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Tue Jan 15 2008 22:29:02

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

By: Ina Steiner

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While you or I might have bad hair days, eBay has bad glitch days, and today was one such day. First, eBay Store owners have been irked - to say the least - that the text links in their listings that are supposed to take users to their main Stores page takes them instead to a page that says "Sorry, this store does not exist."

This is the kind of message that might make a shopper wary of buying from a seller. You can hear them asking themselves, "Did eBay take this seller's store away because he was a bad seller?"

The other ugly problem on eBay was happening in the Solutions Directory, an area set up to help users find tools from third-party providers to help them buy and sell more effectively. Every link to a vendor I clicked on today brought up a "Page Not Responding" error. (At least the message didn't make me worry about the honesty of the vendor.) But these linking problems did make me wonder what the heck was going on at eBay.

So I asked. And got a polite rebuff from eBay's public relations staff. Now, I agree that the public relations department is not the team that should be responding to glitch reports, but if the tech team posted announcements on the Systems Board (like they did in the old days), and if customer service worked the way it should, there would be no need for eBay's paying customers to write to me and for me to send inquiries to eBay.

So I'm doing what I probably should have done a long time ago. I'm going to post reports of glitches on the AuctionBytes Blog. This way, there's no delay while I wait for a response from eBay, and they can, if they choose, respond in the comments field.

So, dear readers, continue to fill my inbox with your reports of eBay glitches, and I'll report them here. And if you have advice or workarounds for your colleagues, you are welcome to comment too!

Update 1/18/08: One "glitch resolved" report: Pat M wrote in the comments section below about a problem affecting international shipping. She wrote to say eBay announced the problem was fixed on the eBay Stores board.

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Readers Comments

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Mrs. Warren

Wed Jan 16 01:34:47 2008

Thank you Ina for providing an unbiased eBay Announcement Board.  I look forward to viewing it!
Mrs. Warren

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Shelly

Wed Jan 16 03:31:27 2008

interesting information- here I am all day wondering what the heck is going on - I have not had any communication from buyers/potential or otherwise all day yesterday- the 15th-  and so far to this point.

I kept going to the traffic reports and it kept giving me - the not working message.

However, my google adwords account was tallying up the clicks today, but nothing nothing nothing- 50 bucks for nothing

When the traffic report did finally show itself I searched through to find the clicks from google and nothing for today- nothing at all.

The fabulous ebay system yet again screwing everything up- and costing me hundreds of dollars- maybe they should invest the money that they squeeze out of us sellers to update their damn system - the system will put us out of business faster then the fees- I know hard to imagine

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Jeff S

Wed Jan 16 08:05:37 2008

Thank you for the continued coverage.

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Kelly

Wed Jan 16 09:44:25 2008

Ina, Thanks for your coverage on this. Will you be adding additional servers to support all the additional emails with reports of eBay's glitches?  :)

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Pat M

Wed Jan 16 11:35:09 2008

Yup, eBay keeps on trying to make stores disappear!  It appears the problem has finally been resolved - or rather resolved eBay-style with a quick code patch that will probably rear its ugly head later along the way (as most things do on eBay).

I just emailed you about another glitch re: international shipping.  Several sellers have been noting that an eBay glitch has stripped their listings of international shipping - so rather than shipping Worldwide, the listings show U.S. shipping only.  Thanks eBay!  

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Lyn

Wed Jan 16 11:35:40 2008

Ebay really pushes small individual sellers to open stores. I've always operated on the KISS system, and this is a day when I am glad I have resisted complicating things. Most of the time the problem with slow or overloaded servers is in PayPal, not ebay, in my experience, but today is that 20 cent listing day that ebay only announced at 9 pm Pacific time yesterday. Now ebay never does anything for the seller's benefit, only for their own. I wonder if it the rash of articles about Amazon doing better than ebay, the plummeting stock, the frefall in the number of listings, or all of the above, but anyway, to announce it that late must have meant it came from an emergency board meeting or similar crisis management. Before the end of the year it was free listings, then 10 cent listings, and now 20 cent listings. That is for me a savings of about 20 cents on my average listing...being thrown a small bone is insulting, so I declined to stay up all night or spend my whole day today putting up listings just so ebay's numbers can look better. Sorry, a little off topic, but relevant to all of the current news. Makes one wonder if some of their raft of tech whizzes are starting to be worried about layoffs and monkeywrenching the system to achieve a little job security. Seriously now, ebay's servers have been a mess for a long time and so has their whole mentality...I sense a panic occurring behing the curtain. By the way, those ''Win Victoriously'' commercials are bringing in a new generation of tightwad, low brow, uneducated bidders. I am making increasingly more money now on other free auction sites lately and I strongly suggest that anyone who sells on ebay should be diversifying right now.

