more creative and pro-active.
What tricks and gimicks are next? Is there a rabbit in eBays hat to fix the new risk creating policies? Are they a marketing or business arrangement experiment, or is this a very disturbing and sinister version of company value manipulation?   Is there going to be yet another secretary document shredding investigation?
  It may appear suspicious that eBay would form a sweet business arrangement with at the same time as the implementation of the controversial reputation and revenue damaging feedback policies.  
  Whether or not management is "padding the numbers", (with questionable Buy listings), in a veiled attempt to keep up appearances, allowing time for new empowered buyers to gather is debatable.  Whether or not there is a solid case against eBay for the Better Business Bureau, the FTC, the SEC, the Attorney General or a class action lawsuit, or even a criminal prosecution is a matter to be very seriously pondered.   Whether or not John Donohoe will ever face justice, whether or not these policies constitute a criminal act, whether anyone is liable for irreparable harm is yet to be determined.
  Seemingly beyond an attempt to "cook the books", these combined policy decisions may appear to be the opposite of a "pump and dump" investment scheme, - a "bear attack"- (an attempt to drive down the value of company stock,) and bears close scrutiny.  
  If this is not a clumsily masterminded conspiracy, or misleading and deceptive practices, or some attempt to monopolize certain category sales for under the table profit, then what is it?
   Is leadership on the line with an attempt to defraud investors while the company poses to repurchase an announced 1.9 billion dollars worth of company stock, and is this going to become headline news?
   If there comes an announcement at the Live! convention of the cancellation of the questionable agreement, if there is a sudden rollback of the feedback policies all this will just be coincidence and management comes out smelling like a rose, right?
   When the gavel drops, company reputation, member trust and potential revenue have been wasted. The rising global flood of competition grows, steadily eroding this pathetic sand castle.
 Obviously at the very least, these decisions will be the focus of investigation and study by students of economics and law, by business law specialists and by media now and for many years to come.
 Until proper member safeguards are adopted, from the perspective of countless users,  eBay company reputation is no better than that of their worst member.

google this to find it: froliky

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Disgruntled Ebay Seller

Sun Jun 15 23:30:56 2008

I would like the Wall Street Journal, to look into the padding. Ina, you NEED to bring that up!

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: dimes

Mon Jun 16 02:44:22 2008

What did eBay expect would happen when it eliminated the ability of sellers to leave candid feedback?

Obviously the sellers could simply go elsewhere to share this information, and that seems to be what is occurring.

Not that it much matters.  Any buyer whose feedback is exposed online can simply create a new eBay ID and start all over again.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

This user has validated their user name. by: Ed Gadfly

Mon Jun 16 07:22:27 2008

The ''blocked bidder list'' will be the next eBay feature to disappear.

How does it improve the ''buyer experience'' to find yourself blocked, after filing a negative? It's bad enough the buyer had a poor experience already.

There ARE sellers who deserve negs. But how many others, swept up in fear and paranoia, are blindly adding these ''rogue buyers'' to lists? Do people blindly adding scores of IDs to list know why these buyers are so bad, to be shunned? Guilty 'till proven innocent - if you can ever FIND your accuser.

What if the blocked buyer purchases the item with another ID. Do the people with scores of IDs actually KNOW the buyer's name? How will they know if the ''rogue buyer'' has returned or not.

BUT WHY USE eBay ANYWAY? Is anybody having fun there? All the back-biting and paranoia... Is there ANY OTHER company that has as much ill-will, complaining and hassles as eBay and PayPay? Are the threats of extortion, the added work kissing up to people, begging for stars, background checking the few bidders you get and jumping through hoops, WORTH THE POOR SEARCH PLACEMENT you get from eBay???

Ina - why aren't there articles about the BBLs, fighting and hassles on ecrater,,, ebid and the others?

OH THAT'S RIGHT - those sites aren't festering pools of discontent! ''Innovative Disruption'' - you don't find IT over there!

