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Mon Apr 30 2007 14:22:19

PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof

By: Ina Steiner

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Karim Noorali , Senior Product Manager for eBay's online payment service PayPal, spoke at the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance (AOTA, Inc)'s summit recently, where PayPal picked up the Online Safety Leadership Award in the ecommerce category. Noorali is responsible for customer account protection including minimizing risk from spoofing and phishing and has managed the implementation of email authentication standards across all of PayPal's outgoing emails.

A presentation of the panel, called "Ecommerce and Online Banking Fraud - Issues, Challenges & Solutions," is available on the AOTA's website.
One slide explains how eBay accounts are taken over through phishing hoaxes.

The other shows the life cyle of a spoof. (I'm copying parts of the slides I find interesting, you can see the full slides in the full presentation on the AOTA website.

Obviously slides can only say so much, I'm sure Karim had some interesting to things about the challenges of dealing with fraudsters and what eBay and PayPal are doing to counter their attacks.


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Perminate Link for PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof   PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof

by: Ann

Mon Apr 30 22:07:37 2007

I have accounts hijacked. Due to an unsecured ebay and paypal service.  I get up to about a min 20 spoof mails a day because of paypal and ebay. I had my amazon auction account for a year and not one problem in a year! I had an Ebay - Paypal account for 3 months and its been the worst experience EVER! Not only were the store and listing fees 3xs as much but the service is horrible and the glitches are continuous I can't honestly see why anyone would even use these sites. When they shut down my account because some one with the same last name didn't pay their bill so everyone in our area with same last name had their accounts shut down lol (yea secure) I actually felt relieved.  I contacted customer service and they didn't know anything about my account or about the company they worked for. I was never so shocked to find out that 2 companies that work together don't know anything about one another or the company address to write too. I think the problems that are occurring are only to get worst because these sites can't even hold onto the customers that they had that were honest.

Perminate Link for PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof   PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof

by: Biddy

Tue May 1 02:19:52 2007

Ann, you don't get spoof emails "because of ebay and paypal" - you get spoof emails because criminals send them!

Perminate Link for PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof   PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof

by: Aaron

Tue May 1 15:09:51 2007

I've had a PayPal account for several years and never had a problem with it.  I think they've always done an excellent job reminding their customers to ALWAYS look at the url in the address bar and to ONLY go to to sign in.  I feel sorry for the people who never read the PayPal emails and sign-in notices that say to always check the URL and never follow a hyperlink from an email requesting for your PayPal sign-in.

Perminate Link for PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof   PayPal Plots the Life Cycle of a Spoof

by: Ron

Wed May 2 09:40:03 2007

I have used PayPal since it was free. Never had a problem. I get higher prices when selling when I offer PayPal and when I am bidding I won't even bother bidding unless the seller offers PayPay. You are only costing your self money if you don't accept PayPal. I also earn over 5% interest on the PayPal balance in my account.

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