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Tim

Wed Jan 16 15:10:52 2008


Thank you!  eBay should report their own glitches, like they used to.  Now, the glitches are so numerous and last so long that they are embarrassed to report them.  Getting things out in the open is GOOD.

As an aside, I used to work PR.  Basic PR etiquette is do not blow-off those buy ink by the barrel... or electrons by the hopper car.  :-)


eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Linda

Wed Jan 16 16:29:59 2008

I didn't see where anyone has mentioned the search glitch where you are LOCKED into whatever search results the latest test has thrown you into.

For me, it is best match.  Not just for collectibles (it is now the default search for those:( ) but for any search I do.

I cannot get out without going through the advanced search and changing the default back to ending soonest for every search I complete.

Others are stuck in category search.

The drop down box where you are supposed to be able to switch from the default search results to your own preference is BROKE and will not let you out of the current search pattern.

They acknowledged it (finally after 4 days) but said it would be next week before it could be fixed.

Maybe that is so they will have plenty of time to get enough results on the locked in search to analyze them?  

At any rate, sales are plummeting in collectibles where it is now the default (even though ebay swore it would NEVER be the default on the .com site).

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Patti

Wed Jan 16 19:23:52 2008

The ''store doesn't exist'' glitch is fixed, but all of my custom made banners and my signature link now send people to my photobucket account instead of to my store.  I don't have time to list anything, I just figure out how to fix stuff that shouldn't be broken.  Thanks, Ina for starting this topic.

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: beachgal707

Wed Jan 16 22:56:00 2008

Thanks a million Ina!

1)  ebay added ?_trksid= p284.m158 to all store links they broke (store does not exist).  I suspect it's part of another guinea pig test.

2) Store names truncated on many search pages

3)  Every click on any item in MY EBAY makes the page wider & wider

4) When doing an search, on search results page there's a link
that says SHOW STORE ITEMS or something to that effect & it doesn't work. Shows auction items instead.

5)  Opt out links are either hidden, don't work, or nonexistent in all guinea pig tests.  

6) Bad tacoda cookies.  These resurect deleted cookies & have characteristics not unlike a vampire, lol.

7) BEST MATCH is joke!  Returns everything but the kitchen sink.  Sure would like to DRILL DOWN Donahoe for creating this mess!

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: beachgal707

Thu Jan 17 07:47:08 2008

Markdown manager still doesn't work.  

Last nite I was in MY EBAY and sent a store inventory item to FIXED PRICE AUCTION. About an hour later I checked it & discovered ebay changed it to an AUCTION ITEM with a starting price of $.99 & BUY IT NOW for $30.00 (price of item).  This is scary!

I cannot document this BUT Ebay knew shipping calculator could not calculate dim weights at least 6 months ago because they made an announcement to developers but NOT to buyers or sellers.  The announcement seems to have disappeared but I doubt seriously if this has been fixed.

Could you do us a favor Ina?  Add an ebay glitches link on your home page (perhaps in the box located in the upper left hand corner) so others can find the glitches more easily.  Thanks!

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Pat M

Thu Jan 17 10:07:06 2008

Just a follow-up on the international problem - more and more buyers are reporting this on various boards.  Live Help or PowerSeller support solutions range from ENDING the listing and starting over, or filling in a shipping amount in the Int'l area, and they have acknowledged it is a glitch - but no resolution in sight (and nothing posted in the eBay Announcements).  

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: RJ

Thu Jan 17 10:59:13 2008

ORGIN  ...this is a sitewide flaw of the "title" of an Item Specific in the China/Dinnerware categories.   I'm sure it was meant to be spelled ORIGIN, but repeated efforts of mine to get anyone at eBay to fix it, have been unsuccessful.  

eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day   eBay Having a Bad Glitch Day

by: Gary

Fri Jan 18 08:53:00 2008

Great work Ina, Please do make a centralized place to report site problems. A "Me too" count would be nice.

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