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Thu Nov 1 2007 18:10:43

eBay Kidnaps Santa

By: Ina Steiner

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The holiday season is here, and retailers and marketplaces gearing up their ad campaigns. In Australia, eBay took an unusual approach to their marketing campaign by "kidnapping" Santa Clause. I personally prefer's Shop Victoriously ad campaign over kidnapped Santa.

Meanwhile, Amazon launched "The Holiday Toy List," a helpful guide to picking gifts for the holiday season.



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eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Andrew Jackson

Thu Nov 1 18:49:24 2007

You suck.

This is a distasteful advertisement. I know that some people say that any advertising is good advertising, but this will distress our children. Is that worth it to you.
In our volatile World, Santa is one of the few constants that kids have to look forward to.
The outcome of your ad will ensure that we need to explain to our distressed kids that the wonderfully pure concept of Santa doesn't exist. No longer can we let them grow up through the fun and cheer of Santa and Christmas.
This is a grab at stealing our children's innocence - and the money from our wallets.

As your kidnapper says, ''Christmas will never be the same.''

You suck eBay.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Boycott Ebay

Thu Nov 1 19:12:37 2007

Ebay just needs to fire a whole bunch of useless employees who apparently are recent elementary school graduates and hire some people with common sense. The Santa ad is a waste of time, childish, ridiculous, and tacky. Ads are supposed to sell something not make people gag.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Batboy_Lives

Thu Nov 1 19:27:23 2007

ebay, put down the crackpipe.
You are sick.

I hope everyone Boycotts ebay for this. That is just too much.

Not to mention your site is not safe, and quit being fun a loooong time ago.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Dan

Thu Nov 1 20:13:20 2007

As a seller I'm embarrassed to be associated with commercials like condones kidnapping...ebay should pull it off the shelf

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: jsicolts

Fri Nov 2 05:57:20 2007

terrible ad, terrible selling site.
We sell more on other sites with lots less hassle - Alibris,, etc.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Alex

Fri Nov 2 10:33:07 2007

I'm speechless.

The ''kidnappers'' look like they escaped from the Shop Victoriously'' TV ads...


eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Rich

Fri Nov 2 19:44:14 2007

This advert would get me to check out eBay.  I think it's funny and better yet, it is memorable!  I cannot tell you how shocked I was when someone told me the ''It'' commercials were for eBay.  The product (eBay) was not memorable, to me, at all in those commercial.

Is this actually being shown on television or are the folks at hoping that this video clip will go viral and get sent from e-mail to e-mail?  I suspect the latter.  In which case this is a good clip, in my opinion.  The Santa Kidnap grabs the attention but what is heard is prices are better for Christmas shopping on eBay.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

This user has validated their user name. by: permacrisis

Sun Nov 4 23:16:41 2007

Ebay kidnaps users.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: DOC

Mon Nov 5 06:42:32 2007

Meg's Personal Blog..

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: E-grinch

Mon Nov 5 18:13:58 2007

Yo Ebay, That's pretty low, mister! If I had a rubber hose, I would beat you. Only ebay would hold christmas hostage on the auction block.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: DOC

Mon Nov 5 21:20:02 2007

WOW.. Talk about censorship!

I posted the above link to Meg's Diary and it was removed within an hour!

Living proof that Censorship is still alive and well on eBay!!

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: bob

Tue Nov 6 03:52:15 2007

Ebay needs to give unheard of Seller discounts during these last few months, to get any one to sell on EBay.
Slow swirl down the toilet.

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Jane

Tue Nov 6 08:07:35 2007

Horrible ad! Does Ebay have high school kids writing their commercials now? Only immature, zit faced kids would ever think that harming Santa could be funny.
Kidnapping is very un-funny - the tactics used by terrorists and criminals.
Thanks for trying to ruin Christmas, Ebay!

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Me

Tue Nov 6 10:26:55 2007

As if the war reporting and all the terrorist talk isn't scaring our kids enough these days, this stupid ad will frighten little kids for the rest of their lives!!!
When they see the Santa at the mall, they will ask how much had to be paid to free him!!! Who took him? How was he freed? Where did they keep him??
GOOD GRIEF ... the questions from little ones .... after they stop crying when viewing this idiotic ad!!

ABSOLUTELY the dumbest thing that eBay has ever done ..... no wait, they have done some really dumb things on the site ....

eBay Kidnaps Santa   eBay Kidnaps Santa

by: Rob

Fri Nov 9 00:58:22 2007

I think you're all taking this way too seriously.

Maybe it's just our 'Aussie' sense of humour - but for goodness sake, Santa isn't even real!!

The latest videos, and Santa's blogs, are very, very funny. He bought a Wii today, and yesterday a motorbike!

I think all this campaign does is promote ebay as a cheaper place to shop for Xmas gifts.. all the better for sellers!

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