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Sun Sept 30 2007 21:04:42

eBay vs Amazon in Holiday Shopping Smackdown

By: Ina Steiner

Sponsored Link has cherry-picked many of eBay's top sellers. After speaking to eBay sellers in recent conference calls, Bear Stearns Analyst Bob Peck reports that "Certain selections departed from eBay. This would make which features wide selection of goods more favorable." Amazon's Merchants@ program allows sellers much more flexibility in shipping & handling and SKU listings, making it an attractive venue for sellers.  

However, it's not an either or choice for most sellers. PESA reports that while 90% of its members have opened up a presence on Amazon, only 25% of PESA member sales are from channels other than eBay. On Amazon, members are seeing higher average selling prices and good sell-through but are not getting the volumes that they traditionally get on eBay, PESA told Bear Stearns.

One seller who wrote me in August said she believes problems with eBay's listing tools are contributing to seller frustration and reported having a much more positive experience with Amazon:

The amount of work that I am spending managing the Amazon system is decreased 60% over the time that we spent on eBay - truly, I now understand that we were working much too hard and not getting enough in return. And we are not needing to list and relist to attract attention to the eBay store items. Rather, Amazon's powerful search engines work for us. There is no problem with search and our visibility has been enhance 10 fold. Plus, we are treated like professional sellers. We earned over 60% repeat business on eBay and even more outside of eBay and our customers are following us.

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Perminate Link for eBay vs Amazon in Holiday Shopping Smackdown   eBay vs Amazon in Holiday Shopping Smackdown

by: Kirk Holbert

Mon Oct 1 12:42:52 2007

After the Spring IMA (Internet Merchants Asoc) meeting in Las Vegas I obtained featured merchant status on Amazon thru Seller Central.  My Amazon sales are now triple my ebay sales.  Selling in toys I suspect this Christmas season will be a record breaker.   To top it off Amazon only charges me when a sale is made - unlike fee-bay.   E-Bay and Amazon id cosmic-king


Perminate Link for eBay vs Amazon in Holiday Shopping Smackdown   eBay vs Amazon in Holiday Shopping Smackdown

by: Andrew Preston

Mon Oct 1 14:22:20 2007


I was interested to read your comments about being treated as professional sellers. I've been buying and selling items on eBay, and recently decided to get a little more serious, so I subscribed to the ebay 'Marketplace Research' tool. Basically I found it to be virtually unuseable. I couldn't acess 'Ebay Motors' from it, and when I tried to get auction histories going back 2 months for certain popular items, the statistics that the tool came up with had gaps where, apparently, there had been 3 week periods where there had been no auctions at all for those items. I took this up with ebay, and asked about it by posting on the ebay discussion boards. The discussion boards didn't produce much other than several replies that were pessimistic that I would get any useful respnse from ebay customer support...  However, I tried several times with customer support, just received evasive responses, and replies that just didn't address anything that I had said. I kept trying, sent another message on 24th September, didn't receive a reply, sent a message today... ''I request a response...'' got a reply which again ignored what I had said.  By now I had requested a refund of my subscription because the tool was not fit for purpose. This was ignored.

I now went to the ebay discussion board again to put my frustrations up there, and couldn't find any trace at all of the thread, or indeed any of my posts...

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