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Wed Aug 29 2007 17:44:46

eBay Exec Sabbatical Speculation

By: Ina Steiner

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There's been speculation about senior eBay execs who were out in July on sabbatical. eBay gives employees a month's paid vacation after 5 years of employment. Bill Cobb, head of eBay Marketplaces North America, was on sabbatical in July, but despite Valleywag rumors, returned to work last week.

Perhaps more intriguing is Rob Chesnut's absence. Sources say he's been on sabbatical since June. Chesnut is the sheriff of eBay, if you will - he heads eBay's Trust & Safety, a department that fights fraud and counterfeiting on the site.

The official word: Chesnut is due back this fall.

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by: Richard

Wed Aug 29 23:03:44 2007

Perhaps the 'sheriff' (Rob Chesnut) is on a much needed training course. We all know that eBay's T&S department is a standing joke!

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by: jj

Wed Aug 29 23:59:09 2007

The numbers don’t lie…eBay is in a hole and has mostly been caused by these buffoons + Whitman of course.

I can see many of these holidays becoming permanent …and rightly so after all the pain they have inflicted on legitimate sellers

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by: Rebecca

Thu Aug 30 04:23:47 2007

This is really a laugh! The eBay trust and safety department is there to help power sellers defraud  buyers and bully others. Case in question: I am now suspended from eBay for exposing sellers for fraud. Hahah! A guy named Mikell in charge now--and he's keeping up the good work! Offending a power seller is an infringement ''too serious'' to consider lifting the suspension.
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by: Mr. Bob.

Fri Aug 31 11:54:55 2007

In my past life as an IT consultant, sabbaticals were not unknown.  It was the company's way of helping top execs make crucial career decisions:  are you ready to do things our way, or do you really want to do it your way somewhere else?

Most of the execs who took sabbatical would return and either became good little cogs in the operation of 'the greater good', or they spent a few weeks or months wrapping up loose ends and completing projects before announcing they were off to seek new adventures... or to just go contemplate their navels and watch the world get along without them.

Only time will tell... but... remember that old saw... ''better the devil you know than the devil you don't''.

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by: jon

Sat Sep 1 03:34:49 2007

T&S is pathetic.  These people for a long time would never even talk to a seller.  I would be put on hold while the ebay agent would speak with someone in T&S.  After they started patching me over for circumstances to T&S they were the most obnoxious pompous pricks I've encoutered.  My freight bill is about $8000 a month - when I call UPS and tell them they screwed up they accept it and credit me.  It isn't a bullshit, drawn out process.  I have such a bad taste in my mouth from ebay over the years I hope that other companies step up and force them to clean their act up.

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by: gone2deriver

Sat Sep 1 19:12:36 2007

everyone is using sabbaticals before the great yahoo merger. Paypal->Yahoo.

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by: Aleister

Thu Mar 13 04:55:48 2008

Trust & Saftey? at eBay? we are talking about eBay correct? i had no idea such a department existed at eBay? this is news.

this guy sounds like another one of those smiling bastards you know the kind that have a profile with stupid photo of themselves with a big sh!t eatin' grin so happy that they are making money off of other people's misery

All sellers know these people, as they stick it to the sellers whom without there would be no product for buyers to purchase, i believe the whole organization of eBay is corrupt from top to bottom.

trust and safety thanks for the laugh, i almost split my sides.

i don't think these guys have a clue, there really should be some better way for new buyers to register theie accounts something similar to the paypal system, credit card phone call to the home number, etc, not my name is mickey mouse and i live at disneyworld florida

but we all know it is to eBay's finicial benefit for there to be sales and fraud because as the old man says regardless of wheter or not there are gains or losses as long as there is movement on the ebay market then eBay hegdes the bets both ways and eBay comes out ahead. they got better odds as the house then any las vegas casino.

are they ever out money? they need to get intouch with reality like the rest of us who work and struggle every day with. i mean really where is there risk?  they just don't answer the phone. forget about if you want to sell in a catagory that is one that some top dog at eBay is selling in one, insiders. people i believe whom work for eBay and sell on ebay whom which i think are a majority of the problem. if they have cornered a market on something and you step on their toes in any way first you are sabotaged with neuts and negs then mild annoying fraud were paypal and the post office are involved then they play hard ball and have your items taken down and lastly your account suspended for selling the exact same item that 10 other people have listed as no problem,  there's your trust and safety department hard at work. we sold halloween customes with a very small window of opportunity essentially september 1st to oct 31st and we started listing our items in august all legit bought at the halloween show from big wholesale vender and poof september 1st are account suspended for 2 weeks, no sales it destroyed us. 60,000 dollars sitting in the living floor kithen, sitting, they should have just put a gun to our heads and killed us. this is the trust and safety dept and VERO all working together, and the funny thing is so many sellers buy form us to drop ship to there customers were trickle down screwed as well. horrible bad eBay, all over a licensed UPS toddler custome and a spider hero custome we had listed as a spiderman instead of spider hero, one legit the other a word could have been changed in the title, 7 years seller on ebay with 5 power seller accounts, suspended 2 weeks. during the halloween season does the punishment not fit the crime or what. that was so far over the top i lost all respect and faith in ebay after never again will i ever trust them. trust and safety.  what they couldn't write and e-mail and say a vero member has a problem with this auction take it down and another vero member has a problem with this change the title. daaaaa,  6 years and then suspended , amazing. our life savings invested in customes, this was a suspension of disbelief, i was shocked, surprised and overwhelmed by this outward sabotage. i mean come on this was way over the top. look up fat spider man you could report that person all day that listing and seller will still be there because the obvious deduction is only that that seller is a ebay insider. they can't be suspended and there items will never be taken down.

a good month is 150 items sold no matter how many thousands are listed yet some sellers with 300 items listed at any one time sell 1100 a month with 98% feedback and horrible dsr do you why, because they are untouchable eBay insider who sells on ebay, the system is flawed and this is a type of fraud that exists, it is fraudulant representation. i seriously believe these people exist all over ebay. when i add it all up it seems the most likely situation. because in all honesty who has time after listed and selling and wrapping to even look at other peoples things. you guessed it all the customer service agents, tech dept employees and any one else on ebay that isn't doing the thing they should be doing, ensure the customers trust,  the sellers are eBay customers, am i right.

just once wouldn't you like to see eBay give you your money back on an item that sold (insert laugh) then was not paid for, instead it is a overly long process to recoup funds you never got in the first,

i love when they beg sellers to use the auction format eBay knowing damn well that a majority of these end up in a dispute, negative feedback and non- payment NPB, and guess what that's free money a majority of the time for eBay because most new sellers don't even know they can get  a partial of there fees back. when the buyer in fact sabotaged the auction in the first.

sometime i wonder if eBay's trust and safety dept itself isn't just cerating accounts and bidding on items.

like i said it is to there advantage doesn't matter how they get the money but it is kept

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