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Tue Aug 22 2006 13:28:02

WSJ Article on Meg Whitman

By: Ina Steiner

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"EBay Merchants Seek Management Change: Wall Street Stands by Whitman As Profit, Revenue Growth Slow; A Dichotomy Over Perspective," By MYLENE MANGALINDAN, Wall Street Journal, 8/21/06

Paid subscription required to read article: (Link) The following are excerpts to give you a flavor of the story:

"Despite a recent swoon in eBay Inc.'s share price, Wall Street seems willing to give Chief Executive Meg Whitman the benefit of the doubt. EBay's merchants beg to differ."

"Some (sellers)... recently have called for drastic action and management change .... They are particularly upset at the deterioration in the company's flagship auction site, where they say they are seeing fewer transactions and declining sale prices."

"...Yet investor sentiment toward Ms. Whitman remains sanguine,..."

Comments are welcome! (Please focus on the business aspect of this issue, thanks.)

A couple of thoughts off the top of my head. Meg Whitman has done a good job of growing the eBay brand and spent much of her career at eBay focused on international growth, much to the benefit of the company. On the downside, Asian expansion has been very disappointing in my opinion, and now Whitman has lost her focus.

Whitman can drive the eBay train if she gets back to basics, removes the layers she had put in between herself and employees and customers, and thinks long term rather than short term.

However, there has been speculation that Yahoo and eBay may get closer, perhaps merge. I have no special insight into this, btw. But could that explain some things?

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Perminate Link for WSJ Article on Meg Whitman   WSJ Article on Meg Whitman

by: Tom

Tue Aug 22 16:15:49 2006

A lot of companies have this problem, when they are in the growing stage they have a growth CEO, when they reach maturity (which eBay is very close to if it has not already reached) the growth CEO has problems.  See Apple and Steve Jobs.  Might be time to bring in a new CEO.

Perminate Link for WSJ Article on Meg Whitman   WSJ Article on Meg Whitman

This user has validated their user name. by: Ina

Tue Aug 22 19:47:25 2006

Here's a link to the article on Contra Costa Times. While you may have to register, there is no charge.

Perminate Link for WSJ Article on Meg Whitman   WSJ Article on Meg Whitman

by: online auctions

Mon Jan 22 00:25:07 2007

Wall Street gurus will approve Meg's work as long as eBay is getting higher numbers. They care less for what the users want. This off course would be different if eBay had a real compatitor on the market. Until the numbers turn around she will be the CEO.

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