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Tue Apr 15 2008 16:24:26

eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official

By: Ina Steiner

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The story that the AuctionBytes Blog broke yesterday was confirmed by eBay today: it will close its Live Auctions platform, eBay announced today.

eBay said that maintaining and improving the Live Auctions platform falls outside of its immediate focus and will be retired on December 31, 2008. "We need to make sure our resources are aligned with our priorities," the post read.

Note that the closing of eBay Live Auctions does not affect auction listings on

eBay said its decision will "represent a significant change" for the small number of partners, buyers, and sellers involved with Live Auctions. Two such companies are LiveAuctioneers and Ableauctions' subsidiary, which work directly with the live auction houses.

According to sources, LiveAuctioneers has been developing its own bidding platform and reportedly promised clients a seamless changeover.

Ableauctions, a public company, issued a press release stating that currently derives approximately $700,000 in annual revenue (or 14% of the Company’s total revenues) from auctions broadcast on the eBay Live Auctions platform. "eBay's decision to wind down eBay Live Auctions may provide the Company with an opportunity to expand its NAALive operations, although there is no certainty that this will occur. The Company currently offers an alternative to auctioneers to the eBay Live Auctions platform with its proprietary live auction bidding software through"

Ableauctions partnered with the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) to serve as its exclusive online auction contractor to broadcast business and industrial equipment auctions for its members on the website at

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eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official   eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official

by: Mike

Tue Apr 15 16:51:47 2008

Why make an announcement now when they don't plan to shut it down until December? Is this a pre-R.I.P. or is it going away sooner than later?

eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official   eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official

by: Patricia

Tue Apr 15 18:13:14 2008

Maybe by then they'll shut down all auctions.  They said we won't recognize ebay a year from now and they hint about a "retail experience" (like I don't already get that at Walmart).  I'm thinking they'll go totally amazon but cheap on customer service and refunds for buyers when a transaction goes bad.  That's what I'm thinking.  Ebay just can't seem to let go of any revenue in order to do it right!

eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official   eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official

by: Dan

Tue Apr 15 19:32:40 2008

I recall eBay announcing that was closing as well and that site is still functional.  The announcement is like a large tree shaking its branches.  Perhaps their shaking will allow the sun to shine on some smaller companies.

eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official   eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official

by: mindelec

Wed Apr 16 00:31:09 2008

good riddance!  the buyers premiums were ridiculous.

what i don't understand is why they are waiting almost a year?  they shut down digiatal downloads in a week, but they give the few live auctioneers 8 months to adapt?

eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official   eBay Live Auctions RIP - It's Official


Wed Apr 16 23:22:44 2008

Conspiracy : 8 months gives them lotsa time to spread LOUD disinformation about the ineffectiveness and lack of security  of online auctions. ie not only is ebay leaving that market, its burning the ground behind as it walks out.

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