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Wed July 18 2007 11:50:46

eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay UK said it is investigating a problem with discounts not always being reflected during checkout. The post referred to an announcement made 4 months ago on March 28, 2007, "Some members have reported that during checkout, combined postage does not always reflect the discount indicated by the seller, particularly for overseas item."

Perhaps while you're waiting for eBay UK to fix the glitch, you can watch a video about keeping safe on eBay presented by UK's head of Trust & Safety Garreth Griffith. (Is it me, or does he look like the head of T&S for US, Rob Chesnut?)

I've been told users are frustrated with eBay's recent changes to its groups platform. (Scroll down to the June 20th post to read eBay's original announcement about the changes.)

According to a reader, "Many groups have now closed and many folks have decided to simply give up and stop going to their groups. This is very unfortunate because this is a place ebay created for others to "connect". Many that use groups daily have reported a decrease in their sales since so many would advertise their auctions in a SHARE YOUR WARES thread. I know that many have moved their groups to Yahoo."

Perusing comments on eBay's boards, it seems users like the avatar feature and the editing tools, such as smilies, ability to quote, bold and italicize. In the minus column, users report they can't see if a thread has been updated, they can't return to a thread where they left it, and the moderators cannot design the group home page. In addition, some sellers are upset that the vulgar-language filter is censoring them to an extreme - said one, "we couldn't discuss s c r e w back earrings." While I can't say that I see evidence of groups closing, there are definitely some people posting that they would like the old platform back.

As a side note, I found it interesting that only 5 percent of people responding to eBay's poll about the new features to Groups are excited about Skype integration.

I got word from a UK seller that his colleague - a buyer - got an offer to list 50 items for free between May 1st and July 31st. eBay just can't help themselves from trying to expand the number of sellers on the site. eBay talks about too much clutter, and we know the selling prices and sell-through rates are down. Why not reward buyers with coupons to give them an incentive to buy more, rather than enticing them to start selling?

Finally, be sure and listen to the latest AuctionBytes Hotline podcast - "Best & Worst eBay Policies."

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eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More   eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More

by: Brian Snale

Wed Jul 18 13:06:57 2007

With sellers communicating off eBay they will soon realise they can trade Off eBay as well and avoid the relentless fees.

eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More   eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More

by: Ken Gillam

Wed Jul 18 13:10:33 2007

Ebay's latest enticement of a blog is another attempt to trap people on the site. There are plenty of blog and social platforms like MySpace already. Ebay is obviously concerned that people are going elsewhere, it is trying to retain its grip over it's citizens like some despotic dictator.

eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More   eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More

by: Pheebay

Wed Jul 18 16:32:47 2007

It's all very well educating the customers regarding fraud, but who educates the management?  Maybe Rob Chesnut (or one of his Videoclones) should subscribe to this feed:

eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More   eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More

by: Sue

Thu Jul 19 04:05:43 2007

WRT the UK's checkout problems, it took them two months to make the announcement - this issue has been going on for six months (it's happening on eBay France too).

Incentivising buying rather than selling is a great idea.

Also your captcha is making me type "BeeR" to be able to post this comment - is it trying to tell me something? :-D

eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More   eBay Issues: UK Checkout, eBay Groups and More

by: Tully

Fri Jul 20 16:39:13 2007

I think Ebay needs to let loose of the reigns a bit in the groups. Many people emailed ebay asking for certain improvements and ebay responded by give a handful and taking away a boatload! Ebay groups have been around for years and now that they are booming they had to shoot themselves in the foot with these new changes.  These changes unfortunately look like they are simply forcing more folks off ebay.

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