Ed Gadfly

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Lily

Mon Jun 16 12:04:42 2008

Most of the time some of the nPB have good gripes. Sellers are charging horrendous shipping multiple items to same address even though they are sent in one package. You may order five different items.  Each item may only cost low the seller charges individual shipping for each item.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Lily

Mon Jun 16 12:08:38 2008

Some NPB may be because seller is psycho. I know of sellers who gone bonkers filed a NPB same day and buyer does what ebay says and seller goes haywire. Excessive shipping may be one reason for some NPBs

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Lana

Mon Jun 16 12:21:43 2008

@ Lily,

If you're unhappy with what a seller is charging for shipping and handling - DON'T buy the item or give your business to that seller.  By purchasing from  these sellers that have outrageous shipping or won't combine shipping, you're keeping them in business.

OTOH, if you do go ahead and buy from them and the shipping is listed, one can't really complain at that point.  It was listed and when a person bids or buys the item, they're agreeing to it.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: David L

Mon Jun 16 15:36:13 2008

Ebay can be prosecuted under the Rico Statutes.

By allowing nonpaying bidders to leave negative feedback ebay is discouraging sellers from filing nonpaying bidder alerts. Filing the nonpaying bidder alert is the only way for a seller to recover the fees charged them by Ebay when the nonpaying buyer clicked the ''commit to purcase'' button. A large percentage of nonpaying bidder strikes filed result in the seller receiving retaliatory negative feedback.

Ebay is quite aware of this deterrent they have in place for sellers to file non-paying bidder alerts and further, believes these sellers will not only not get refunded their fees for a transaction which never occured but will simply list more (spend more) to make up for the lower seller through ratios which occur if in fact they do receive the business-damaging negative feedback after filing the NPB alert.

Here's where Rico comes in. Ebay is knowingly and purposefully engaging in fraud. They are charging people a fee for services not performed. When the item is subsequently not paid for ebay is putting manipulative practices in place to avoid refunding the fees to the seller. In point of fact, they are billing sellers for nothing. Obviously illegal and on this organized and repeated scale they are fully prosecutable under Rico.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Lisa

Mon Jun 16 18:11:09 2008

@ Lily,
Why would you bid on an item from a seller who charges outrageous shipping?  

If the shipping is listed and you don't agree with it, DON'T BID and hope they'll lower their fees when you attempt to blackmail them.

If the shipping is not listed, then you should email the seller for a shipping quote.  If you don't ask about shipping and you still bid, and then you disagree with what they charge, it is your own fault.  

Buyers must take responsibility for what they purchase.  When you go to any brick and mortar retailer, I'm sure you look at the price of items before placing them in your shopping cart.  It's the same on the internet.  Be responsible about what you buy.

Lastly, remember that eBay and Paypal charge FEES for every item listed and sold.  Sellers are in business to make money, not provide you with free items.  If you want cheap, go to Wal Mart.  Sellers must recoup their fees and they have to charge shipping for each item because they paid listing fees, FVFs and Paypal fees for EACH item.  

I do not purchase from sellers who don't list shipping, nor do I purchase from sellers who charge excessive shipping, but I am well aware of the costs so I rarely see a charge that I think is excessive.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Nearly Departed

Mon Jun 16 21:34:00 2008

Ebay's baffling decisions were made to pull in a surge of new buyers to pump up "traffic figures".  

And until this past year there were always enough new buyers and sellers to replace the unhappy ones.

But the Ponzi scheme is just about over.  Most of the good sellers have left Ebay.  When you search for "antique" anything, you get mostly reproductions from the Middle and Far East - and very few real antiques.

Ebay's stupid actions lowered the quality of sellers and ebay probably will never be able to bring back good sellers or attract new ones.

I predict that Ebay will someday show up in a university management or marketing text book as a case study on how bad decisions can ruin a good company.  

Someday we'll probably find out that what caused the dumb decisions at Ebay was just plain old greed by Meg Whitman, The Queen of Denial.

...and she has political aspirations with McCain? ...or as Governor of California?  That thought is just too creepy!

