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Tue Feb 26 2008 23:02:56

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

By: Ina Steiner

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Many AuctionBytes readers know of former eBay PowerSeller Bargainland (Paul St. James) and were interested in our story of Paul's decision to stop selling on eBay and start his own website,

We subsequently wrote about the string of bad luck that affected one of Paul's Bargainland warehouses (it did not his Bidtopia auction site). Paul sent an update today:

You had asked me to keep you updated on events. As you know from your article, Bargainland lost 180,000 square foot facility in Southaven from the Tornado, and then fire. As of Monday just over 2 weeks from the disaster, we have found a new facility and already have listings back up on Bidtopia again. Within 30 days we should be back to full listing capacity. The new facility is nearly 250,000 square feet (larger than our previous place) and 8 tractor trailer loads of new product has already been unloaded for auctions.

We were also flabbergasted that our auction customers put together a donation fund and collected over $2,000 to host an employee appreciation diner! I am unaware of any auction customer base that is that committed and dedicated to the well being of a seller, and we at Bargainland are extremely grateful.

Paul sent some photos, this is one of the "lister" pits where all the auction listings take place.

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Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: wb

Tue Feb 26 23:58:08 2008

Glad to see BL still in there. It's a shame that eBay didn't have the foresight to make an area for as-is auctions. And provide better education to buyers of these auctions. There is a giant market eBay s missing out on, come to think of it most auctions are as is. Somewhere in eBay's thinking they determined that they wanted a retail environment. Then a company like BL who helped make eBay is now taboo, because they were doing what they had been doing for years.  
  EBay just seems content milking the cow, for as much as they can get without reinvesting into the system, and blaming sellers when there are problems. While not addressing fraud, and now making it easier for buyers to get away with that fraud. While a seller selling 15,000 items a week on eBay has to leave, because eBay can spend 10 minuets explaining to buyers that as-is means your stuck with it. You may get a bargain or a lemon. But if your smart you won't pay anything near what it is really worth.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: bucketslogg

Tue Feb 26 23:58:21 2008

Kudos to you...  apparently "giving-up" is not an option !!!  I bought from you when you were on ebay and to my delight, I left a very positive feedback.  Much success in your venture and when you find the time, stop back and lend some advice to the rest of us.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: jsicolts

Wed Feb 27 06:27:17 2008

BL sells crap, i think everyone knows that. Glad to see them off eBay.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Ron

Wed Feb 27 12:57:30 2008

Glad to hear all is good with Paul. Awesome on the donation too. That says alot. Paul had a great following on eBay. Its just a shame that eBay could not have a seperate site within eBay for 'as is' and liquidation type items like what BL sold. Lets face it, there is obviously a place for BL on eBay and its sad that they had to leave and take all their customers with them that would most likely buy items from other sellers like myself :)
 And jsicolts if you think they sell crap then isnt it totally amazing that over 1 million people bought crap?? Darn I gotta get into the crap business!!!

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Jeremy

Wed Feb 27 13:53:32 2008

I am glad whenever problem sellers leave the site because we are understaffed as it is in our services group.  Dealing with these type of crybabies makes the day much longer.  Please stay gone and dont come back.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles


Wed Feb 27 14:42:35 2008

Glad bargainland is not on eBay anymore.  They are trouble! Violations after violations! You guys don't know half the stories.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Mmmm

Wed Feb 27 17:41:28 2008

Wow, look at the Ebay employee's whining about being understaffed.  Look at them whining that Bargainland had violation after violation & they are glad they are gone.
Well first off, if you are overworked & understaffed, GO WHINE TO YOUR BOSS'S WHO POSTED A INCREASE IN REVENUE'S OF OVER 50 MILLION DOLLARS. Don't whine about doing the job you applied for & get paid for no matter what.  I am sure you are one of the rep's that plays dumb when someone comes to you with a problem because they are not worth your time.
If Ebay has taken the time to create these ''violations'' outlines & you knew that this seller was trouble & a repeat violator...THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT & SUSPEND THE SELLER !!!  Just another example of Ebay employee's not wanting to do their jobs, not following through on the consequences of non performing Ebayers & then trying to blame everything on everyone else.  
If Ebay is a free commerce site & they ''can't force a buyer or seller to perform'' then why have any rules ? You create a free trading environment, then come up in arms when a Buyer can't or doesn't read the auction details.  You coddle & baby the buyer who clearly has a ''free choice'' not to purchase if they don't like the terms or the listing details, punish the sellers for the bidders laziness(and your own)by stripping away their right to free speech...instead of just laying down the rules, setting consequences for them, following through on the consequences for both buyers & sellers & creating a feedback system that is based upon controlable facts of the transaction (such as did the seller mail the package on time so they are not judged by the post offices incompetetance, or did the buyer pay on time according to auction rules).
Now I know why the feedback system is based on ''emotional opinion''...because the employee's of Ebay are emotional whiners who like to push off responsibility to everyone else instead of themselves or their CEO's.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Wed Feb 27 19:08:23 2008

