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Sun Feb 24 2008 11:09:13

Rumors of 'Governor eBay' Continue

By: Ina Steiner

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The Los Angeles Times, writing on Sunday about the semiannual Republican state convention in California this weekend:

Another name rising above the chatter at this weekend's convention was EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, who recently talked to Republican leaders about the logistics of a possible run for governor in 2010. Whitman, a fundraiser and former business colleague of failed Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, is wealthy enough to bankroll her own campaign.


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Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Jack

Sun Feb 24 11:31:48 2008

"is wealthy enough to bankroll her own campaign."

Now you know where all your Gallery fees went.

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Mark

Sun Feb 24 13:17:16 2008

Meg running for office is like Castro running for president of the US.

Meg would be lucky to get elected to dog catcher.

If she run the government anything like she did Ebay, if elected anything..may God help us all!

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: mark-c

Sun Feb 24 13:25:13 2008

People get the government they deserve.

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Moving from ebay

Sun Feb 24 13:28:29 2008

I wouldn't mind seeing her spend a lot of money to lose a campaign... or two.

How's Mitt Romney doing these days, Meg?

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Trish

Sun Feb 24 14:32:24 2008

Let her run...I would LOVE to see her get knocked down a notch or two when laughed right out of the election!

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Patricia

Sun Feb 24 14:38:20 2008

She needs to invest her money elsewhere.  There are enough ebay sellers in California to spread the word about what a "good" CEO she has been and how "kindly" she has treated ebay users!  Save your money Meg - you'll get no votes here.  

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Mark

Sun Feb 24 15:19:03 2008

Meg as Governor

Was this helpful?

No more information is needed

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Scorpio 1

Sun Feb 24 16:03:17 2008

What a surprise to hear she is a Rethuglican. Must be she's a Bushie as well? Small wonder we are being screwed over on ebay. Now it all fits.

Rumors of   Rumors of


Mon Feb 25 00:21:51 2008

Meg needs to know she is outnumbered and will NEVER get any support. She has completely destroyed ebay....and leaving it to Donahoe is putting the last nail in the coffin

No way in hell will I EVER support her

Rumors of   Rumors of

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Mon Feb 25 00:36:17 2008

So rumors of another Republican parasite who built a fortune on the work of others may be running for high office is news?

Washington and the state capitals are full of them!

Meg would have much better luck in Texas where they admire ineffectual parasites with money.

But California? Just gives us all a crystal clear picture of just how out of touch these ebay executives are and probably always have been about most things.

Rumors of   Rumors of


Mon Feb 25 06:10:26 2008

Of Course this witch is republican - party of the wackos, religious kooks, and other right wing trouble makers. If she runs lets hope she spends all the loot she stole from us ebat sellers & buyers.

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Steve

Mon Feb 25 09:41:43 2008

I just don't get it.  Every post has been hateful towards this woman. Why? I've researched a bit of her history...she took an unknown company and a concept many said would never fly to the position it is today.  People willingly buy and sell on Ebay and even though it's the biggest; there are still 300 other auctions to go to that operate along similar guidelines. If you bake a loaf of bread, are you going to give it away or sell it at a price so you can buy tomatoes from the seller next door and bake more bread tomorrow.  I reckon Meg Whitman's sin is that she did it a billion times and did not do the Chuck Feeney thing.

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Vic Mackey

Mon Feb 25 11:54:25 2008

Ok, and the punchline is?

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Dianne

Mon Feb 25 22:35:19 2008

As a CA Republican, I can tell you that there is no way no how any chance I would ever vote for her.

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Cowbell

Thu Feb 28 23:39:26 2008

"People get the government they deserve."

Not all of them. Unfortunately, the morons are in the majority. The rest of us get screwed.

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Held @ Bay

Fri Feb 29 21:31:41 2008

Meg, how about doing something for someone else instead of always thinking of yourself and your big fat ego?

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Lee

Fri Feb 29 23:22:20 2008

Yes Meg.  Please please please run.  Fun for all.

Rumors of   Rumors of

by: Leonard

Sat Mar 1 11:43:56 2008

To Ming (above):

To Steve:
eBay was a success before she got it. It was a great place to buy. Now it's a pain in the butt. From the other side, most sellers know how she trashed it.

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