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Thu Apr 17 2008 23:15:35

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

By: Ina Steiner

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A cyber-criminal who embarrassed eBay for nearly a year with claims he had hacked the site was arrested on Thursday, according to eBay. "Vladuz" had harassed eBay with his taunting from December 2006 through October 2007, when he accessed eBay servers and gained limited access to a very small number of eBay accounts on the site. (eBay said at the time that at no point did the fraudster get any access to financial information or other sensitive information.).

eBay called him a "known Romanian fraudster going by the handle Vladuz." He first began posting on discussion boards on eBay's German site in late 2006, and in February and March of 2007, Vladuz posted on eBay boards using the pink line reserved for eBay employees.

In September, eBay closed its Trust & Safety discussion board for hours after threads began appearing listing the names and addresses of eBay members.

And in October, some members who had been publicly critical of Vladuz claimed he had locked them out of eBay briefly and sent them an email to prove it.

Vladuz was a major topic of conversation among some eBay users, particularly regular posters to the Trust & Safety discussion boards hosted by the auction site. A few sellers actually considered Vladuz a sort of folk hero who exposed eBay's security weaknesses.

eBay issued a press release Thursday evening, reading in part, "Despite numerous efforts to defraud eBay users via accessing administrative accounts, Vladuz was unsuccessful in his attempts." The company publicly thanked the Romanian General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (DGCCOA), in cooperation with the United States Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, "for successfully arresting cyber-criminal Vladuz, who had attempted to defraud eBay users."

eBay spokesperson Nichola Sharpe said local Romanian law enforcement officials would have to confirm details, as they considered the case confidential until a conviction was made. Asked why eBay had issued a press release, Sharpe said eBay wanted to thank all of the law enforcement agencies involved who collaborated in the case. She also said that the community was aware of Vladuz, and said, "This is obviously great news."


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eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: dimes

Fri Apr 18 11:18:24 2008

The Hotnews article linked above claims that

''eBay officials submitted an official complaint against Vladut on February 28, 2007 and mentioned a total prejudice of almost 1 million dollars. On March 30, 2007 local authorities received several documents informing about the frauds committed by a hacker named Vladut.''

And yet eBay's congratulatory press release claims that he was ''unsuccessful'' in his scamming attempts?

Its press release is about as deceptive as Vladuz' scamming attempts.  Nice.

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: just_me

Fri Apr 18 14:49:20 2008

ebay might as well confess the truth. This is bigger than them and for once, all their lies and cover-ups will be revealed. Vlad did a LOT more damage than ebay is willing to admit. He's gonna make a mockery out of ebay....its really sad that ebay can't come off their throne for a moment and admit they were outsmarted.

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: BeBopDeluxe

Fri Apr 18 19:14:56 2008

Ebay was unsafe even before Vladuz.  Back in 2002 or 2003 I began receiving a lot of "phishing" emails which I forwarded to eBay's "" email address and each time received a canned auto-reply in response.    Meanwhile the phishing emails kept coming and eventually one came through with my debit card #!!!  Luckily, it was for an account I had closed more than a year before, but nonetheless I closed my eBay and PayPal accounts and didn't use eBay for a couple of years.  In 2006 I opened a new account and began eBaying again, but with all the new changes I have closed this one, as well.  Vladuz is not the only one getting into eBayers' private info....

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: Does It Matter?

Fri Apr 18 19:56:05 2008

Its funny how eBay DENIES there was a problem...

But, now the HACKER is arrested...

Freak'n eBay...Make up your minds already...


eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: Gary

Fri Apr 18 20:42:35 2008

When the truth comes out, we will find out that eBay has done business with Vladuz before. Rumor in the underground has it that he *Was* an ebay affilliate who was not paid.

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

This user has validated their user name. by: Anonymous

Fri Apr 18 22:57:05 2008

Vladuz main gig was writing hacking tools to sell to other hackers. He showed everyone what security issues eBay had.

I had read somewhere he was once a member of the developers network, and probably had access to the API.

I had also read somewhere he came to eBay in 2005 telling them that they had security issues and he was willing to help to secure them. eBay with there usual arrogance told him to get lost.

After that he began taunting them rubbing Meg's nose in it. Now that he is busted - you can bet he will be telling everyone how easy it was to hack eBay.

They probably will not be happy when that hits the media.

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: B. Phillips

Sat Apr 19 10:57:44 2008

I would like to hire the buy

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: E.

Sat Apr 19 14:30:20 2008

At least he was truthful. Ebay on the otherhand claimed a secure site despite his knowledge otherwise. No one now left to watch ebay for us.

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: rainbowseeker

Sun Apr 20 12:07:17 2008

Apparently FOX Business News will run with anything that sounds interesting.  Their orignal "story" that started this recent rumor about V's capture is just fact it comes from spoofnews and was written by Passion Vine House...who is an "admin" over on  Check out her disclosure here on pheebay:

more spoofnews articles by this same author check here at the source:

By the way...this is not the first time FOX News has picked up one of her stories and run with it.  If you check out her article "Hanna Montana headed for rehab" that may look somewhat familar to some of you as well. :-)  

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: JC

Sun Apr 20 12:22:36 2008

Her "disclosure." That gave me a chuckle.

There has never been a story on The Spoof about Vladuz, so that trashes that theory. Nice try - I give Pheebay about as much credibility as The Spoof.

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: rainbowseeker

Sun Apr 20 18:44:47 2008

I don't know why you say that JC.  Disclosure was my word choice...if you read what she says you will see why there is no longer an article there at spoofnews.  PM her if you don't believe it....I did.  And if you check out the other link you will see she is a regular author on  Her credibility has never been in question.  There are at least one reporter at Fox News though with a definite problem.    

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: margaret

Mon Apr 21 09:13:23 2008

Ebay sounds exactly like the Russians with their 5 year grain harvest reports  or the Chinese gov't with its tissue of lies.

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: John

Mon Apr 21 14:42:51 2008

Talk about an anti-ebay group of readers.  This Vladut guy is a criminal.  He caused pain for all us eBay sellers that rely on the trust eBay brings as middleman to our transactions.  If nothing else, I hope eBay learned from his tactics and that he learns from his mistakes too

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: Visitor

Tue Apr 29 04:38:27 2008

interesting read... LOL

eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested   eBay Brags Hacker 'Vladuz' Arrested

by: gdfsob

Wed May 14 10:22:47 2008


Seriously, considering ebay to be trustworthy and honest is extremely delusional. Do a search for "wntc" on ebay(or better yet,, and "stop4bargains" online - they are just 2 of a large number of sellers who'd consistantly rip people off. In general, ebay routinely does absolutely nothing about such fraud.

Vladuz's attacks had the effect of shining a big honking spotlight on just how crooked and deciectful ebay is. After all, look at all the proven lies ebay spewed out concerning the attacks: That Vladuz DIDN'T have access to personal info (FALSE, as he himself showed), that he didn't have access to sensative areas(FALSE, he posted as an ebay employee AND posted ebay's pet lawyer's personal info on the lawyer's own ebay "me" page), and a bunch more crap.

Personally, I would be VERY surprised if they did catch him. Of course, with all the lies ebay has already tried pawning off on us I think they either grabbed a copycat... or the "news story" is indeed a sham.

To quote a short lived post on one of the ebay discussion boards...


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