Read the various blogs at auctionbytes, and you'll quickly see the character, competence, and general intelligence or lack thereof of all of the above that the obvious and not so obvious ebay employees display everytime they post here.

Corporations have corporate cultures whose 'culture' filters downward from the top.

The clearcut disrespect this corporation demonstrates for its customers (sellers) every day should be reason enough for everyone to begin migrating off ebay.

If honest ebay sellers treated their customers the way ebay treats their customers (sellers), they'd be out of business in a month.

If ebay employees want to engage in an exchange of verbal insults, I welcome all comers provided you go back to school to expand your descriptive vocabulary beyong the word "whining."

A working definition of 'customer service' would be a good starting point.

The reason you're "udnerstaffed" is due to a conscious, intentional decision from your management not to make as much profit as possible, and one of those ways to is provide ineffectual, nominal customer service that, in fact, services no one.

And you what, ebay employees? There are more staffing reductions on the way.

So get an attitude transplant and get another job before ebay lays you off.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Bob H.

Wed Feb 27 23:06:12 2008


You must be one unhappy person in life. You think everyone is out to get you. Is it so hard to believe that there are eBay sellers out here that don't have any major complaints? Not everyone who posts some praise for eBay on these forums is an eBay employee. I'm NOT!

I've made a very good side living off of eBay for the past three years. As the fees have gone up (just like natural gas & propane, gasoline, oil, food, etc.), I've adjusted my costs and business practices to keep pace.

There are some sellers who are glad to see the bad sellers leaving eBay because it helps THEIR business. Less competition = more $$$ for ME. Lower DSR ratings for my competition means more orders for ME.

These forums are starting to mirror what happens when a brick & mortar storefront ticks off a walk-in customer. That unsatisfied customer tells a LOT of people about their bad experience with the store. The satisfied customer tells nobody or maybe a few about their good experience. On these forums, we're hearing mostly from the PI**ED off eBay sellers who don't like eBay (why are you still with them, then?). I'm glad that I can at least represent what the good sellers LIKE about eBay.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles


Thu Feb 28 01:50:33 2008

One of the worst sellers I ever dealt with.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Thu Feb 28 05:15:45 2008

When logic fails you, Bob H., then resort to 10 cent armchair psychoanalysis.

In case you hadn't noticed or lack the ability to do simply arithmetic, ebay pruces increases in the last several years have FAR, FAR exceeded inflation.

I guarantee you would have made a lot more money if you hadn't chosen to look the other way or, on the laternative, aren't smart enough to figure out when ebay used and continues to use questionable business practices to take money from you that you haven't figured out is even missing yet.

Bob H.: The Perfect Ebay Flunky Employee by day; The Perfect Ebay Seller by night.

Excuse the rest of us mere mortals, Mr. Sanctimonious.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Bye!

Thu Feb 28 08:00:02 2008

I find that big sellers get too cocky on eBay. I like to buy from smaller sellers as they care about the buyers.  All the so call power sellers that I dealt with never answer my questions, I guess they are too busy complaining. Also some big sellers never leave feedback. Too busy? Give me a break. You pay for what you get. Go find traffic else where with your own money. There is a reason why ebay pay millions for advertising. To get buyers for you complaining sellers. I am so tired of reading all the bitching and whining!

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Marty

Thu Feb 28 09:24:23 2008

I use to feel that the larger buyers with less than stellar feedback were "bad" as well, as we were made to feel that the reputation was important, one of Ebay's successes (people worrying about feedback). As time went on I realized that Ebay need not be a market for perfect sellers with perfect items. I mean refurbished stuff is refurbished stuff. How would you think Used car dealers would rate? Have you seen the differences in DSR ratings between those that ship heavy , more expensive to ship items and those that ship things like postcards, greeting cards etc? The "Bargain" was that many times you would get a bargain, while taking the chance that perhaps something might not work. All clearly detailed in the ratings.

Here is the key. Buyers bought in record numbers, despite feedback issues.

