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Tue Nov 6 2007 15:16:48

eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay has launched a Guest Buyer program as described in this Newsflash article. eBay got back to me with answers to some questions I had asked involving issues raised on the eBay Discussion Boards. First, there was fear from sellers that certain bidders they had blocked from bidding on their items would use the Guest program to get around the block. eBay spokesperson Kim Rubey explained, "Existing users will be blocked from the guest flow - they will be asked to sign in so this is not a way around buyer blocks. We match via email address." So it's not foolproof, but neither is the blocked bidding feature to begin with.

The second issue was whether a Guest Buyer could leave feedback. My own feeling is that Guests should not be able to conduct transactions they completed as a Guest. Once they register, they should be treated like a regular member, of course, but in my opinion, they should not be able to retroactively leave feedback on Guest transactions. Here's what Kim had to say about it:

"We want to encourage guest buyers to register to enjoy the full benefits of eBay membership and they are prompted to upgrade at the end of their transaction. In many ways we are doing progressive registration by collecting only the information we need for that transaction and then allowing them to upgrade very easily at the end. Once they do so they have all the user privileges including feedback on all transactions as long as it is within the regular feedback time window from date of transaction."

It's interesting that Guests can not go through third-party checkout systems, any thoughts on whether this is a great inconvenience (or disadvantage) to those sellers?

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eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders   eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders

by: Christine

Wed Nov 7 07:30:35 2007

While one hopes that the guest buyer program will bring more business, it is going to be difficult when they can't go through my third party checkout system. It's how I organize my shipping and I'm afraid that some might fall through the cracks. We'll see ...

eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders   eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders


Wed Nov 7 11:47:12 2007

It will totally reek if guests do not go through my Marketworks checkout.  It captures all the data, allows special delivery instructions, and links to Shipworks for printing all my Endicia postage, UPS labels, etc.  As well, they can use a regular credit card there.  I cannot believe that ebay would allow this.  Just last eBay Live!  they said how much they wanted sellers to have a healthy business, that it was not ''all about ebay'' and that they expected ''off ebay'' sales to occur.  How will that happen if they cannot go through my Marketworks store?  Just one more example of eBay talking out of both sides of their mouth.

eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders   eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders

by: ocdcollectibles

Wed Nov 7 13:43:56 2007

scammers will be bidding left and right. we get enough of these bidders and buyers as it is.we as sellers have no way of controlling the types of bidders and buyers we get stuck with. Ebay still gets their fees and we get no payment. Or we have problems with complaints and bad feedback making us look bad as sellers, even if we turn ourselves inside out. There is virtually little or no support for the mom and pop seller any more, and these sellers will be taking themselves right out of the seller's status before long. Ebay will look more like BIG LOTS.The support and added dimensions have been geared to the dysfunctional bidder and buyer, and this is a huge error in basic marketing principles. The support needs to be at the top, not at the bottom. The seller is the real customer! DUHHH these are the new graduates of Harvard who get hired to fix ebay..lots of us antique dealers will be returning to the real way of selling- in person!

eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders   eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders

by: Jason

Wed Nov 7 19:05:22 2007

This seems more like Section 8 housing for eBay, which means that people who can't normally bid on items (blocked bidders, banned bidders, bidders with low feedback rating, etc.) will get a reprieve. I predict this program will either be radically altered or eBay will have a check mark in My eBay preferences that let sellers block Guest buyers.

eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders   eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders

by: firemeg

Thu Nov 8 05:27:18 2007

Is this more eBay-Google monkey-see-monkey-do?

One of the many benefits of Google Checkout over Paypal is that users do not have to sign up with sites that accept Google Checkout.  Simply purchase the item and Google does the work of providing the seller with shipping info.

eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders   eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders

by: Dan

Thu Nov 8 20:40:44 2007

What a great idea...eBay should enact a limited program that refunds listing fees for qualified users...educate those most in need and add vibrancy to the marketplace is a win-win for eBay and America

eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders   eBay's Guest Buyers and Blocked Bidders

by: lalaland

Sat Nov 10 13:48:07 2007

Are the clowns in eBayland all smoking happy cigarettes? As this has to be the most stupid idea for at least 6 months

Can I reactivate all my suspended sellers accounts also please & get all the lost fees etc refunded  …it works both ways


by: alohysleshy

Tue Dec 20 07:45:58 2011

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