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Thu June 7 2007 23:31:16

eBay Express Items to Appear on Yahoo Search Marketing?

By: Ina Steiner

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What if eBay and Yahoo did a deal where eBay Express listings appeared across the Yahoo paid-search network? eBay would get much wider exposure on Yahoo search results pages - and on any site that uses Yahoo Publisher Network (the Yahoo equivalent of Google AdSense).

This is speculation of course, but eBay and Yahoo are already working together on advertising. Recently Yahoo Paid Search ads began appearing on eBay search results pages with listings that competed directly with eBay sellers' own listings. When Yahoo decided to do this (place paid-search ads on auction pages), it first made its auction site free for sellers. The fact that eBay is charging sellers listing fees but running competing ads that take visitors off of eBay is perplexing and just plain wrong.'s a mutual deal, and in return, sellers get exposure on Yahoo's network.

eBay Express doesn't really get anybody excited in its current form, but eBay Express listings are the perfect format for such placement on an ad network: they are fixed-price items from qualified sellers, and payments for listings go through PayPal.

Yahoo is already promoting PayPal Express Checkout. With the Yahoo PayPal Checkout program, a blue shopping-cart icon appears in paid-search ads in Yahoo search results. ("With the Yahoo! PayPal Checkout Program, a blue shopping cart icon appears next to your ad in Yahoo! search results. This can help your ad stand out, and let customers know you offer PayPal Express Checkout.")

Further hints that something may be brewing is the fact that Yahoo is closing its North American auction sites next week (the week of eBay's annual user conference). And speaking of eBay Live, what a perfect time to announce an extension of the eBay-Yahoo partnership.

PayPal is getting a "data center upgrade" on June 18, 2007 - right after eBay Live - at which time the site will be completely down for 2 hours. A hint? Or is it a case of, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"?

eBay sellers are already speculating that something is going on with eBay Express. They noticed a new tab on the Sell Your Item form labeled "eBay Express." In its current form, eBay Express listings are automatically pulled from qualified eBay listings, so there's no need for such a tab. (An eBay moderator called the tab's appearance a bug.)

If one can believe that the two companies are scheming to extend their partnership, why not take it even further? eBay and Yahoo partnering over Yahoo Stores?

Google is putting enormous pressure on Yahoo, eBay and Microsoft. Yahoo ads are on eBay, Yahoo is promoting PayPal across its site - they've already made the tough decision to work together. Why not take it one (or several) steps further? (Dare they go all the way?)

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eBay Express Items to Appear on Yahoo Search Marketing?   eBay Express Items to Appear on Yahoo Search Marketing?

by: Billoment

Fri Jun 8 01:55:00 2007

I am still anticipating a very interesting announcement at Live. To bad I won't be there this year. More and more things are lining up around those dates than just Yahoo auctions dropping off. Ina, be ready. This whole thing could be a real blockbuster.


eBay Express Items to Appear on Yahoo Search Marketing?   eBay Express Items to Appear on Yahoo Search Marketing?

by: firemeg

Fri Jun 8 10:17:53 2007

This would not be an equal win-win for eBay and Yahoo!  This would be like Coke - a household brand - putting giant ads for Faygo on the sides of the Coke cans, and Faygo doing the same with Coke ads on their cans.

eBay is known, the advertising that is done is not to introduce anyone to the concept of eBay, but merely to remind and encourage use of the site.  

Now with the new Yahoo! ads on search results page that they are testing, anyone with a penny can get their items to show in eBay searches.  Why pay $4.00 to list an expensive item if you can have it show up in relevant eBay search results 1000 times for a nickel?

EE is a dying site.  Many think so.  I believe the departure of Adam Nash says a lot about the situation at Express.  No traffic, few sales, and a slogan and policy that is paradoxical with what you will actually find on the site.

If you are right about being able to list on EE, that would only be common sense and would be one of the first things that I've seen eBay do in the past few years that was requested by the sellers.  And possibly the only thing that can save EE.

eBay Express Items to Appear on Yahoo Search Marketing?   eBay Express Items to Appear on Yahoo Search Marketing?

by: Randy Smythe

Fri Jun 8 10:32:28 2007

All I can say is it is going to be an interesting summer in eBay land. If nothing big happens this summer it certainly will Q1 next year.

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