I sold antiques on Ebay for 7 years with 100% positive feedback.  I have not listed an item for 6 months and probably will never return.  Ebay's future ain't what it used to be.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: tj

Mon Jun 16 22:03:11 2008

@ Lily
You are the typical dumb buyer that sellers hate..learn to read and make informed judgment calls , unless you have an IQ of an ant it’s not difficult to add the item cost & postage charges TOGETHER, and then the same for each additional item = too high price then DON’T BUY.

eBay have created a monster with these recent FB changes ….you have not seen 1% of the cr@p to come, wait until the Christmas season starts & postage slooowwsss down; that will wipe out many sellers

eBay just plain DUMB.. Destroying peoples lives & business

Anyone going to eBay live show them how you feel……the world will be watching  

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: sandy

Mon Jun 16 22:24:06 2008

After all the hoopla in regards to NSR's feedback etc etc, I figured this may be a great time to get an incredible deal on some solar equipment I'd like to use. To my utter shock and dismay... Virtually nothing.  Two years ago I installed a solar water pump in the well that feeds my home and there were tons of sellers, perhaps just another indication of eBay's success rate.

Personally all my stuff is in my eBay store and as it dwindles down so will my  affiliation with eBay.  Very sad.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Roberta

Tue Jun 17 06:41:35 2008

I too have been an Ebay Seller for almost 9 years. I have never received a negative feedback and had 100% for all the years I have had a store. Ebay then decides to make retro-active our neutrals (that once were only silly comments and opinions from newbies and people who could not read) and turn them retroactively to negatives. I went from 100% feedback to 98.7% over night. Why? Because someone can't measure, read, or look at a description listings. What honest good comany makes a rule and then changes the rules midstream to make everyone look as though they are fraudulent corrupt sellers while the new sellers come in with 100%? This was not done to make friends with sellers. This was done to clean house!
Ebay's own ''Meg'' dumped large quantities of stock to family and selling just days before the new feedback system went into effect. Can anyone say ''insider trading?'' At the very least someone should check up on that transactions. Other problems? The sellers have lost tons of business due to the ''Best Match'' system where if you follow ebay rules, pay your fees, and violate no too can have a better posistion on the search engines. The only problem wtih this theory is by law this new system is called ''discrimination''! We all pay the same fees but Ebay now tells you which items you will or will not like when you shop. No longer can your item move up to the top of the search engines. You pay the fees to sit at the bottom and may never have anyone look at your listing due to the position and placement of your store. I too went on a search for a particular jewelry item and where there has been over 600,000 selections...there was a mere 100,000 compaired to six months ago.
After the mass moving of thousands of business merchants and many class action law suits, maybe then Ebay will realize they have nothing left to rebuild.
A few days ago a malichious customer came through to my site and pushed over 2200 ''report this merchant as fraud'' buttons and crashed my store. Not that this person had anything better to do in the middle of the night, but I now know, even with a 4,000 listing credit for the lost listings that took over 2 years to list, I will NEVER trust Ebay  again! They continued to tell me there was NOTHING they could do and according to the user agreement could not control other members from having an opinion.''The COMPUTER that is set for FRAUD did it!''  I only found out 4 days later they could not re-post the items to my unsold items, and they were completely deleted from their system. My merchant account went into fraud lockdown, my pay pal had all the shipping buttons removed, my customers received a letter stating to ignore the items that they received the note about ...and do not pay...The computer automatically shut down all bidding at my site. I am left with about 100 items out of 9 years of listing over 2200 items a day. I am in shock to say the least that the infrastruction was so weak it could not support that happening and they could not give me a guarantee it would not happen again! I have no store, I have no income, I do not even have a person to speak with because ''Trust and Safety'' doesn't take phone calls. You receive a brain dead computer robot response and only after calling 4 times a day to find out what happened, all I heard was...''You have to stop calling as we have told you can we do nothing else.'' When you are suspected of fraud, it all shuts down. Needless to say, I have a 4,000 credit and will go out listing my items in a giant top of the page ad, with bright purple bold print for my hard earned listings fees that I will never use again because ''there are no guarantees in life!''
I can guarantee that as far as ebay is concerned. After losing all of my important items, and knowing they treat all of their seasoned sellers as if it were our first year, we have lost all hope of showing that we have been around and are long term sellers. We sit by waiting for someone to visit as most traffic is gone, with other venders. I am not sure whether the Ebay Live event is a sell out, but I know they had tickets to the end when usually you can't find one at this time of year. What does this all tell me? I need to get my own webset where the greedy machine will not take 30% of my money to cover their other losses! I can't wait another minute to hear someone else has ''pushed the button'' and blew out another piece of my store! Others are not so lucky as they have lost their homes, livelyhoods, businesses, customer base and financial security. Sure doesn't seem like ''your own business'' anymore! It feels like a controlled suppressive environment where only those that are new with no feedback survive! No thank you, I just got my SSL sign for site encryption and in a day or so, I will pack up my ebay bags and hit the road for my own place. Where I don't pay final value fees, low merchant account expenses, low monthly rental fees of $49 dollars a month and sleep at night knowing that my store is safe, encrypted and not getting little red marks because I did not take my private plane, gas it up and fly to Australia to personally hand deliver my items in 2 days or less. (no offense to the Aussies and just an example)
No...I am not doing that anymore and maybe, just maybe I will take a long deserved vacation after 9 years!
Ahh...the life free from Ebay! Never felt so good!

