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Thu July 13 2006 09:00:32

Permitted or Prohibited?

By: David Steiner

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The musical chairs eBay is playing with payment services is not only disruptive to sellers, who have to keep up with the company's seeming indecision about which services can and cannot be used on the auction site, but is also potentially damaging to the reputations of legitimate payment services added to the banned list.  Worse yet, think about having your service added to the prohibited list - and you're not even a payment service!  This is what happened to Scripophily:

To make matters even more inane, while updating our story ( ) on Nochex this morning, I checked the list of prohibited payment services to make sure that the list was recent.  Upon hitting 'refresh' in my browser, I verified that Nochex was still banned from the US site. Hitting refresh again, however, moved it to the permitted payment services list. Talk about hitting a moving target...

Perhaps it was a matter of not having the lists updated across all eBay's servers - but this could all have been avoided if eBay had put a little research into their lists before publishing them.
One wonders if eBay is beyond being capable of embarrassment.

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Permitted or Prohibited?   Permitted or Prohibited?

by: Tom

Thu Jul 13 12:55:59 2006

Think they were probably doing this before as well we just did not notice it.  Only reason we are now is the press from Google.  Seems eBay doesn't always thoroughly think these things through sometimes.

Permitted or Prohibited?   Permitted or Prohibited?

by: Richard Chemel

Fri Jul 14 19:02:00 2006

David, Typically a kneejerk reaction for some quick damage control by the folks in San Jose/Salt Lake.

Permitted or Prohibited?   Permitted or Prohibited?

This user has validated their user name. by:

Fri Jul 14 19:08:20 2006

I think the logic behind situation is that the seller who states that they "accept" is essentially stating that they would be willing to accept old stock certificates whose value is equal to or slightly greater than the closing bid (+S&H etc).  I also assume the seller would choose the certs.  This would be a type of barter that would enable a buyer to electronically pay for the old certs and have them delivered to the seller.

But it is crazy to put as a banned paymemt.

I wonder how eBay feels about a barter type of situation in general?

Permitted or Prohibited?   Permitted or Prohibited?

This user has validated their user name. by:

Fri Jul 14 19:16:35 2006

if you want to be notified when eBay changes their payment policy....

Permitted or Prohibited?   Permitted or Prohibited?

by: James

Mon Jul 17 19:37:58 2006

If eBay really wanted to weed out services that have a documented record of complaints, mismanagement and fraudulent usage then PayPal should be banned. I know several people who were defrauded via PayPal this year. PayPal will not release details of alleged fraudsters to law enforcement and have a poor success rate in recovering fraudulent funds.

By contrast, MoneyBookers, NoChex, Auctionchex, Googel Checkout, etc. have a good record of fighting fraud by "knowing your customer" beforehand so they prevent fraud before it happens. PayPal (and eBay) take the reverse approach and only suspend or close an account long after fraud has been reported since they do only a cursory ID check (or none in eBay's case). Sure, it makes it easy to add new customers and enlarge the customer base (to keep shareholders happy) but it does nothing to increase the security of their sites. Many competiting auction sites now verify customers especially sellers and they changes have been for the better - a dramatic fall off in fraud complaints and more accountability to users.

Permitted or Prohibited?   Permitted or Prohibited?

by: Marilyn

Tue Jul 18 15:21:01 2006

Nochex is back in as well. I think they had some idiot intern write that blurb, no one checked it, and then all hell broke loose when it hit the fan, all of it with the sole intention of trying to bury Google payments. eBay not only shot itself in the foot, it took out the other foot, a couple of knees and it's brains again.

Glad i diversified venues. Sales are way UP on other venues while way DOWN on eBay.

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