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Mon Jan 22 2007 17:30:58

eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment

By: Ina Steiner

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Debbie Levitt of As Was Marketing attended eBay's Ecommerce Forum last week. She says in a blog post that eBay is looking to fill in some blanks in their portfolio - specifically, "finding" and "entertainment." You can read the post here.

As Was is an eBay Certified Service Provider and is "a full service consulting firm specializing in eBay and online sales, business creation and operations management, marketing, and custom website development." This is the first time I've heard anyone talking about the possibility of eBay acquiring an entertainment asset.

Update: eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy said (and I'm paraphrasing here) the slide to which Debbie was referring is not new, and refers simply to the fact that eBay has to be good at finding and entertainment to continue to be strong in its main areas of buy, pay, communicate (which eBay often refers to as "the Power of Three").

What I get out of it is that the slide is not meant to signal any acqusition plans.

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Perminate Link for eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment   eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment

by: Debbie

Mon Jan 22 20:03:29 2007

Hey I didn't say that! I said that based on that slide, I saw a future where eBay might acquire companies in those areas. eBay said NOTHING about any plans to acquire anybody in any particular category. I'm just saying don't be surprised if company purchases "ripple outside" of shopping and payment.


Perminate Link for eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment   eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment

by: Randy Smythe

Mon Jan 22 20:08:40 2007

I would agree Ina. I think more acquisitions may be down the line but I would see them being more like, Kijiji, Gumtree and StubHub than anything else. Don't look for another Skype deal for a long, long time. Also eBay seems to want to create their own Web 2.0 apps rather than buy them (Wiki, Blog, MyWorld, etc)

Perminate Link for eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment   eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment

by: dimesy

Mon Jan 22 23:49:41 2007

It never used to be difficult "finding" something on eBay.  Now, users have no better than a 50-50 shot of actually getting pertinent results.

For that, eBay is squarely to blame for degrading what used to be a perfectly good search function by morphing it into a 'smart' (and I use the term laughingly) search engine that can't seem to find much of what you're looking for, but offers up a lot of what you're not.

Perminate Link for eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment   eBay Gaps - Finding and Entertainment

by: Nameless Collector

Wed Feb 14 17:11:19 2007

+1 to what dimesy said...I spend too much time looking for worthy relevant non fake stuff to buy on ebaY and because their search is *so* foobar, I am spending ever more time buying items for my collection off ebaY. Their loss, my gain. Sorry to you ebaY sellers but maybe you'll wise up and sell things elsewhere online when you finally realize that ebaY has driven many people like me away from their joke of a site.

I hate hate hate ebaY search and have hated it royally for over three years now. It is so screwed and with ebaY interfering ever more in my transactions, well I'm doing deals elsewhere.

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