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Mon Apr 28 2008 15:26:59

eBay March Billing Glitch?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay billing is difficult for sellers to deal with (there was even a class action lawsuit over eBay billing glitches), now eBay is adding to its complexity with the PowerSeller discounts.

A reader sent me a note he received from his eBay TSAM (Top Seller Account Manager) after inquiring about PowerSeller discount errors on his bill. Apparently they credited him less than half of what he was due. The note said a site error had affected 900 accounts in which sellers received an invoice for activity on eBay for February 29 - March 15, and a second invoice for the activity between March 16 - 31. But eBay failed to give them credit for the second invoice, according to the note from the TSAM.

Even without this alleged glitch, people have been incredibly frustrated with the way the new discounts (tied to high DSR ratings) have rolled out, and eBay's attempt to incentivize sellers through discounts has actually demoralized some due to implementation problems.


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eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: greta

Mon Apr 28 16:36:00 2008

thank you ina.  

leaving greedbay will solve being effected by their glitches. expect plenty more to occur!


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eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: hans garcia

Mon Apr 28 17:39:12 2008

I would love to see more  class action lawsuit agais ebay for monopoli and best match boycott may 1

eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: Fruity

Tue Apr 29 04:33:02 2008

Ebay doesn't even say what period it even covers. And u know what Ina? That seller dashboard you can't even read it. I'd like someone to hand over my dashboard to Lorrie and see if she can figure it out. I saved a whopping $9 so ebay says, but I have no range to refer to. Really, I think we need to get back to the disinformation ebay spit in our faces about "reduced fees" and then jacking us with what INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE and other surcharges. They're doing this for a reason. They want to give us all these waves of issues so we dont stick together and focus on 1 issue. Tiny tiny tiny issues that affects some but not all, makes us not stand together against Satan and his army!

eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: Nancy

Tue Apr 29 08:16:14 2008

There WAS no discount for the period of 2/20-3/15.
I never got mine, and they OWE ME money for a change.
The discount for March 16-April 15th was figured to the penny on mine, I figured after an HOUR of adding only FVF up, and then computing.
Guess now I am gonna have to CALL them--AGAIN.

eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: Mette Nygard

Wed Apr 30 05:03:21 2008

We're platinum Powersellers and were told our 15% DSR discount would be retroactive to February, but we never received such a retroactive credit in our February or March Invoices. In fact, it looks like we received around a 10% discount on the April 15 invoice. That's less than we're entitled, possibly because we paid our invoice early. We'll be having another discussion with those eBay folks on this topic! Thanks Ina for alerting us to billing concners.

eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: BeBopDeluxe

Wed Apr 30 06:08:48 2008

Nevermind "Boycott ebay May 1"......LEAVE ebay May 1!!  It ain't gonna get better, folks!  They have gone to great lengths to defend their errors, so backing down is not an option by their way of thinking.  Take a lifeboat and get off the Titanic.  There are other online auction sites that can be made great and hopefully they will have educated themselves as to how not to treat sellers by watching ebay's demise. Then, and only then, will ebay humble itself....when it's too late.

eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: JustMe

Wed Apr 30 16:11:20 2008

Fortunately, eBay continues to alienate people with every new change.  I say fortunately, because this keeps the reality of their draconian behavior right smack in front of our eyes.  

No chance to live in denial, here!

The fact is, that even those people who WANT to stick it out with eBay and believe the best, will eventually get flushed down the toilet.

That will bring a wealth of good sellers and buyers looking for alternative auction sites.  And they WILL find sites that are working very hard, and are just waiting for them with open arms.

The sooner people go to the new auction venue or venues that are best for them, the more we all have a chance to thrive, and for those sites to continue. And for buyers to find those sellers with the IT they crave.  Because eBay doesn't have so much of IT any more.  Many good sellers took IT with them.

eBay March Billing Glitch?   eBay March Billing Glitch?

by: BeBopDeluxe

Wed Apr 30 21:09:44 2008

How can ebay have a new glitch every other day????  Are their IT people complete morons??????  Or are they clever, as it seems the glitches never, ever happen to be in the seller's favor.....Hmmmmmm.......

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