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Thu Mar 27 2008 07:35:36

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

By: Ina Steiner

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Some people are reporting having problems leaving DSR ratings when leaving feedback on eBay.

"This occurred yesterday afternoon, trying to leave feedback for two excellent sellers for purchases on my buying ID.

I tried selecting/de-selecting 'positive' and 'I'll leave it later.' Tried refreshing the page. No matter what, no stars. I ended up backing out because I want to give these sellers the 5 stars they deserve, and realize their importance now with the impending changes.

I understand something similar happened not long ago, that somehow, someway, someone was able to get this info through to eBay and it was fixed. I have never been able to communicate a problem like this with eBay (an exercise in futility and frustration), and so I turn to you. Perhaps you'll be able to get their attention."

A similar problem had occurred in mid-February.

Some on the eBay discussion boards are suggesting trying the Firefox browser to leave feedback, though asking buyers to do that may be problematic.


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eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Dennis

Thu Mar 27 09:31:03 2008

Could be a Browser incompatibility or Flash with Internet Explorer. I noticed the other day that DSR Dashboard didn't work with IE7 displaying a message to get Flash. I have Flash installed and DSR Dashboard works just fine with FireFox, Netscape and Opera on the same computer.  Don't know why this is.  I haven't been buying from EBay lately so I can't determine if leaving feedback presents the same problem.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Magpie

Thu Mar 27 09:56:04 2008

DSR is a going to be the downfall of many sellers. Might aswell take the summer off and come back in fall after all the issues come out in the wash, IMO

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Mike Towle

Thu Mar 27 10:09:55 2008

I just received an update from eBay showing my DSRs. It showed an average for the past month of 4.9, 4.8, 4.8, 4.5 which isn't too bad...except that for this particular eBay account, I have only had one sale in the past 3 months (I'm currently concentrating on a different eBay account) and that feedback complimanted me on the fast and fair shipping.

The summary also showed an average sale of $39 for this period, and the only sale I had was for $15.

So obviously, something (else) is not working properly at eBay.

Based on what I have read about the response from eBay about complaints, I won't bother to complain. What I will do is be very specific in future listings about what the shipping charges are, and why they are at the level they are.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: logan

Thu Mar 27 10:29:43 2008

First a ''glitch'' that made it impossible for people to leave 5 stars, because the 5th star was covered by Ebay.  Now one that doesn't let you leave stars if you select ''positive'' for feedback.  Ebay is greedy and crooked and wants to drive out everyone but the mega-sellers.  Just another of many efforts to do that.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Charlene Anderson

Thu Mar 27 10:46:26 2008

eBay provides the majority of my business, and I have always been an eBay fan. But these DSR glitches seem too convenient for me to accept them as a programming error. As someone with 4.9, 4.9, 4.9 and 4.7, I think eBay has found a convenient way to keep from offering the 15% discounts for the highest DSRs. eBay, why no back off this whole thing, offer 15% for those over 4.5 until you can prove this is straightened out for good?

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Joan

Thu Mar 27 11:17:53 2008

I have a suggestion. Why not put the info in that bubble into a simple text box? That way it won't interfere no matter WHAT browser anyone is using. This is too important an issue for sellers, and it's totaly unnecessary for that message to be written in flash when a simple text box will do the job.

I too have to wonder if these "glitches" are eBay's way around paying out the discount for Powersellers.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: LampLady

Thu Mar 27 12:06:17 2008

I was checking a Seller's feedback yesterday contemplating bidding on an item  and two out of the five star rows were missing, completely blank. I went on to another listing and later went back to that listing and the five rows were all there. I am using Firefox.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Dee

Thu Mar 27 13:56:33 2008

I was trying to catch up on leaving feedback on a sleepless night & encountered similiar problems.  Because I'm stubborn--and a grouch when I can't sleep--I kept working on how to get around the glitche or ''system'' or whatever I encountered.  Here is what worked for me that night.  I marked positive.  Went down to the bottom row of stars & worked my way up, and then left my comment.  Sometimes, the stars disappeared while I was writing my comment but they WOULD reappear.  You have to be a magician to beat all the glitches around Ebay.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Trent

Thu Mar 27 14:26:51 2008

Our postage is set at .$05-25 more than the actual amount we pay. Our stars have fallen. We ship each item in a clean, new box with packing. I can't imagine what more any buyer wants. We get kooks that claim 50lbs costs them $5 to ship Priority Mail, and eBay encourages it.  I sell on Amazon (100% feedback) ABE (100% feedback) and on eBay I have nothing but trouble. 10% of our sales last month were refunds because buyers threatened us with negative feedback for "overcharging" postage. eBay claims I am the problem - yet I have had no problems anywhere else except there...

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Kp

Thu Mar 27 14:27:19 2008

eBay should just stop using javascript on the pages. Who needs the fancy rollover tricks and gimmicks? Someone said it earlier, just use a plain text box in HTML on the page. When it comes to page programming what eBay does NOT know about is KISS - yes, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: liveshopdie

Thu Mar 27 15:04:17 2008

I encountered that glitch back in February and I had to leave Firefox and use Safari in order to leave any stars at all.

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Karen

Thu Mar 27 22:51:47 2008

Ebay told me to log into (the Canada site) to leave feedback. Of course that didn't work either.  Live support finally admitted to me that there is a feedback 'bug' and they have no idea when it will be fixed. Idiots
I agree with Charlene up above... eBay is making it so we CAN'T get the discount... do they think we haven't figured all this out?? Again, idiots!

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: zeak

Fri Mar 28 08:56:30 2008

related to dsr rankings i had a neutral pop up back on my 30 day that was dropped 4 days ago seems like someone is playing with the system

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: sickandtired

Sat Mar 29 09:37:41 2008

it's interesting that my DSR's on my main feedback page have not changed since day one.  but when I go to my ebay and click on the dashboard I get a beta dashboard showing higher DSR's.  The part I think that is so madning is that even being a power seller and being able to call and speak to someone they have no clue and you will get a different answer everytime you call.  I think this is what leads to so much mistrust.  eBay wake up and smell the coffee and treat your SELLERS like you expect them to treat your BUYERS.  What a mess!!!!!

eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: Gaz

Sat Mar 29 14:42:36 2008

Hmmm - let me see - DSR glitch on 27-28 March

First tranche of FVF discounts due to be calculated 31 March

.... nahhhhh - they would be that underhanded, would they?

Wonder if that's why so many UK PowerSellers are reporting their shipping DSRs took an unexpected and inexplicable deep dive between midday 28th & 29th ?


eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu   eBay DSR Glitch - Deja Vu

by: E-Sell-It

Thu May 29 10:43:13 2008

Keep an eye on eBay's #1 franchise seller. I Sold It. I went through every one of their dsr's last night and NOT 1 will qualify for powerseller status this coming July. What do you think eBay will do? Change their requirements or help isoldit make it qualify.. Either way it should be a good one to watch..

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