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Tue Apr 8 2008 22:32:11

OT: The Last Lecture

By: Ina Steiner

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Last fall I read this Wall Street Journal article about Professor Randy Pausch and his last lecture, then watched most of the video. It was really inspirational and showcased the importance of dreams, of living in the moment and putting your family first. I highly recommend watching the video of Pausch's last lecture.

Diane Sawyer interviewed him for Good Morning America last month (I didn't see it) and will run a follow-up interview with him on Wednesday evening: "The Last Lecture: A Love Story For Your Life" (ABC Wednesday April 9, 2008, 10pm/9 CST).


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by: kat

Wed Apr 9 10:17:44 2008

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see how a PowerPoint presentation could ever be inspirational.

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by: Tigger

Wed Apr 9 11:04:39 2008

Some power points can be very inspirational…remember Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth'?

What I would find VERY inspirational right now would be another 1-cent insertion week.

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by: Beth M.

Thu Apr 10 13:28:28 2008

I read the article in last Sunday's Parade magazine, and watched the tv special last night. He is indeed a remarkable person! After watching that, I am going to also get his book - I think he has something to teach me too... what a legacy he leaves for his family.  While none of us is ever guaranteed even the rest of today, I know I am one of those who often lets the worries of tomorrow crowd out the pleasures of today.  

I am hoping for a miracle for their family, but one thing is for sure - he has had far more influence than he probably ever thought he would have. Thank God for people like him who share their lessons learned.  

I am very much a proponent of sharing what you have learned.  I really don't need to fall into the ditch myself to know there is one there, IF someone else told me about the ditch ahead of time!  (Of course, that doesn't take into account the people in this world who take great pleasure out of watching others fall into the same ditch they managed to get out of. Sort of like they take pleasure in someone else's pain, instead of helping to make sure others don't have to experience it.)

Randy leaves an amazing legacy of love and messages.

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This user has validated their user name. by: Ina

Thu Apr 10 21:42:30 2008

Thanks for your post, Beth. I remember being more impressed by the actual lecture last fall than I was by the program last night. I too am thinking about getting his book.

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by: Linda

Fri Apr 11 08:25:07 2008

Thanks for posting that Ina. I read the Parade Magazine and watched Diane Sawyer's program Wed night on Randy. So nice to see something postive and uplifting in today's world where the media only seems to want to post negative things. Great job!

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by: sara klee

Wed May 7 16:47:20 2008

i was cleaning a country club home when the wall street article caught my eye. i closed the bathroom door and sat on the toilet and read until i cried. i then watched th video in internet. i think he is a wonderful human being who like us all enjoyed life. my goal is to not complain as much but look for the good in all and myself. God bless i might add i lost my 13 year old son in a tragic car wreck 12 years ago and randys story gave me such peace, thank you

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