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Sun Apr 15 2007 15:30:50

eBay Change Causes Site-Access Problems for Indies

By: Ina Steiner

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Third-party vendors who access the eBay website independently of the API program began reporting access problems late last week. The problem seemed to stem from a change eBay put into place that put a captcha (security) device in place. It's unknown whether the change was done for security purposes, was done specifically to shut out non-approved vendors, or something else altogether.

In an unrelated issue (at least in terms of specifics), I began noticing in early April that I have to sign in to view a person's feedback page on the discussion boards. I often view boards without being logged in, and could always click on a person's feedback number to go to their feedback page. I can still do that when viewing auctions, but not on the boards. Not a big issue, but I had asked eBay about it and whether it might have something to do with Feedback 2.0.

Here is the response from eBay spokesperson Nichola Sharpe.

"I've checked in with our experts here and they have confirmed that the login process for the Community pages has not changed. After a member signs into the Community services once, they do not need to sign in again to view feedback for multiple users (unless the member is going to MyWorld or has been timed out for inactivity past one hour)."

"This is not related to Feedback 2.0 (as this hasn't rolled out to the US  yet) and instead is a process that has been active on the Community area for some time. It is true that you are not required to sign-in when viewing feedback on a non-Community page, but again this is unrelated to Feedback 2.0."

Have you noticed any changes along similar lines? Have any theories on the changes eBay made last week? Would love to hear them. (If you are a third-party vendor and are shy, send me an email.)

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Perminate Link for eBay Change Causes Site-Access Problems for Indies   eBay Change Causes Site-Access Problems for Indies

by: Shawn

Wed Apr 25 09:10:14 2007

This just verifies what I've suspected for years now - when eBay changes their API, things will break. For this reason, we used eBay's own tools for listings when I ran a drop shop for a little over a year.

Perminate Link for eBay Change Causes Site-Access Problems for Indies   eBay Change Causes Site-Access Problems for Indies

by: sergua

Sat Apr 28 04:59:45 2007

As i know, eBay last times have problems with hackers. That's why people from East Europe couldn't take part in eBay action.

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