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Wed Jan 24 2007 11:43:27

Another eBay Photo Widget - Cellblock

By: Ina Steiner

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Developers seem to be having fun creating photo applications. There have been photo gallery tools for eBay listings for years from AuctionHelper, Auctiva, Vendio, etc. Last year we started seeing tools like Slide (Max Levchin's company) and FilmLoop created for blogs but that could also be used for eBay and online listings.

I just received an email today from someone at introducing a photo/video tool for eBay auctions called Cellblock. You can add photos from a cellphone. Here's the pitch, you tell me if it's any good.

Cellblock lets you Instantly add Photos / Video to your Auction from your Cellphone or Computer!
It's a brand new, super easy to use, and it's completely free! See it in action here:
Want one of your own?
1. Go to Cellblock.
2. Create an account (it's free).
3. Create a Cellblock.
4. Don't publish the email address (that way only you can send in content).
5. Upload Photos and Video from your computer on our website, or email them from your computer or cellphone to the Cellblock's email address.
6. The Photos and Video you send will show up instantly in the player!
7. Copy the Embed code from Cellblock, and paste it into the Description section of the 'Describe Your Item' page (click the HTML tab first).
That's all there is to it! Now you can continue to send in photos from either your computer or cellphone and they will show up instantly! Add as many photos and video as you want! Make as many cellblocks as you want! It's free!

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Perminate Link for Another eBay Photo Widget - Cellblock   Another eBay Photo Widget - Cellblock

by: Beyond the Treeline

Wed Jan 24 13:45:23 2007

Looks interesting, but as with any widget application, the main point to ponder is "footprint size". Whether or not this application is useful for online auctions depends on its total load (in K). FilmLoop, for example, is a bloated 350K+. Slide is no longer useful for eBay since it no longer uses an automated RSS feed. Will be interesting to see what the footprint of Cellblock is ... (Presently using Cooqy).

Perminate Link for Another eBay Photo Widget - Cellblock   Another eBay Photo Widget - Cellblock

by: Jay

Thu Jan 25 13:19:37 2007

I'm dev lead at Cellblock - the footprint of the player is a pretty reasonable (imo) 61k and in upcoming releases over the next several months, we will have several other more lightweight players.

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