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Thu Mar 13 2008 12:14:56

Amazon Restrictions on Sony Electronics?

By: Ina Steiner

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A reader says has restricted his sales of Sony Electronic items because of a broader policy restriction on those items. He's a long time seller in electronics and says he has a good feedback rating.

One of his complaints is that gave no advance notice of the restriction. Product category restrictions are not new to Amazon - each holiday season, restricts the toy category and puts an announcement on its boards in advance.

These kinds of restrictions from marketplaces put a big burden on merchants who stock inventory. I wonder if exceptions are made for those sellers who use Amazon's FBA fulfillment service...if Amazon is holding the inventory, they know there is no risk with delivery. That's assuming restrictions are placed for reasons having to do with consumer safety and not for competitive factors.

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by: Watchdog

Fri Mar 14 04:15:09 2008

Amazon isn't to blame here.  The blame lies fully with Sony, a few of their authorized dealers like Crutchfield, and their enforcement agents NetEnforcers (private whois, employs a sleazy lawfirm run by a Phoenix judge to send out DMCAs) who have been misusing the DMCA by issuing frivolous DMCAs against small website owners and sellers on various venues in an effort to unfairly restrain trade.

Amazon has in fact been fighting for sellers against Sony/NetEnforcers for a long time.  Last year NetEnforcers went after Amazon affiliate websites who were showing Sony products by issuing a flurry of frivolous DMCA's to shut the sites down and Amazon fought back against NetEnforcers on behalf of the affiliates.  See the following links for further information:

Search for NetEnforcers and Sony on Google or go to  and you'll see that Sony/Crutchfield/NetEnforcers will use every slimy trick in the book to ride roughshod over small independent sellers.

Perminate Link for Amazon Restrictions on Sony Electronics?   Amazon Restrictions on Sony Electronics?

by: Amazon Seller

Fri Mar 14 13:10:21 2008

We are a distributor for brand name electronic items, and one day in mid-December we weren't able to list specific items that were in the Top 10 selling items in that category. Just recently We appealed to Amazon, since they are showing one or the SKU's as not available- out of stock- but we have know the story. After not hearing from Amazon Seller Services - I emailed support, and they emailed me that if Amazon doesn't act within 14 days with an email reply, we can consider our request denied.

Not as bad as the Net Enforcers problem. But still a problem.


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by: wishing amznwasgood

Thu Mar 20 01:15:40 2008

It's good to see some reports on Amazon's failings as a secondhand marketplace. So many Ebay defectors love to brag how Amazon is so much better...but when I look at the site I'm not allowed to sell half my stuff because restrictions and the fees are twice as high and the feedback program just as bad or worse than Ebay. At least Ebay doesn't place restrictions on small sellers so they can't compete with itself. Somebody place a post in a few years when there is a Real alternative to Ebay that has name brand recognition in the public.

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