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Tue Apr 22 2008 10:24:50

eBay News Update, Amazon to Report Earnings

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay Australia previously announced it was banning all forms of payment on its site except for PayPal. The deadline is approaching for sending submissions to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and the Australian newspaper the Age reports today that the Reserve Bank, is considering weighing in on the issue. "The Central Bank has long called for buyers and sellers to have as much choice as possible in what payment systems they use and strongly opposes any moves that reduce competition in the market."

In other matters, eBay had announced last week it would begin verifying sellers when they list items to ensure they are logging in from the same machines they have used previously. In a report today, Heise Online explained how eBay is collecting data about users' computers: "First, eBay stores a unique flash cookie on the computers of members who login. If no flash is installed, a permanent HTTP cookie is stored. This cookie allows eBay to tell later whether the user is logging on from the usual computer."

Tomorrow, April 23, will report first quarter 2008 earnings. You can view the webcast of the conference call with analysts at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Updated to include date of Amazon's release of earnings.

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by: Beady Eye Guy

Tue Apr 22 12:53:24 2008

Wait a minute.  So if I am using two computers to relist and list items, is that going to cause me problems?  I don't TRUST Ebay to do the right thing.

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by: greybeard

Tue Apr 22 15:08:12 2008

eNuff! No-Nonsense time: it is time for users to do some VITAL homework to protect their security and personal information.

A permanent cookie may allow abusive tracking across the web ---  you should always erase all cookie files --- after every session. About half of all users already do this. As user resistance to what what once was dishonestly called 'a harmless file to help improve your experience on the site' has ballooned the next step was the flash cookie --- which--- if foolishy left on your ocmputer ---  can store detailed  compressed data --- far more than any regular cookie.

Every reader should learn about flash cookies and how to erase them.

This is abuse, not security --- if you want a real eye opener go to the flash manager site at

the various settings options and READ what it says --- esp the one that asks    you to confirm if you don't want sites to be able to access your computer camera and microphone OR asking permission to do so ... and if you decline makes you confirm that you really mean NO.

Time to get serious about privacy abuse; time to learn about cookies and flash cookies. It's YOUR security and assets that are at risk if you don't.

Google flash cookies.

Perminate Link for eBay News Update, Amazon to Report Earnings   eBay News Update, Amazon to Report Earnings

by: Art

Tue Apr 22 20:20:05 2008

Greybeard, grow up. Cookies are harmless. It's amazing what people worry about. If eBay want to make double sure I am who I say I am in an attempt to reduce fraud, I'm all for it. It's about time they did something productive instead of anti-seller.

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