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Mon Jan 28 2008 14:07:46

Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts

By: Ina Steiner

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Big announcements are coming out of tomorrow's Ecommerce Forum event, a gathering of eBay top sellers in Washington DC. eBay will webcast the keynote address at 9 am Eastern. The company will also webcast the afternoon Question & Answer session. If we get any updates about the webcasts, we'll update this blog entry.

Update: The Q&A session is at 1:30 pm Eastern. To answer the first comment, the words "keynote address" and "Question & Answer" above are hyperlinked, just click on them. I'll include the URLs too in case you are having problems:

URL to Keynote address:

Link to Q&A session:

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Perminate Link for Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts   Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts

by: Jennifer wang

Mon Jan 28 17:35:36 2008

please link

Perminate Link for Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts   Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts

by: Patricia

Tue Jan 29 13:03:27 2008

Well, they have effectively placed ALL the blame for everything thats wrong right on the sellers! The lower listing fee and the free gallery pic is only to bring them in line with other online auctions - like overstock. Other than that, most of the rest of the ''good stuff'' goes to powersellers. This is some mess and the bottom line is they don't care if they entice one new buyer onto their site. They're going to reduce fees and free gallery pics to entice sellers to list more - AND TO BUY MORE and that's how they'll make their revenue! What they have done so far does not entice one new buyer onto their site.

With the old feedback system they had in place for years they could have effectively weeded out ''bad sellers'' instead they came up with this elaborate, convoluted plan that does nothing but sure sounds mean!  I hope sellers aren't fooled into thinking this is all for the best.  I hope they all keep looking for other venues and building those venues into places where buyers will want to buy!

Perminate Link for Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts   Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts

by: Linda

Tue Feb 5 12:38:17 2008

I have never been disenchanted with ebay over the past 8 or 9 years, I have just kinda lived with the changed, rolled with the fee increases and gone on ...
but this whole new package wrapped up with a No feedback for sellers and Paypal holds just makes me sick!

I really don't believe that ebay cares what the sellers think, they will do what they want... the only way to get ebay to sit up and listen is to make a mark on their stock price (their paychecks) Otherwise they are just going to ignore all the concerns, complaints, helpful suggestions/solutions!

It is going to take take BOTH buyers and sellers migrating to other sites and sellers not listing and yes buyers (who many are sellers) not buying from ebay, but actually GOING TO TOHTER AUCTION SITES AND BUYING YOUR ITEMS THERE!.... if we as sellers want to migrate to other sites, then we are going to have to Support those sites by doing our BUYING from those other sites..... remember a significant number of sellers are buyers also... and that buying power needs to be moved with the selling power, it is the only way that ebay will look up and take notice, take out their ear plugs and actually listen to what the seller is saying...
Think about it.. how many of us sellers are buyers on ebay also???!! Many of us have seperate buyer ID's..... IF you plan on migrating to other auction sites like Wagglepop, AuctionQuest, Amazon and UBid,..... then you need to STOP shopping on ebay and shop on the sites that you are selling on...
Otherwise ebay will never listen!

Perminate Link for Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts   Links to eBay's Ecommerce Forum Webcasts

by: Gaz

Fri Jun 26 22:05:42 2009

The archives have been removed with the rather lame excuse that the event has been completed.  

I desperately need a recorded copy of the keynotes - preferably video, but audio only will help.

Has anyone got a copy they could email me?  mp3 or wmf preferred

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