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Wed Feb 7 2007 09:53:21

As eBay Considers MySpace, Overstock Goes Wiki

By: Ina Steiner

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The Wall Street Journal reports today that eBay is in talks with MySpace to offer the social networking site peer-to-peer ecommerce along with its PayPal online payments service. Meanwhile, CEO Patrick Byrne announced today Omuse, a wiki where users can create guides on any topic.

"Omuse is a place for people with similar interests to find each other and team up to "write the book" on the activities they love," states the FAQ description. "We expect the result of that collaboration to be a vast collection of constantly evolving "guides" intended to teach, edify and (most of all) inspire others."

Currently Overstock's Omuse Wiki is in beta testing and will be going "live" in a week or so. Current guides include "Bookbinding Contact"; Creating Successful Trade Show Exhibits"; and "Saving Money on Shipping."

Judd Bagley, Director of Social Media at, sent a letter to bloggers to announce Omuse, and Byrne posted an announcement on the Auctions discussion boards in his section called "Take 5 with Patrick."

eBay has already jumped into "social networking" with the introduction of Guides and Reviews in 2005, and wikis, introduced last  year. eBay also provides users with a blogging platform.

eBay has invested in MeetUp, and according to the Wall Street Journal, is vying with Google to provide MySpace with ecommerce capabilities. "When Google and MySpace teamed up in a $900 million online advertising deal last summer, it looked like a marriage made in Web heaven. But MySpace's interest in striking a separate deal with eBay is holding up the finalization of its pact with Google."

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Perminate Link for As eBay Considers MySpace, Overstock Goes Wiki   As eBay Considers MySpace, Overstock Goes Wiki

by: Randy Smythe

Wed Feb 7 11:21:58 2007

I would much prefer to see a Google - MySpace marriage then an eBay - MySpace marriage only because eBay needs more competition not less. MySpace is a perfect new market for ebay and auctions  and unfortunately Google right now (or do they) doesn't have anything comparable to eBay. GoogleBase and Frugal aren't competition.

I have a suggestion for all parties involved: eBay should include PayPal in Google Checkout – Google Checkout should be allowed on eBay and MySpace can create an ecommerce relationship with eBay for Auctions and Stores and Google for Classified Ad’s using GoogleBase - The Trifecta!

As for Overstock adding Wiki's, it will have the same effect as adding Wiki's to eBay. Yawn!

Perminate Link for As eBay Considers MySpace, Overstock Goes Wiki   As eBay Considers MySpace, Overstock Goes Wiki

by: dimes

Thu Feb 8 04:37:47 2007

If you can't get people to come to your own site, you might as well bring your site to them.

Aren't most MySpace users a little young to be using paypal?

Perminate Link for As eBay Considers MySpace, Overstock Goes Wiki   As eBay Considers MySpace, Overstock Goes Wiki

by: TekGems

Thu Feb 8 13:53:24 2007

Here is the link to the WSJ article:

will expire soon.

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