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Tue Dec 2 2008 22:42:45

Collins Stewart's Key Trends for Cyber Monday

By: Ina Steiner

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Sandeep Aggarwal, Senior Internet Research Analyst with Collins Stewart LLC, published the following report on Cyber Monday trends that gives an interesting glimpse at his impressions of ecommerce holiday marketing activity:

- Wal-Mart, top search advertiser followed by Amazon and eBay
In a short survey with 15 popular commercial keywords on we found that the top search advertisers were Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay, Circuit City, and Target.

- Excessive use of Coupons
We found the use of coupons as one of the most sought after online ad formats this holiday season with eBay and Costco leading the pack.

- Broader and more frequent use of e-mail marketing
Unlike prior years, we observed a higher adoption of email marketing beyond multi-channel retailers and more frequent use of a more compelling call to action message in e-mails.

- Free shipping almost a given but more pronounced among pure play online retailers
In our view, the majority of online retailers offered free shipping but the trend was more pronounced with pure play vs. multi-channel retailers.

- Multi-channel retailers aggressive online but many had Website problems
We found multi-channel retailers to be very aggressive with online commerce, especially Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy, and Macy’s. However, we noticed various types of Website problems arguably due to excessive traffic.

- eBay and Amazon top pure play Internet companies
In our view Amazon was the most aggressive pure play online retailer in terms of online promotions and driving traffic to its Website, followed by eBay.

- Some multi-channel retailers benefitted from in-store pick up
Some multi-channel retailers offered immediate in-store pick up that gave them an edge over pure play Internet retailers.

Link to the research note.

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Perminate Link for Collins Stewart's Key Trends for Cyber Monday   Collins Stewart's Key Trends for Cyber Monday

by: Helen

Tue Dec 2 23:17:49 2008

We saw a big year-over-year increase in the number of visits to both to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday pages, but also to our stores coupon pages.  I was disappointed to see so many large online merchants go black - J. Crew, Bloomingdale's, Gap and Old Navy must have lost quite a bit of revenue.  Happy to report, however, that Dealio loaded quickly :)

Perminate Link for Collins Stewart's Key Trends for Cyber Monday   Collins Stewart's Key Trends for Cyber Monday

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Wed Dec 3 00:06:43 2008

Aggarwal's analysis inre ebay seems a bit optimistic, IMO, unless ebay comes in a very distant behind Amazon.

But then he might have swallowed ebay's hyper active Jo Sé Can You See's weekend spin machine bilge.

For a perfect example of self promotiing and uncritical journalism, read the following positively nauseating and misleading garbage from Stephanie Tilenius and good ole Uncle Griff:

1.  [www_marketwatch_com]

2.  [www_businesswire_com]

Death to ebay corp.

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by: george

Wed Dec 3 00:17:48 2008

From our store for consumer electronics products, we see a big increase of traffic for thanksgiving shopping of unlocked cell phones and watch phones. We also put some coupons for visitors. and it is very effective.

Perminate Link for Collins Stewart's Key Trends for Cyber Monday   Collins Stewart's Key Trends for Cyber Monday

by: kitty

Wed Dec 3 08:24:30 2008

I shopped mostly online for Christmas.  Cyber Monday and the following Tuesday were a complete bust.  Out of stock flashed on my screen over and over at Egghead, Sears, Bestbuy,  Radioshack, and Zales.
They all had lovely free shipping deals, 25%, buy one get one free.
None of these gimmicks work unless you actually have the items in stock.
I ended up finding some of my gifts in the oddest places.  Shoprite had an unbundled Wii and I saved almost $200.
My locally owned drugstore had a full color selection of DS lites and they were not price gouging either.
Trends and gimmicks are useless if the corporations plan poorly

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