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Goodbye Ebay

Tue Jun 17 09:13:38 2008

Ebay - WOW what a joke. After selling over 40,000 items for 7 years with over 10,000 positive feedback they suspend my account. My house gets broken into and my computer gets broken into while I am 7000 miles away and there was unauthorized use on my account by an unknown person. They tell me this is not a hijacked account. Then exactly what IS a hijacked account?? Ebay lectures me that I needed to secure my computer. I DID secure my computer you freaking Ebay morons, I locked the door to my house!! So take note, if you computer is broken into at your home or the computer is stolen and someone gets into your Ebay account you are finished and Ebay will never stand behind you. After all, you are just a SELLER and sellers have no value to Ebay. So all my hard work building a reputation and my Ebay store and great feedback was for NOTHING. When it came down to it Ebay did not support  a high end powerseller with a great reputation. They don't care about the sellers. I am not even sure what Ebay cares about anymore. There are no good sellers left. Everyone is leaving as they realize that Ebay is going to either charge them endless new fees, their items won't show up in search or Ebay will create some new list of rules, games and hoops you have to jump thru for the privilege of selling on Ebay.

No negative feedback left for buyers? OK so now all buyers are perfect? How about the lady who sent me a bad payment for over $200 and I had to call the police in her town to collect the payment. I can't leave her a neg feedback? Ebay tampering with the feedback system was the final straw. At least before feedback was an equal playing field. Now sellers have to pray that some seller won't ding them so that they fall off the good search or have to pay higher fees. Seems like discrimination to me when everyone pays the same fee to list an auction but some people get better visibility because they were lucky enough to not encounter a nasty buyer.

Ebay padding their numbers? I laugh -- this has been going on for years. It is amazing what this publicly traded company pulls off and gets away with. Someday their house of cards will collapse.

Paypal? OMG this is the biggest joke of all. It isn't even associated with the banking system. They make up any rules they want with no FDIC or banking regulations to answer to. I have heard of people having a freeze put on their money for 180 days. Now Ebay is devising ways to ram Paypal required for all Ebay sales down everybody's throat... All under the guise of making Ebay a safer trading experience? Good for the Aussies for standing up against Paypal payments only. You ALL have my respect.

Ebay has sold out, it has no soul. I stood by this company for 7 years, put up with the endless fee increases, the search games they play, spent hundreds or hours revising listings every time  they changed some policy and it is all for nothing. When Ebay is done with you they spit you out.

