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Wed July 19 2006 22:47:25

Be careful what you wish for

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay shook things up today (link). Effective August 22, eBay Store fees are going up. In January, eBay was promoting the heck out of Stores, then decided it didn't like so much Store inventory after all.

Powersellers complained for years about eBay's efforts to bring in more and more sellers to the site - now eBay is complaining about too much, poorly priced inventory.

Enough said.

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by: Jeff

Thu Jul 20 09:26:45 2006

The next month will be interesting on eBay, to say the least.  With announcement smack in the middle of the slow season, more sellers have time to complain and complain they will.  The new eBay blogs will quickly become another avenue for users to voice their frustrations.  Big shake-ups are on the way and there is no way to stop it.  Cobb's latest rebalancing act is going to change the landscape signifigantly.  Too early to access how this will play out.

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by: Richard Chemel

Thu Jul 20 19:22:36 2006

It is a balancing act- that obviously didn't work to suit the powers at eBay. The numbers Bill Cobb alludes to of items unsold on their servers is ''alot'' of storage space- especially if they remain stagnant. It's much like a grocery store- they either move outdated stock out the door- or if you still want placement- you pay for it. Something like slotting fees.  I was reading the community boards- and whoa- eBay has been able to change on a dime when the voices get loud. It remains to be seen whether this will increase auction listings, or decrease store listings, and store ownerships as well.  I do love the headline and spin of the announcement from Bill Cobb, sort of like tenderizing meat- and then WHAM- a fee increase.


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by: bonni

Mon Jul 24 13:53:52 2006

There is a mass exodus from eBay Australia over this. The fee structure introduced in Australia is much more harsh than that introduced in the United States (10% FVF on store inventory!). Many sellers decided that rather than just trim their stock, they'd move entirely. Some are planning on staying to run auctions with their bestselling items and in every package include a flyer to promote alternative Australian auction sites. Some who stay are planning on adopting the "Asian style" of listing, where you charge less for the item and more for the postage & handling.

If nothing else, this is giving an enormous boost to the second largest Australian auction site, which has had an increase of literally thousands of members, many of them bigtime PowerSellers who intend to make every effort to bring their customer base with them to the new site.

eBay very badly miscalulated the nature of Australians. Aussies tend to be pretty laid back but there comes a point when the authorities (in this case, the authority is eBay) push too hard or demand too much and there's a revolt on their hands. Historically this has always been the case, and it seems it's still the case...

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