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Sat Sept 8 2007 10:39:19

It Pays to Double-Check the Details

By: Ina Steiner

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For online sellers, it pays to verify and double-check everything, including your invoices. For example, someone wrote yesterday, "Heretofore, when I paid my ebay bill (using a PayPal Debit card), I got a cash back bonus. When I paid tonight, I didn't." Is anyone else having this problem?

Other sellers say they are not getting notifications that their buyers' PayPal payments have been processed. (An example of how eBay communication problems could negatively impact a seller's "Detailed Seller Ratings.")

I'm also seeing a few reports from buyers of items being shipped to the wrong address. Someone wrote me that they made purchases using their personal PayPal account and the items were sent to her daughter, whose address appears on their corporate PayPal account along with their own.

Going on to the PayPal board to investigate these issues, I came across other threads of people reporting problems. This one from a buyer sounds like a similar problem - it appears PayPal has her ship-to address wrong.

If you experience a glitch, check the discussion boards to see if others are having the same problem, and if there is a fix. I usually go in by topic (the PayPal board, or the eBay Stores board, for example), as well as checking the Technical Issues board.

The biggest challenge with researching glitches is that in the majority of cases, they affect a subset of users.

Update 9/11/07: PayPal has confirmed a glitch causing "a small percentage" of eBay sellers to see incorrect ship-to addresses, see today's AuctionBytes Newsflash article.

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Perminate Link for It Pays to Double-Check the Details   It Pays to Double-Check the Details

by: jsicolts

Tue Sep 11 07:22:16 2007

LOL. We just love it. The daily serious malfeasance at eBay. They have no idea what they are doing. We sell MORE product now on other sites, Biblio, Alibris, and even eBay ugly sister
DO NOT believe a word EBay tells you. Thats just basic business.

Perminate Link for It Pays to Double-Check the Details   It Pays to Double-Check the Details

by: multi-titanium

Thu Sep 13 12:26:37 2007

If only eBay users could leave feedback for eBay and file paypal disputes for their eBay fees, I think that eBay would have to NARU itself.

Perminate Link for It Pays to Double-Check the Details   It Pays to Double-Check the Details

by: Beth M.

Mon Sep 17 16:44:55 2007

Ugh!  Until this was mentioned, I never even noticed, but we had the same experience - I paid my eBay fees with my PP debit, and did not get our 1% credit.  

We've also had problems with slow notification of payments via Paypal as well (and that is a PP thing - this sale was not from eBay).  I've had to just start checking my account a couple times a day for anything new or unusual.  

Gotta say that I don't regret closing our eBay store!  We moved over to Wagglepop recently, and have found that everything works a lot smoother over there.  Plus, I still have a little bit of money left at the end of a transaction!  :  )

I was also concerned when I read that someone mentioned PP charging them the wrong shipping price.  I didn't check on mine, but did ship a larger box last week that I thought the cost sounded awfully high.  I had to eat the additional cost, since I had already quoted a price to my buyer, based on the USPS website shipping estimates.  I wonder now if PP calcs were off on that!  :  (

My goodness - wish the eBay Giant would spend some money on programmers that speak English, and test patches before they roll them out!  

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