Feedback services? What a joke. There is no such thing and the word service should not enter into the same sentence as Ebay. There is no human you can speak to in Trust & Safety. NONE. How can you possibly get service if you can't speak to a person???

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: julie

Tue Jun 17 09:20:48 2008

I was kinda hoping that some disgruntled sellers would picket outside Ebay Live.  Or, in lieu of that, I was hoping some realllllly insightful journalist would pin Ebay to the wall with stats, facts, and hardline questions about how lousy the new FB system really is.

Alas, it seems everyone is afraid of tackling Ebay at their own event, and all we hear out of LIVE is more cheerleading.  

Gag me.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Jen

Tue Jun 17 10:24:51 2008

Ok, to start, here's a question TWSJ could ask about feedback.  1)Why can a BUYER back out of a transaction because the "bid on the wrong one" 2)the SELLER can file a "non-paying bidder" for mutually agreeing to not complete the transaction, then 3) One Star (instead of 5) in the shipping areas because there was no shipping with the transaction 4) This dramatically lowers the shipping DSR for the seller for 30 days - thus nearly lowering search standing.  WHY does the seller get hurt for a bidder backing out?

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: abunny724

Wed Jun 18 11:36:14 2008


Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: Carol

Wed Jun 18 12:57:26 2008

I have been an ebay powerseller for 5 years, with 2 stores having 100% feedback on one and 99.9% on the other. I paid them thousands a month in fees. Since these new changes, I have closed one of my stores and have substantially decreased the amount of business I'm doing on ebay. Ebay has managed to shoot themselves in the foot this time. By now counting neutral feedbacks as negatives, both of my stores dropped in ratings. It seems like the majority of all sellers ended up with lower feedback, and everyone has painfully noticed the decrease in business. Ebay not only managed in one single move, to screw sellers but by dropping sellers ratings, they undermined buyer confidence in purchasing on ebay, making buyers go elsewhere to make their purchases.

I have yet to speak to anyone who works for that company who has a ounce of intelligence who can actually address an issue and provide useful information to seek resolutions. It's amazing to me that this company can stay in business with the policies and practices they have in place. No wonder Meg walks around with bodyguards. Even though she resigned, she still maintains an office at ebay so she is not gone and these changes were devised under her reign, not John's.

Lately they have actually started calling sellers to let them know about their 2 newest changes that they have put into place. They have never done that before so clearly they are trying to take the temperature of the sellers they have left. By the time I finished telling him what I really thought, I'm sure I'll never get a call again.

Perminate Link for Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services   Progress Report on eBay Feedback Services

by: tula

Wed Jun 18 13:05:43 2008

I have never disagreed with the elimination of feedback for buyers, primarily because most other ecommerce sites don't do that.  I still agree with it, however eBay has broken faith with the sellers by not living up to their promises of protecting them from thieves and scam artists.  There would be no need to leave feedback for buyers if eBay would take responsibility for protecting *everyone* who uses the site.  

eBay has kept increasing the fees that sellers pay, but has not given us anything more in return.  If they're going to use feedback in ways that affect our finances, they have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of that feedback.  Automated bots would be fine as a mean for catching potential problems, but there has to be actual human follow-up and recourse for sellers.

Buyers need to be from fraudulent sellers.  No one is arguing that.  But sellers need protection, too.  Buyers are more savvy now about the details of chargebacks and shipping loopholes.

eBay seems to want to be like Amazon.  Well, Amazon protects its sellers as well as its buyers.  There will always be bad apples on both sides of the equation, but eBay is doing little to protect the people who are actually paying the bills.  eBay is taking on no risk here.  It's our money that is always at risk.  What exactly are we paying for?

* Buyers who don't pay should not be able to leave feedback. Period.

* Sellers who can prove delivery of an item should not be subject to any "item not received" measures, including feedback.

* There needs to be an appeals process for buyers who have been subjected to eBay's non-performance measures - some of these are so egregiously wrong that anyone with half a brain can see it.

Come on eBay, step up to the plate and put our money where your mouth is.

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