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Mon Apr 28 2008 12:22:08

eBay Motors Runs Promos to Test New Fees

By: Ina Steiner

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Some eBay users discovered at least six promotions running concurrently on eBay Motors. Each promo has a different listing price and transaction service fee (TSF) indicating eBay is testing various pricing models.

The original poster was concerned because the offer said $5 off the regular listing fee, but the transaction fee (TSF) was doubled:

I got an email today stating that from 4/26 through 5/23 there is a listing special - $5 off the regular price of $40, so it costs $35 to list a car. But they more than doubled the Transaction Services Fee - what had been $50 is now a rediculous $125. They put that in the email but only in small print and I'm sure it's going to catch a lot of people off-guard.

Post number 23 had a recap of the various promotions with links, ranging from fees such as $1 listing/$50 TSF, to free listing/$125 TSF. The promotions all run from 4/26/08 through 5/23/08. It appears eBay is sending emails to random users with varying promotions to measure the response rate of each fee model.


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eBay Motors Runs Promos to Test New Fees   eBay Motors Runs Promos to Test New Fees

by: Jimmy Mack Brown

Mon Apr 28 14:55:37 2008

eBay doing an A/B/C/D ad test. Who would have thought. As far as the pricing, eBay is just trying to see how far they can push the envelopes on sellers.

My personal feeling is eBay would love to move away from being an auction site, and just be a fixed prices ecommerce site. If that's the case- just tell sellers.

eBay Motors Runs Promos to Test New Fees   eBay Motors Runs Promos to Test New Fees

by: Nancy

Mon Apr 28 16:40:26 2008

I haven't sold anything since before the Feb. boycott and I'm one of the ones that got the email from eBay.

My deal was for a $35 insertion fee and $75 transaction fee, total of $20 higher than the normal fees.

I've never bought or sold a car on eBay. If I did have any interest in doing that, I'd use Craigslist.

eBay Motors Runs Promos to Test New Fees   eBay Motors Runs Promos to Test New Fees

by: Patricia

Tue Apr 29 11:41:39 2008

They are still under the delusion that they can continue to squeeze the sellers without any boost in service.  Wow! They really are dumber than dirt and greedy little piggies.  I'm still waiting for the BUYERS they promised...the supposed reason for all the misery (and extra fees) they're dumping on us!  WHERE'S THE BEEF????? WHERE ARE THE BUYERS EBAY?????

At this point, nobody has to boycott.  They are mostly listing elsewhere or not listing at all.

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