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Tue Mar 4 2008 08:02:46

Update to Mystery Listings on eBay

By: Ina Steiner

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I spoke to eBay's Usher Lieberman during the IMA conference on Monday. He said he had made a mistake when he called the listings a test on Saturday morning. He was trying to track it down and after talking to a few people, felt comfortable saying it was a test, and subsequently found out the listings had appeared accidentally. Usher said it was his fault for initially getting it wrong.

I asked Usher if he could tell me more, and he could not. I asked him if we might expect to see listings on eBay in the future, or listings on Shopping. He said eBay is looking at a lot of different things and can't speculate on anything.

"Lots of things are on the table," he said.

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Update to Mystery Listings on eBay   Update to Mystery Listings on eBay

by: Pcat

Tue Mar 4 10:37:38 2008

Sounds even more suspicious to me. Wonder why he wouldn't expand on the problem to try to explain the ''accident''. My guess is ebay is playing games with the auction count and got caught. What a bunch of shysters!

Update to Mystery Listings on eBay   Update to Mystery Listings on eBay

by: Hard to believe

Tue Mar 4 10:55:25 2008

It is hard to believe that eBay would do something so dumb as to put fake listings on to cover up the boycott.  But as a wise old man once said to me "Sometimes things are just as they seem".

Like many others, I wonder why the media and Wall Street does not look into eBay's problems.  I think it is because Meg Whitman was a media darling and they just gave her a pass.

But if fake listings turn out to be true, eBay may have sewn the seeds of its own destruction.  This is serious stuff.

I think Meg has been too cute by half and always treated customers as expendable.  She just kept coming up with new ways to "expand" without regard to the long term impact.

The one thing Meg was always interested in was the size of her bonus check.  As another post said a couple weeks ago, Donahoe thinks Meg has handed him a bag full of money - only problem is it had an exploding dye-pack in it.

Update to Mystery Listings on eBay   Update to Mystery Listings on eBay

by: richard

Tue Mar 4 12:01:56 2008

All those who believe this was ''accidental'' raise your neither

Update to Mystery Listings on eBay   Update to Mystery Listings on eBay

by: Fruity

Tue Mar 4 13:30:49 2008

Ebay better disclose this officially on the SEC or else you will have the committee on energy & commerce on your back! Seems like these types of ebay initiatied or neglected events happen alot. Lets see you accidently did this on a live site instead of the sandbox. Let's see ebay accidently left old software that went undeleted so the hackers could exploit it. Let's see ebay didn't think about the fact they were letting that 3rd party display the users first & last name on that ebayfaves awhile back. Let's see, you're a bunch of idiots who have no security controls or detection methods that it can easily impact site operations on the marketplace. Cheer up Usher, at least you won't get fired right away and you can still accrue stock options. Meg bailed because she knew what was coming. Since she's on the board of directors and got her flunkee added to it I suppose she'll be able to prevent them from doing an investigation on her.

Update to Mystery Listings on eBay   Update to Mystery Listings on eBay

by: JC

Tue Mar 4 17:15:11 2008

What happens when a boycott is scheduled and nobody shows up?

Answer here

didn't have to pad listings - the boycott was a F-A-I-L-U-R-E! Get past it.

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