Sure improvements should be made but to condemn larger sellers that then move offsite take buyers and still do well is to say that you only want perfect people and perfect items on ebay.

One other large seller had low prices and really high shipping and handling. Feedback was poor by Ebay standards. Much to the sellers credit they changed to free shipping with fair prices for the same total cost for buyers, even lower in many cases. Result? Sales decline 80%!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry the tornado caused damages for this seller and wish them luck. I think Ebay needs to find the right game plan again, not everything is as simple as grouping everyone as good/bad .


Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: tj

Thu Feb 28 10:49:13 2008

Amazing how a great story of a business that’s risen above natural disasters etc gets abused by some petty Ebay cheerleaders & dumb buyers who can't read lisings

You are pathetic, eBay has basically raped it’s sellers time after time; and you know it’s coming to the end so start squealing like the pigs you are

To the eBay staff…better take time to ACTUALLY ANSWER your customers complaint than surfing… PATHETIC

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Another Wronged Seller

Thu Feb 28 18:11:23 2008

To all the posters saying they are glad  BL is gone:

Try going to a REAL auction! Ebay is a pale shadow of a TRUE auction. If you don't know what as-is where-is means Than keep shopping on ebay.

There are No guarantees on any merchandise at a real auction. Distressed and liquidation merchandise has its place in the market. (That's why you pay less for it)Bargainland serves a specific clientele and ebay is being extremely short sighted in burning off the liquidators and the sellers of as is products.

Ebay is trying to change the ground rules on the site. BL was once one of their welcomed and appreciated sellers. No more! With the new policies, ebay wants to turn into a sanitized mall. Without the bargain element, ebay will turn into just another etailer of full price merchandise. When that happens ebay will lose all the buyers that came to get a bargain. With the bargain sellers gone, the bargain buyers will leave as well.

If ebay doesn't understand this, management needs to go back to business school or get a degree in the ''Common Sense Universiry'' Something that is sorely lacking in the recent policy announcements.

It's simple really. If you like paying full price for products, go to a store or pay full retail. Don't buy from BL and than whine because it wasn't brand new in perfect condition.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: gone and glad

Sat Mar 1 16:06:36 2008

bargainland is gone

and ebay will be soon


onlineauction shop 24/7 sell for $8.00 a month no matter how much you sell!!

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: verKoopwinkel

Sat Mar 1 19:40:15 2008

Hi Ina,
Great stories. Where can we see more of the foto's you got from Bargainland ?
Thanks in advance,

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Buy from BL?

Sun Mar 2 02:48:29 2008

A Comment from, not sure if it's true.

"I warn NOT buy ANYTHING from Bargainland, I worked for them for months and they have terrible policies and terrible items. The people that work there do not list what is wrong with the items because we had to list at least 9 items an hour. With little time to put intricate detail in our item discriptions, customers trust the listing to be accurate and correct when it was not. Once the customer would call and email complaints because they did not get what the listing said they would, we would get yelled at for doing such a bad job. I was one of the few ppl there who ACTUALLY cared about the customer getting the proper item listed discription to be correct because I am an ebayer myself, I would not like someone to make a listing that lied to me. I took a little more time in doing so with my listings, but on my auctions, very few ppl where unsatified. The company looked down upon my methods and frowned on how I did things. Almost all the things we get from Overstock where broken. They would simply copy/paste a factory photo from that website instead of taking a photo of the broken item. They would also simply copy/paste the discrpition from Overstock and use it as there own instead of making a discription of there own and say what exactily is wrong with the item. Unfortunatly, the only person other than myself that actually cared was my manager, who had left because she went into a state of depression because her mother had died. After she left, the boss had to deal with all the things that she messed up on and would take it out on me because my manager was traning me manager duties. Shortly afterwards, I quit. I do not recommend this place. Dont trust them. They do not take any pride or care what so ever in there items, discriptions or customers. This is just some of the things wrong with this place. I have other stories. I just hope that ppl stop buying from them because they are just not good to do business with."

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: Selling on Ebay

Wed Mar 5 02:00:18 2008

It is related to  Success Strategies     that there are lots of ways in which one can earn online with ebay. I recommend that this is the best and easiest way to earn online with ebay.

Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles   Bargainland Survives Post-eBay Troubles

by: tomkat

Thu May 28 12:31:18 2009

A really bad apple the Bidtopia listing are usually are a lie the customer service is a total joke.

The ripoff customers. Ok you might get a so called "Bargin: but you have to ask if it was such a deal why did the owners let it go for $0.99 to Bargainland...most cases they sell are junk

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